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The Ultimate Guide to Suva Nightlife

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Bars and Nightclubs in Suva

The South Pacific islands are not renowned for their party scene. It’s true, except for, perhaps the city of Suva! Yes, Fiji’s capital city is where you’ll find some of the liveliest bars in the South Pacific – great for that endless summer party! Bars and nightclubs scatter the compact city, making bar-hopping an easy way to enjoy a night out. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quiet beverage, then the Suva hotels have some attractive venues sure to impress whoever you take with you. So dive into this ultimate guide to Suva nightlife and discover some of Fiji’s best bars!

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5 Drinks You Have to Try in Suva

New to the city or Fiji and don’t know what to order at the bar? Here are just some great suggestions:

  • Fiji Gold – nothing beats the refreshing taste of this light and locally-brewed beer after a day in the hot Suva city centre
  • Cocktails – thanks to the demand for fruity tropical cocktails in the tropical paradise of Fiji, bars are always competing to have the most creative recipes!
  • Kava – a traditional ceremonial drink made from ground Yaqona roots. You can’t usually order it at the bar, but you can join a kava ceremony through village visit tours. Find out more in 10 Best Ways to Experience the Fijian Culture.
  • Bounty Rum – a locally brewed rum from the abundance of sugar cane fields found across Fiji
  • New Zealand & Australian Wine – something for the wine-lovers, you’ll have a great choice of New Zealand and Australian wines in most bars in Suva.

Remember, the legal drinking age in Fiji is 18 years old. Plus, see more recommendations in our 8 Drinks in Fiji You Have to Try.

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Best Bars in Suva

Looking for a great bar to meet up with friends or start the evening off in a fun and casual setting? Then consider one of these vibrant bars!

Casual-Drinking Bars in Suva

You can’t go too far wrong when suggesting to meet friends at the Bad Dog Cafe (MacArthur Street & Victoria Parade). The stylish bar has a good few areas to mingle with friends, whether it’s under the lighting of the bar or tucked away in a booth. The bar serves up a great selection of international food too, so check out our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Suva for more information.

O’Reilly’s next door is also a fun place to start and end the evening (see below). Another fantastic option nearby for casual drinks is Mamacita Mexican Restaurant (Grantham Road), offering a fun array of tequila and unmissable deals like “ladies night”.

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Best Nightclubs in Suva

Ever wondered where the party was at in Fiji? Well, it’s right here in Suva with the largest array of bars and nightclubs you’ll find across the islands. Awesome partying can especially be found down the Victoria Parade on Friday and Saturday nights.

Suva Nightclubs

Let’s start off with a well-established venue on the nightclub scene for many years now in Suva. Traps Bar (Victoria Parade) is a must-go with five different bars in one so you’re sure to find the right vibe. You’ll find a fun mix with a saloon-style bar, a buzzing atmosphere in the main bar, a pub-like room with a pool table and sports on the big screens, and, of course, a dancefloor with party vibes and regular live music.

For eccentricity and good laughs, head to Purple Haze (MacArthur Street Street) decorated with inflatable aliens and neon on just about everything! It’s a club where you can let your hair down and not take yourself too seriously. What’s more, it’s gay-friendly.

Down Under Pub (Carnarvon Street) is well worth checking out any time of the night, whether it’s to chill with a game of pool or dance into the early hours. Despite the name, there’s not much of “Down Under” theme, just good beer, pool and popular international music to let loose to.

Dark, moody yet stylish, the Onyx Platinum Nightclub (Butt Street) is a great alternative to the other clubs in Suva, making it worth popping in during your bar crawl. Onyx has a creative menu of cocktails, shooters, as well as local and international beers.

After dinner or a few drinks at the Bad Dog Cafe next door, the party continues at O’Reilly’s (MacArthur Street). Early evening, the Irish pub has a relaxed vibe, but come 11pm the party kicks in! Dance to a range of crowd-pleasers and get jolly like an Irishman into the night.

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Best Hotel Bars in Suva

Looking for a venue for a business meeting or an atmospheric bar for a relaxing drink with your loved one? Then set your sights on some of Suva’s outstanding hotel bars.

Bars in Hotels in Suva

Situated in the prestigious Grand Pacific Hotel, the Steamship Bar is a good go-to to impress your drinking partners. Try delectable cocktails, spirits and beers or even indulge in some of their sweet snacks.

People watching or relaxing with a cocktail are just some of the ways to enjoy the stylish Zest Bar at the Tanoa Plaza Hotel. The bar opens until 11.30pm serves up a wide range of local and international alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You might also be surprised to hear that the Holiday Inn Suva has a great bar definitely worth checking out! Enjoy light entertainment like jazz music on selected nights at the Tapa Lounge Bar, with a relaxed atmosphere for drinking wines, beers and spirits. Their corporate happy hour is 5.30 to 7pm.

For something a little different and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, try the Tonique Gin Lounge at the Novotel Suva Lami Bay hotel. The waterfront bar is an attractive place to meet, whether you’re looking to try their selection of international gins or a sit-down with a coffee.


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