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How Much Does it Cost to Fly in Fiji?

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The Cost of Flights in Fiji

Air travel is never really cheap, but you might just find that the time saved getting to your island resort combined with a glorious aerial view might just be worth it. Budget your travel costs in Fiji with this guide to “How Much Does it Cost to Fly to Fiji?”

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5 Tips for Saving Money on Flights in Fiji

Flights are not exactly the cheapest way to travel in Fiji, so here are a few tips to help you shave off a few cents.

  • Book your international and domestic flight in Fiji together so that you get the international baggage allowance for the whole way
  • Always enquire about child fares, especially for helicopters where children under three years old often get to fly for free
  • Book your domestic flights in Fiji through private browsing, so airline websites will not use your browser information to up their prices – get more tips like this in How to Book a Cheap Flight to Fiji
  • Consider taking a flight one way and the ferry back, for example, to get the flight experience but reduce the travel costs
  • Look out for domestic flight sales, especially in the summer season in Fiji.
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Domestic Flight Prices

Domestic flights are often the most cost-effective flight method for getting between islands, especially those that are long distances from each other or across Viti Levu between Nadi and Suva. Note that domestic flights are only available on islands that have airports, so take a look at What Are the Airports in Fiji? for an idea of destinations.

Typical Prices for Domestic Flights in Fiji

To give you an idea of domestic flight prices in Fiji, here are a few examples of popular routes and how much they typically cost. The following prices are for return flights.

  • Nadi to Suva – FJ$220-$250/adult, FJ$160-$180/child
  • Nadi to Savusavu – FJ$450-$500/adult, FJ$340-$400/child
  • Nadi to Taveuni – FJ$550-$600/adult, FJ$420-$500/child
  • Nadi to Kadavu – FJ$400-$450/adult, FJ$300-$350/child
  • Suva to Lakeba – FJ$540-$600/adult, FJ$400-$450/child

Note that domestic fare sales happen often, especially in the summer season in Fiji, where flights between Suva and Nadi, for example, drop as low as FJ$50 per adult one way.

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Charter Plane and Seaplane Flight Prices

For getting to those hard-to-reach places, a charter flight or seaplane transfer can be an excellent way to get between the islands of Fiji. While planes can land anywhere there is an airfield, seaplanes can take you to the front of your waterfront resort (although, you might have to get your feet wet). In terms of an intimate flight experience, planes and seaplanes offer cheaper prices than helicopters, while also offering the option to go further to more remote islands if booking a private charter. See Where to Hire a Seaplane in Fiji for more information.

Typical Prices for Plane and Seaplane Flights in Fiji

To give you a few examples of prices for seaplanes and charter planes in Fiji, here are some prices for common routes taken by travellers. The following prices are for return flights.

  • Nadi to the Mamanuca Islands – FJ$450-$600/adult
  • Nadi to the Yasawa Islands – FJ$800-$1,000/adult
  • Nadi to the Pacific Harbour & Beqa – FJ$1,200-$1,500/adult
  • Nadi to Taveuni – FJ$11,800-$12,000/adult

Note that islands that are closer to the mainland have a cheaper price than islands further away in the above island groups.

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Helicopter Transfer Prices

Helicopters can be an exciting way to get to your island resort in Fiji, as well as utterly convenient often landing right on the resort’s own helipad! For the thrill ride and the convenience, helicopter transfers and charters are the most expensive mode of air travel in Fiji. It’s also important to note that helicopter flights are often limited to a shorter distance, such as between Viti Levu and the Yasawa Islands, for example. See Where to Hire a Helicopter in Fiji for more information.

Typical Prices for Helicopter Flights in Fiji

Understand the prices of helicopter flights in Fiji with these typical costs for popular routes. Note that the price range greatly varies due to some islands being closer to Nadi than others. The further the island is away, the more expensive the rate. The following prices are for return flights.

  • Nadi to the Mamanuca Islands – FJ$450-$1,200/adult
  • Nadi to the Yasawa Islands – FJ$1,200-$1,600/adult
  • Nadi to the Coral Coast – FJ$1,200-$1,800/adult
  • Nadi to the Pacific Harbour & Beqa Island – FJ$1,500-$1,900/adult

Child fares are available with most helicopter operators, usually about half the price of an adult fare for children aged three to 11 years old. Babies can sit on the lap of a paying adult for free.

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Scenic Flight Tour Prices

For those of you that don’t need to take a flight in Fiji, but might just want to experience the islands from the skies anyway, there is a wealth of options when it comes to scenic flights and tours. Check out 10 Best Scenic Flights in Fiji for inspiration. Otherwise, get an idea of the cost with the prices listed below.

Typical Prices for Scenic Flight Tours in Fiji

  • Scenic helicopter tour for 10 minutes – FJ$200-$320/adult
  • Scenic helicopter tour for 25/30 minutes – FJ$550-$690
  • Scenic helicopter tour for 40 minutes – FJ$830
  • Scenic helicopter tour for 55 minutes – FJ$1,200
  • Seaplane Day Tour – FJ$850-$1,700
  • Skydive from 14,000ft – FJ$800-$850

Learn more about tours in the air in our The Guide to Helicopter Tours in Fiji and The Guide to Taking a Plane Tour in Fiji.

More on the Cost of Flying in Fiji

That’s it for the cost of flying in Fiji. Finally, check out Fiji Travel Budget: How Much Does a Trip to Fiji Cost? for even more budgeting tips.


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