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10 Luxury Activities in Taveuni

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Deluxe Experiences on Taveuni, Qamea, Matangi and Laucala Islands

An unforgettable place like Taveuni and its surrounding islands deserve some unforgettable experiences. There are many fine ways to discover the mesmerising landscape and seascape of Fiji’s Garden Island, whether it’s a private sailing excursion, scuba diving famous sites or making the lush tropical gardens your setting for a spa treatment. We’ll go through some of your most luxurious options with this list of luxury activities on Taveuni.

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1. Scuba Dive Among the Famed Rainbow Reef and the White Wall

With the famed Rainbow Reef on Taveuni’s doorstep, it’s plainly obvious that scuba diving is a must-do. The reef boasts 30 vibrant dive sites, many of which were named and discovered by Taveuni Island Resort‘s owner, Ric Cammick. Needless to say, the resort is a fine choice for a luxury diving holiday, while the experience is readily available to be booked at almost all of Taveuni’s resorts. Expect to see large groupers, blue ribbon eels, sea turtles, sharks, lionfish and hundreds of colourful tropical fish among the soft and hard coral.

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2. Sail to Honeymoon Island on a Yacht Cruise

Discover one of Fiji’s most pristine cruising grounds on a sailing cruise with Vacala Bay Resort. The five-star villa takes its guests to secluded beaches, uninhabited islands and past sunken volcanoes. During the full-day cruise, the team will show you their favourite snorkelling hotspot, serve morning tea en route and a multi-course gourmet lunch on the way back. Alternatively, the half-day sailing trip to Honeymoon Island is another fantastic option where you’ll be able to lounge with your loved one on the yacht’s nets, sipping wine and taking in the mesmerising views.

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3. Enjoy Spa Treatments in the Midst of the Jungle

While you certainly don’t need help to relax on Fiji’s Garden Island, there are ways to spoil yourself into a pure state of tranquillity. Taveuni and its surrounding islands are home to some of Fiji’s most unique and award-winning spas, such as the Jungle Spa on Qamea Resort & Spa. Perched deep in the jungle of Qamea Island, the Jungle Spa offers a fusion of Fijian and French spa treatments. Alternatively, experience complete comfort and privacy by having an in-villa massage overlooking the ocean at Raiwasa Grand Villa. See more recommendations in the 7 Best Spas on Taveuni.

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4. Indulge in a Private Dining Experience In-villa or on the Beach

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or “just because”, experience the luxury of a private dinner. At Matangi Private Island, their Romance Package including a private candlelit dinner for two complete with fine wines, serenaders and meals from their Special Menu. A dinner for two under a private beachfront gazebo is a must if staying at Qamea Resort & Spa, as is in-room dining on your private deck because it’s understandably too good to leave. And it’s no surprise at Vacala Bay Resort, where you are exclusive guests, you’ll get to choose your dining locations, whether it’s on the outdoor sea view bar or on a deserted white sand beach.

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5. Catch Some of the Ocean’s Most Sought-After Game Fish

Swap relaxation for an exciting fishing charter where you’ll get the opportunity to snatch up some of the monsters of the ocean. Mahimahi, giant trevally, yellowfin tuna, sailfish… They are all waiting in the depths of Taveuni’s waters. Tides Reach Resort is a particularly excellent base for fishing, whether it’s a deep-sea fishing charter you crave or something new like spearfishing or handline fishing. Whatever you choose, you’ll depart straight from the beach with your own guide, equipment and 28ft Edgewater boat.

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6. Explore the Island, Beaches and Villages on Horseback

Taveuni is one of the rare places in Fiji where horse riding is readily available to explore the land. At Taveuni Palms Resort, join a local guide in Wiwi Village where your horse trek will take you some 1000ft (300m) up a beautiful mountain with expansive views and the option to canter across the beach on the way back. The private island resort of Laucala Island has eight majestic Fijian horses for guests to explore the private island on. Horseback riding is also available at Tides Reach Resort and Vacala Bay Resort.

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7. Chase Waterfalls and Visit Towns on a Taveuni Highlights Tour

Luxury tours around Taveuni make it easy to explore the Garden Island without hours waiting for the bus or navigating the customs of visiting remote villages. You won’t miss out on Taveuni’s famous majestic waterfalls, beautiful birdlife, lush jungles and rich culture with luxury resorts offering full-day tours capturing all the highlights of the island. Vacala Bay Resort‘s Taveuni Introductory Tour takes you to west coast wonders, such as the Waitavala Waterslide, 180-degree Meridian Line and the picturesque Wairiki Church. While staying at Matangi Island Resort, join their Taveuni Island Day Tour where you’ll discover the Bouma Falls, visit the Civa Pearl Boutique, explore the town of Naqara and much more. Check out the highlights in our 20 Things to Do in Taveuni.

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8. Discover Taveuni on an All-inclusive Cruise

An alternative way to discover Taveuni (and get further in Fiji) is on a small ship cruise with Captain Cook Cruises. On their Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise, you’ll discover four cultures across the islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu, as well as delve into Taveuni’s Bouma National Park laced with waterfalls. Alternatively, the 12-day Northern Discovery Cruise stops by the Lavena Coastal Walk on Taveuni before making for the remote Lau Islands. The all-inclusive cruises include guided tours, meals, activities and the use of snorkelling equipment. Find out more about Captain Cook Cruises on Viator or Tripadvisor.

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9. Play on an 18-hole Championship Golf Course on a Private Island

One of the many appealing features of Laucala Island, a private island covering 12km² (5mi²), is the 18-hole championship golf course. While Fiji is fast becoming a golfing holiday hotspot, the Laucala Island golf course is seen as Fiji’s final golfing frontier, with the golf course exclusively for guests. Find out more in The Most Luxurious Golf Courses in Fiji.

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10. Escape to an Adult-only Retreat

Set the tone right with a peaceful stay at one of Taveuni’s adult-only resorts. Matangi Private Island Resort and Qamea Resort & Spa are exclusively for guests aged 16 and above, ensuring paradise without kids. The resorts also specialise in activities you can only really find on an adults-only getaway, such as yoga classes, day spas, private beach picnics and more. See our Adult-Only Guide to Taveuni for more inspiration.

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More Luxury Activities in Taveuni

That’s it for the best luxury activities in Taveuni. Take a moment to look at The Complete Luxury Travel Guide to Fiji. Trust us, there’s a lot of essential tips there.


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