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Fiji Airports: Your Airport Transfer Options

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Airport Transport in Fiji

Oh, so you’re on the logistics-planning stage of your Fiji getaway? Fun… This guide to Fiji airport transfers will make planning your airport transport in Fiji all the easier by laying out the different options. From taking an affordable bus to a lavish helicopter ride, there are plenty of ways to get from the airport to your resort in Fiji.

Airport Transport from Your Chosen Island

While most travellers only need to take transport from Nadi International Airport in Viti Levu, if you need to take transport on one of the other Fiji islands with an airport, then refer to the following articles:

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Airport Taxis

Taxis are the obvious go-to when it comes to airport transport in Fiji. Like at most airports around the world, taxi drivers wait enthusiastically outside of the arrival halls of Fiji’s busiest airports. Particularly, you’ll easily find taxis from Viti Levu’s airports, Nadi International Airport and Nausori International Airport. Taxis also await flights at Savusavu Airport and Labasa Airport in Vanua Levu, while a limited number of taxis are available from Matei Airport in Taveuni.

Taxis from Nadi International Airport

As Nadi is the main arrival airport in Fiji, it’s worth diving into the taxis of the airport a little further. A taxi rank is situated just outside of the Customs Hall of the airport where only yellow taxis are permitted to pick up at the airport. While most taxis will take you almost anywhere in Viti Levu, only a “Denarau Taxi” is permitted to take people to Denarau.

Taxis use a metre within Nadi but do not have to use a metre once they have left Nadi. The flagfall is around FJ$5, and FJ$1 per km/FJ$1.60 per mile. Taxi prices range from FJ$10-$20 in Nadi to FJ$80-$130 to reach the Coral Coast. See How Much Does a Nadi Airport Taxi Cost? for more price examples.

For more information on using taxis, see The Guide to Taxis in Fiji.

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Airport Transfer Companies

Exclusively from Nadi International Airport, there is an abundance of airport-to-accommodation transfer companies taking pre-booked passengers between Nadi Airport and their chosen accommodation across Viti Levu. Airport transfer companies work to your schedule, so all you need to do is to book with them prior to arrival, give them your flight number, and they will be waiting with a sign with your name on it at the Arrivals Hall of the airport.

There are two types of airport transfer available: shared transfers and private transfers. Shared transfers are usually cheaper, taking a bus or a minivan shared with other passengers, while private transfers are exclusively for your group and sometimes stopping for shopping along the way.

Shared Shuttle Transfers

Some of the companies offering shared shuttle transfers include:

Shared shuttle prices range from FJ$20 to go to Denarau to FJ$70 to go to the Coral Coast per person.

Private Airport Transfers

Check out the below companies for private transfers:

Private transfer prices range from FJ$50 to go to Denarau to FJ$160 per group to go to the Coral Coast.

Wheelchair Accessible Transfers

The only transport company in Fiji offering wheelchair accessible transfers is Tourist Transfer Fiji. Prices start around FJ$190 per group and more information is available on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Learn more about the various airport transfer companies in the 10 Best Airport Transfers in Fiji.

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The most cost-effective airport transport in Fiji is the buses. A regular bus schedule operates from Nadi International Airport. Those looking to take a bus to other airports in Fiji, like Nausori Airport in Suva, can take a bus to the nearest towns, (in this case, Nausori town) then a taxi to the airport.

Buses at Nadi International Airport

Buses pick up passengers outside of the International Terminal entrance at Nadi International Airport. There are two types of buses: express buses running between Nadi Airport and Suva via the Queens Road and public buses running being Nadi town and Nadi Airport.

Express buses, which stop at tourist accommodation and towns on the Coral Coast and the Pacific Harbour, cost between FJ$2 and FJ$26 per adult depending on how far you are travelling.

Public buses to Nadi cost between FJ$2 and $5 per person, again, depending on how far you are travelling. However, you need to use preloaded bus tickets to use these buses – not pay by cash. Find out more in Where to Book Bus Transport in Fiji?

Find out more about taking the bus in Fiji in How to Travel Around Fiji by Bus

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Resort Transfers

Finally, another way to get between the airport and your chosen accommodation is by a resort transfer. By this, we mean transport that is organised by accommodations specifically for their guests.

Many resorts and hotels in and around Nadi offer complimentary transfers to and from Nadi International Airport, so be sure to inquire about this service when booking your accommodation.

For resorts in more remote destinations around Fiji, such as in Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu and the Lomaiviti Islands, they offer transfers from the nearest airport most often for a fee but sometimes included in your resort package.

Determining a price is difficult for resort transfers as it typically depends on how long the transfer is and what transport it uses. While transfers in Nadi, which only require a road vehicle to drive a short distance, are free, transfers that include both road and sea travel can be around FJ$400 per group for a roundtrip.

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Helicopter, Seaplane and Ferry Transfers

For travellers staying at selected resorts around Fiji, especially in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands, you have the option of helicopter, seaplane and ferry transfers.

Helicopter Transfers in Fiji

There are direct helicopter transfers available between Nadi International Airport and selected resorts in the Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands and around Viti Levu. See Where to Hire a Helicopter in Fiji for more information.

Seaplane Transfers in Fiji

Both seaplane and plane flights are available to take directly from Nadi Airport to a range of destinations in the Mamanuca Islands, the Yasawa Islands, along the Suncoast, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, the Pacific Harbour and Kadavu. Learn more in Where to Hire a Plane or Seaplane in Fiji.

Ferry Transfers in Fiji

Ok, so the ferries in Fiji are not literally at Nadi Airport, but ferry companies offer courtesy coaches to Port Denarau where the ferries depart to connect with the Mamanuca and Yasawa island resorts. Learn more about ferry transfers in The Guide to Travelling in Fiji by Ferry.

More About Fiji Airport Transfer Options

That’s it from the guide to Fiji airport transfers. Check out more transport options around the islands in our Fiji Transport Guide: 16 Best Ways to Get Around Fiji.


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