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Where to Experience a Real Fijian Massage in Fiji

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Where to Experience Traditional Fijian Massages in Fiji

Fiji is at the forefront when it comes to relaxation. Some major R&R is the main reason why travellers flock to the Fiji islands! One of the best ways to get the ultimate relaxation experience is taking advantage of the international award-winning spas peppered across Fiji’s islands. But don’t just settle for your standard “Swedish Massage” that you’ve probably tried a thousand times. When in Fiji, try a traditional Fijian massage. There are two main types of Fijian massages where techniques have been passed down from generation to generation: the soothing and body-healing Bobo Massage and the deep-tissue barefoot Fijian Massage. In this guide, you’ll find out where to experience these types of Fijian Massage in Fiji.

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Where to Experience a Bobo Massage in Fiji

One of the most common and utterly blissful traditional Fijian massage types you can find on spa menus in Fiji is the Bobo Massage.

The Bobo Massage is an effective way to enhance total wellbeing, with techniques combining long strokes, kneading and palm-over-palm motions.

Where to Get a Bobo Massage in Fiji

Shangri-la Fijian Resort & Spa, Yanuca Island on Viti Levu’s Coral Coast, blends a Bobo Massage with rich exotic oils including the Fijian medicinal herbs of Makita and Macou. They also offer a Fijian Shell Massage and Fijian Soothing Wrap.

At the Nanuku Auberge Resort on Viti Levu’s Pacific Harbour, Bobo Massages are also on the menu, as well as other holistic healing traditions used by Fijians.

For a more affordable spa menu, head to the Island Surf Spa & Beauty at Smugglers Cove in Nadi. Along with their extensive range of massages, facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, tinting and braiding, is the Bobo Massage.

Finally, one of the best resorts for a health and wellness escape, the Daku Resort on Vanua Levu, offers the Bobo Massage, as well as the Fijian Champissage which focusses on the head, neck and shoulders.

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Where to Get a Barefoot Fijian Massage

In spas all over the world, barefoot massages are better known as a Fijian Massage, thanks to its origins right here in the Fiji islands.

The Fijian Massage is a deep-tissue massage using the feet to release tension and increase circulation, mobility and flexibility. Masseuses will not stand on the back. They’ll either have on foot on the ground, sat in a chair or holding onto an overhead support beam or rope.

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Where to Get a Barefoot Fijian Massage in Fiji

Just a short drive from Nadi in the city of Lautoka is The Fiji Orchid with its own spa bure. Its signature massage is the traditional barefoot Fijian Massage so trying it is a must!

Alternatively, get off-the-beaten-track at the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort on Vanua Levu. As part of their full spa menu, the resort spa offers the barefoot Fijian Massage identified on the menu as the “Bula Mai”. They also do the Bobo Massage.

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Spas Using Fijian Plant Extracts

The last important aspect of a Fijian massage that you might want to look for is those that use natural and locally sourced massage products.

Many of the day spas in Fiji use massage oils from Fijian plants, nut and flowers to hydrate and nourish the skin. On top of that, the aromas help put you in a state of deep relaxation.

Where to Get a Massage in Fiji Using Natural Fijian Spa Products

Laucala Resort on Laucala Island, just of Taveuni, is where you’re likely to find the freshest ingredients from their very own Spa Garden. Guests are encouraged to pick their own herbs, spices, flowers and fruits to make essential oil in their Spa Kitchen.

No doubt you will have heard about Pure Fiji’s products, using natural Fijian ingredients. Experience these popular massage products in action at the Pure Fiji Day Spa in Suva.

Turtle Fiji, the luxury resort located at the Blue Lagoon in the Yasawa Islands, provides Polynesian-style massages combined with pure and natural Fijian massage oils. Natural products are also used for their facial and body scrubs.


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