How to Pick the Best Budget Accommodation in Fiji for You© Unsplash
How to Pick the Best Budget Accommodation in Fiji for You

How to Pick the Best Budget Accommodation in Fiji for You

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Advice on Choosing a Budget Accommodation in Fiji

Fiji is a paradise for the wealthy as well as backpackers thanks to the array of accommodations, making these glorious islands a stunning stay for just about anyone. Fiji’s budget accommodations range from the idyllic beachfront resort to the humble village homestay, so figure out which one is right for you with this guide to choosing budget accommodation in Fiji.

Things You Need to Know About Staying in Budget Accommodation in Fiji

  • Budget accommodations in Fiji often come with varying inclusions, from meals to complimentary watersports gear, so be sure to compare the inclusions
  • When an accommodation says it has free WiFi, it usually means only in the communal areas
  • Fiji’s homestays are not for the fussy, being in very humble and basic homes
  • Some of Fiji’s outer island accommodations have limited treatment for drinking water, so take a Lifestraw Bottle with you
  • Check out examples of Fiji’s budget accommodation in the 10 Best Budget Accommodations in Fiji.
How to Pick the Best Budget Accommodation in Fiji for You© Mango Bay Resort

Types of Budget Accommodation in Fiji

Budget accommodation in Fiji comes in all shapes and sizes, from village homestays with the locals to beachfront budget resorts.

Budget Resorts

Fiji is all about the resorts and not just expensive ones! There is a wide selection of budget resorts in Fiji offering more affordable bures (bungalows), as well as dorm rooms and sometimes even campsites. Depending on how remote the resort is, prices will often include all meals.

Prices for budget resorts cost around FJ$25 for a dorm or tent not including meals to FJ$125 for a dorm including meals to FJ$150 for a private bure.

Check out some examples in the 10 Best Budget Resorts in Fiji.

Budget Lodges, Hostels and Hotels

Particularly in Fiji’s towns, lodges, hostels and budget hotels are an option. These are usually a selection of private and shared dorm rooms with some ensuite options and shared bathroom facilities. There may also be communal areas, like a kitchen and lounge.

Prices for budget lodges, hostels and hotels range from FJ$60 to $120 for a private room and FJ$20-$30 for a bed in a dorm.

Check out some examples in the 10 Best Lodges in Fiji, the 10 Best Backpacker Hostels in Fiji and the 10 Best Budget Hotels in Fiji.


Homestays are a very cheap type of accommodation in Fiji where locals open up their spare bedrooms for visitors. From affordable stays in the town to humble village homestays, there is a range of cultural yet cheap homestay experiences. Food is usually also provided for a small fee.

Prices for homestays are typically around FJ$30-$70 per night not including meals (which are only an additional FJ$5-$15 per meal).

Check out some examples in the 10 Best Homestays in Fiji.

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Location, How to Get There and What is Nearby?

A major consideration for travellers on a budget is the location. Being on the mainland within walking distance of shops, services and attractions is a sure-fire way to save money throughout your trip, while staying at one of the remote islands has associated flight and boat transfer costs, as well as more expensive meals. Then again, the added cost of staying on an idyllic Fiji island might be worth it if a dreamy island paradise is what you are looking for.

Where is the Budget Accommodation Located and How Do You Get There?

Budget accommodations can be found in every island group in Fiji. Viti Levu has the least expensive travel costs, while you’ll need to be prepared to pay for ferries or flights for going to the outer islands. Compare the prices of inter-island flights and ferries in How Much Does it Cost to Fly in Fiji? and How Much Do Water Taxis & Ferries Cost in Fiji?

On top of the cost of getting to your accommodation, it’s also a good idea to consider the location in terms of nearby attractions, access to supermarkets and more.

Learn more about the various destinations in Fiji in Where to Stay in Fiji or with the following guides:

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What’s Included in Your Stay?

Any savvy budget traveller knows you shouldn’t just take the price of budget accommodation at face value – this especially applies to Fiji. Good value is often in the facilities and services included in your stay. Of course, everyone’s needs are different so take a look at the lists below to get an idea of what is typically included and what extra facilities to look out for or enquire about.

Typical Budget Accommodation Inclusions

  • Kitchen facilities or a restaurant
  • Shared bathroom and/or ensuite bathrooms
  • Insect screened windows or a mosquito net.

Additional Services and Inclusions

  • Breakfast included
  • All meals included
  • WiFi
  • Bicycle hire
  • Airport transfers
  • Watersports equipment hire (kayaks, snorkelling gear, etc.)
  • Air conditioning or fans
  • Hot water
  • Toiletries
  • Washing machine
  • Car parking
  • Complimentary activities (Fijian crafting, volleyball, etc.)
  • Paid activities (scuba diving, boat trips, etc.)
  • Gardens or beach.

More on How to Choose the Best Budget Accommodation in Fiji

That’s it for how to choose the best budget accommodation in Fiji. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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