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The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji for Families

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Plan Your Family Getaway to Fiji

Fijians adore children, which is one of the many reasons why Fiji is a top family holiday destination in the South Pacific. Not only will the much-loved nannies and “buddies” at the resorts’ kids clubs provide an educative, memorable and fun experience for the little ones, but they’ll make your holiday in Fiji actually feels like a holiday. Of course, for those moments shared, Fiji presents an array of soft adventure tours suitable for all ages, outstanding island and marine environments to explore, and fascinating cultures to engage with. And that’s just the beginning… Dive into the various activities, destinations and accommodations in this complete guide to Fiji for families.

Things to Do in Fiji with Kids

  • Cruise around the islands for snorkelling, kayaking and building sandcastles on the beach
  • Waterslide, zipline and check out the wildlife at the Kula Wild Adventure Park on the Coral Coast (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Fly through the forest on a ziprail course in Nadi or the Pacific Harbour
  • Treat the kids to a fun-filled day at your resort’s kids’ club
  • Go river tubing on the Navua River in the Pacific Harbour
  • Jump on a boat trip to the Sawa-i-Lau Caves in the Yasawa Islands
  • Discover the island culture through Fijian arts and crafts
  • Snorkel at the famous Rainbow Reef, Split Rock or Namena Marine Reserve in Vanua Levu
  • Have a go on the Waitavala Sliding Rocks in Taveuni
  • Kayak through the mangroves, over coral reefs or on an outrigger canoe in the Lomaiviti Islands.

For more information on each activity, head over to the 10 Things to Do in Fiji with Kids.

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Family Holidays in Viti Levu

Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu, is the arrival island for most travelling to Fiji. It’s also a fabulous destination in itself, offering several exciting regions for families to enjoy a resort holiday or to explore. The benefits of staying on Viti Levu is that it eliminates the cost and time associated with transporting your tribe to another island, as many families will find that Viti Levu has all you dreamed for a family getaway to Fiji and then some.

Where to Go in Viti Levu?

Want a Fijian destination that’s easy to get to, has an array of amazing family-friendly resorts, as well as a mix of adventure, culture and island excursion tours? Choose either to stay in Nadi, Denarau or the Coral Coast. Find out more about these regions in the following guides:

For families looking to get more off the beaten track, do some independent exploration, and enjoy some river adventure tours, look into regions like the Pacific Harbour & Beqa, the Suncoast and the nation’s capital, Suva. See the following guides to learn more:

The Guide to Fiji for Families© Tourism Fiji

Family Holidays in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands

A scattering of sandy-lined islands surrounded by turquoise waters, just like you’ve seen in the brochures, make up the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Stretching in a rough line from the northwestern shores of Viti Levu, these island groups are some of the easiest outer islands to get to from Nadi International Airport. A ferry ride or helicopter flight from Port Denarau will get you to the islands in no time.

Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands are home to some of Fiji’s most prestigious resorts, many of which are a top choice for families. Resorts are equipped with everything you need for a smooth yet fun family holiday, including kids’ clubs, family-friendly activities, swimming pools, snorkelling, beaches, cultural activities and much more. Dive a little deeper into what a family trip to the Mamanucas is like with The Guide to the Mamanuca Islands for Families.

Yasawa Islands

Travel a little further north from Viti Levu and the Mamanucas and you’ll reach the volcanic string of islands the Yasawas. There are some resort options here that are a little more affordable for families, but some still offer kids’ clubs and babysitting services if you’re dying to go scuba diving or hit the spa. Learn more about the Yasawas in The Guide to the Yasawa Islands for Families.

The Guide to Fiji for Families© Pixabay

Family Holidays in Vanua Levu and Taveuni

Although less visited than the previously mentioned islands, Fiji’s northern islands are home to some of the most luxurious boutique resorts. Some of which have fantastic kids’ programs, while much of the scenery is simply natural pristineness, from the tops of volcanic mountain peaks to deep in the coral-filled waters.

Vanua Levu

Stay in one of the award-winning family resorts or keep things in the family with one of the many holiday homes and villas on Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu. Discover the wild side of Fiji together with waterfalls, Fijian villages and some of the best snorkelling the islands have to offer or if you do want some alone time, there are a few resorts with excellent kids’ clubs and nanny services. Find out more in The Guide to Vanua Levu for Families.


Nicknamed Fiji’s “Garden Island”, Taveuni is an island of tropical jungles, authentic villages and, of course, a scattering of resorts, villas and lodges all with room for families. With limited babysitting services and no kids’ clubs, Taveuni is definitely for the family that wants to explore nature’s paradise together. See The Guide to Taveuni for Families to learn more.

The Guide to Fiji for Families© Mark Snyder - Tourism Fiji

Family Holidays in Kadavu, the Lomaiviti and Lau Islands

Finally, don’t rule out Fiji’s least-visited islands that give an insight into the way Fiji used to be. Families have some excellent boutique eco-friendly resorts in Kadavu, the chance to visit historic islands of the Lomaivitis, and even the far-flung Lau Islands to explore.


Pristine nature and authentic island culture await on the island of Kadavu, which is Fiji’s fourth-largest island lying just an hour’s flight south of Viti Levu. Despite the outer less-visited islands of Fiji often being an intimidating prospect for families, Kadavu is one of the most family-friendly, with a great selection of resorts to look after the whole family during your adventurous Fiji getaway. But forget days sipping cocktails by the pool, Kadavu is an island for the family to get active together. Find out more in The Guide to Kadavu for Families.

Lomaiviti Islands

Conveniently located just a 10-minute flight from Suva, Ovalau, which is the main hub of the Lomaivitis, is packed with history even earning a status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A walk around the town of Levuka is sure to get the imaginations of the little ones going, while days on the islands enjoying snorkelling, kayaking and relaxing by the pool are other ways to spend a family getaway here. Discover if the Lomaivitis is the right destination for your family in The Guide to the Lomaiviti Islands for Families.

Lau Islands

Finally, the Lau Islands are rarely visited by families, unless they join one of the cruise ships that visit the islands a few time a year. Find out more in The Complete Guide to the Lau Islands.

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