10 Best Things to Do in Fiji

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Top Activities and Experiences in Fiji

Don’t you dare just stay at the resort. Fiji is an island nation with a rich Polynesian culture to discover, breathtaking island landscapes and arguably more dramatic seascapes. There’s adventure to be had through scuba diving or off-roading tours, while those in need in some R&R can certainly find it with traditional Fijian massages performed at the islands’ spas. And if the enchanting experience of swimming with giant Manta Rays or majestic sharks doesn’t move you, then perhaps a humbling village visit might. So start planning what you’re going to do in the South Pacific archipelago with this list of the best things to do in Fiji.

1. Scuba Dive at the Great Astrolabe Reef

Ok, so there are MANY amazing places to scuba dive in Fiji, which you can dive a little deeper into in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Fiji, but if you have a go-big-or-go-home mantra, then you need to dive at the Great Astrolabe Reef. Curling around the southern coast of Kadavu, the Great Astrolabe Reef is the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef. What’s more, it’s pristinely uncrowded considering Kadavu is one of Fiji’s less-visited islands. Discover an underwater world of healthy coral teeming with tropical fish through the unbelievably clear water. Check out more activities to treat yourself to in the 10 Things to Do in Kadavu.

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2. Hike to Breathtaking Waterfalls

Waterfalls… So many beautiful waterfalls decorate the island interiors of Fiji’s larger islands, from the Biausevu Waterfall on Viti Levu to the many cascading falls of Kadavu. But the most famous falls of Fiji are Bouma Falls in the Bouma National Park. Found on the volcanic island of Taveuni, Bouma Falls is nestled in verdant rainforest adding another amazing natural feature to what’s known as the “Garden Island”. Check out more attractions in the area in the 20 Things to Do in Taveuni.

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3. Go Jet Boating into Viti Levu’s Rugged Interior

Speaking of exploring Fiji’s dramatic inland landscapes, one way to do that is to join a jet boating tour up the Sigatoka or Navua River. This is one of the only ways to access remote Fijian villages, which you’ll visit to experience a Kava Ceremony and learn more about Fijian traditions. Jet boating tours also give stop by riverside waterfalls with swimming holes, as well as include a Fijian lunch. One of the destinations to experience river jet boating in on the Pacific Harbour, where you can also do white water rafting and river-tubing. Find out more in the 12 Things to Do in the Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

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4. Have a Soak in the Sabeto Mud Pools

An iconic activity on the foothills of Fiji’s arrival city, Nadi, the Sebato Mud Pools is a ridiculously fun yet relaxing way to enjoy the hot springs of Fiji. After lathering yourself up in wet mud and letting it dry on your skin, you will bathe in a series of natural hot-spring fed pools to wash off the mud and, theoretically, your worries! Check out more activities like this in the 12 Things to Do in Nadi.

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5. Indulge in a Luxury Spa Day

One thing that Fiji does exceptionally well is spas. As Fiji is the ultimate destination for rest and relaxation, there is a dizzying array of spas across many of the island resorts. From tropical body wraps to the traditional Fijian Bobo massage, there are many ways to rejuvenate in Fiji on theme with the islands. Particularly good places for spa getaways are Denarau and Vanua Levu, so check out what else you could be doing in these destinations in the 12 Things to Do in Denarau Island and the 12 Things to Do on Vanua Levu.

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6. Hit the Epic Surf Breaks

Any keen surfer should already know about Fiji’s infamous surf breaks, particularly Cloudbreak in the Mamanuca Islands. Reef breaks in Fiji provide barrels of fun for the intermediate to advanced surfers, with the surf resorts to complete the experience. More uncrowded breaks, however, can be found in Taveuni, the Pacific Harbour and Kadavu, so those surfers feeling a little more adventurous. For more Mamanuca experiences, check out the 10 Things To Do in the Mamanuca Islands.

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7. Snorkel with Manta Rays or Sharks

If you’re not surfing in the Mamanucas then you’re probably swimming with the manta rays or sharks in the Yasawas. While Fiji offers amazing tropical snorkelling in just about every island group, the Yasawa Islands has a few species that add another level of excitement. Huge Manta Rays glide through the waters of the Yasawas between May and October, while reef sharks can be seen on snorkelling tours from Kuata and Wayasewa Islands. Check out more Yasawa adventures in the 15 Things to Do in the Yasawa Islands.

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8. Do an Off-Roading Tour

Getting to those hard-to-reach places becomes a whole lot easier (and adventurous) with an off-roading tour in Fiji. From self-drive quad bike and dune buggy tours to guided tours taking you to awe-inspiring limestone caves that once housed cannibalistic tribes, there are some varied off-roading adventures to be had. Off-roading tours depart from Nadi, the Pacific Harbour and the Coral Coast, which you can see more activities in the latter in the 10 Things to Do on the Coral Coast.

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9. Visit a Traditional Fijian Village

A visit to a Fijian village is a must-do cultural experience in Fiji. While there are many opportunities to visit villages through the islands’ resorts or simply through exploring, one of the iconic villages to visit is Navala Village on the Suncoast of Viti Levu. It is the last remaining Fijian village with traditionally-thatched bures. A visit will also allow you to observe and take part in some of the traditions, such as presenting a sevusevu (gift) and doing a Kava Ceremony. Check out more experiences on the Suncoast in the 15 Things to Do on the Suncoast.

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10. Visit Levuka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wander through a town standing still in time in Levuka, the first capital of Fiji. The town on the island of Ovalau in the Lomaiviti Islands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which holds beautifully-preserved colonial architecture to admire. The island is just a short flight from Suva, Fiji’s current capital, which also has its fair share of interesting colonial architecture. Delve a little deeper into experiencing these destinations in the 10 Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Islands and the 10 Things to Do in Suva.

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