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5 Best Places to See Dolphins in Fiji

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Where to See Dolphins in Fiji

Fiji’s diverse marine life is what draws many to its warm waters between its 333 islands. While turtles, sharks and even whales can be seen throughout the islands, nothing quite beats the excitement of seeing dolphins leap alongside your boat! The most common type of dolphin seen in Fiji is spinner dolphins, known for their acrobatic displays of spinning out of the water. While you could see dolphins in Fiji anywhere at any time, there are a few places where dolphins frequent more. If dolphins are a must-see for your trip to Fiji, then check out these places to see dolphins in Fiji!

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1. Mamanuca Islands

Spinner dolphins can be seen playing in the waters of the Mamanuca Islands, especially in the mornings. Join the Musket Cove Resort for their Dolphin Safari, taking place at the best time of the day to see the dolphins when they are most active. Their Dolphin Safari is one of the most affordable boat trips offered in the Mamanuca Islands, which is just as a bonus of the experience! This same trip is also available with the neighbouring Lomani Island Resort.

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2. Natewa Bay

Natewa Bay is not only the largest bay in the South Pacific, but it’s also the home of several pods of spinner dolphins. Those staying at the resorts of Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu, can be treated to a dolphin cruise into Natewa Bay to check out the residents. Spend the morning spotting dolphins as you cruise around the bay, where dolphins are known to swim alongside the boat. The tour then concludes with a wood-fired pizza lunch. This trip is available through Savasi Island Resort, Koro Sun Resort and La Dolce Vita Holiday Villas.

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3. Moon Reef Marine Reserve

One of the best places to see dolphins from Fiji’s mainland, Viti Levu, is on the Suncoast with Dolphin Watch Fiji. Based at the Takalana Bay Resort, Dolphin Watch Fiji takes keen day-trippers out to the famous Moon Reef Marine Reserve where spinner dolphins frequent. The reef is a protected area thriving with an array of coral and tropical fish, which you’ll also get to experience as the cruise allows time for swimming and snorkelling. See more things to do on the Suncoast here.

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4. Bligh Water

Another area of the Suncoast that is populated with spinner dolphins is the Bligh Water. Explore the area looking out for dolphins with Wananavu Beach Resort for a 2h30min boat trip watching them in their natural habitat. The resort’s activities team will take you to a special location where it’s common to see pods of up to 40 dolphins at a time! After watching the dolphins, who often interact and jump around the boat, you’ll get around 30 minutes of snorkelling among the colourful fish and corals of the outer reefs.

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5. Taveuni

While there are no dedicated dolphin cruises from the island, Taveuni is an excellent place to spot dolphins. You can up your chances of spotting dolphins, however, on a whale-watching cruise with Paradise Taveuni. Although the crew of the in-house Taveuni Explorer boat set out to find pilot whales, or humpback whales during August, in the Somosomo Strait, they will take the time to watch dolphins along the way. Alternatively, book at night or two at the Raiwasa Grand Villa, which is perched on a hill offering elevated views of the ocean from the deck! Learn more about whale-watching in Where to See Whales in Fiji.

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