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29 Essential Tips for Travelling to Fiji With Children

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Fiji Family Holiday Tips

What is supposed to feel like your special time away with the family can have the opposite effect when it comes to planning. Is everyone going to enjoy themselves? Are there enough things to do for the kids? Is there going to be enough time to relax? Can I buy the right baby food in Fiji? If you’re thinking about taking a family holiday to Fiji, then the answer will be a resounding yes! Fiji is one of the best places in the South Pacific to travel with children. Resorts and activities are well-catered to family travel, with things to do for the whole family, as well as opportunities for everyone to enjoy their own version of “Fiji time” while being well looked after. Nevertheless, every parent could do with a few extra tips for travelling to Fiji with children and we are here to provide with a whopping 29 tips!

1. Book Early!

Our top tip for travelling to Fiji with Children is to book early! Family rooms are not only the first rooms to go, but most families travel to Fiji at the same time around the school holidays. Needless to say, you need to plan and book your holiday to Fiji early, especially if you are staying at one of the 10 Best Family Resorts in Fiji.


2. Look Out for Family Deals

The best thing about travelling with a family might seem like the quality time you’ll all have together, but we think it’s the family deals! Activities, tours and even some resorts often promote “family” specials offering fantastic value for money. Always ask for the family rates!

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3. “Squeeze” into a Double Room to Save Money

On a tight budget? Consider if you actually need to get a full family room? Many of the resorts in Fiji allow kids to stay for free if you book a double, twin or double twin room. You’ll often find that there’s still plenty of space if you’re travelling with babies and young children.


4. Use Sunscreen That Will Protect Them, Not Hurt Them

High-factor sunscreen is a must for children! Fiji experiences high UV levels, so you should reapply sunscreen every hour and straight after swimming. Not only that, you will want to use sunscreen that is kind to your children’s sensitive skin (and the environment). Check out the 5 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreen for Kids and Babies.

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5. Use Kind Insect Repellent

Yes, mosquitoes are a thing in Fiji and one way to protect your children from itchy bites is with insect repellent that, like the sunscreen, is gentle on their sensitive skin. Check out the 10 Environmentally-Friendly Insect Repellent.

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6. Get a Baby Mosquito Net

On the subject of mosquitoes, a mosquito net for cots and prams/strollers is a great idea to provide your baby with extra protection from pests. While resorts and hotels in Fiji have mosquito nets on beds, they rarely have them on cots.

Check out this Mosquito Net on Amazon.

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7. Pick a Child-Friendly Resort

Kids love Fiji and Fiji loves kids! This is definitely the feeling after spending the week at one of Fiji’s many child-friendly resorts! Not only are there swimming pools, cultural shows, kayaking, snorkelling and more activities for the whole family to enjoy, but the fantastic (and free) kids’ clubs give your children a chance to mingle with kids their own age, learn about Fiji and have a whole lot of fun. Meanwhile, mum and dad can enjoy relaxing on “Fiji time“. Here are our top picks for the best child-friendly resorts in Fiji.


8. Assign Roles

It’s important to assign roles between parents or between the whole family before jetting off to Fiji. Who is going to be in charge of the food? Who is going to choose the activities? Who is going to book the activities? Who is going to handle the airport check-in while the other watches the kids? Communicate these roles early so you avoid hick-ups in Fiji, giving more time for everyone to enjoy themselves. Plus, assigning small roles to the children is a great way to teach responsibility.


9. Get a Few Fun Items to Help Them Make the Most of Their Holiday

We’re thinking: a waterproof kids camera, like this Ourlife Kids Camera, so they can take some holiday snaps without you having to worry about them breaking expensive gear! Or how about an interactive travel journal, which gives activities for kids to do throughout their holiday?!

Check out this Go!: Kids Interactive Travel Diary on Amazon.

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10. Be Toilet-Ready!

Travelling with babies or potty training toddlers can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to pack light! Nappies/diapers are readily available in convenience stores and supermarkets across Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. But if you are travelling to one of the outer islands, it’s best to stock up first! If you’re planning a lot of pool time, make sure you use swim nappies, like these Reusable Swim Diaper Training Pants. [Update: After testing and trialling reusable diapers, we’ve found that finding a suitable place to wash them can be tricky abroad compared to using reusable diapers at home].

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11. Get a Child Locator

While it’s probably not likely that you’ll get separated from your children on holiday, it does happen. A great safety feature to have is some sort of GPS locator, such as this Smart Watch for Kids. Give it to them before the holiday so that they can get used to it. If a watch is not right for your kid, then attach this discreet Tile GPS Tracker to their bag.

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12. Pack Medication and First Aid Kit

Whether you’re travelling alone or with kids it’s best to have a bit of a travel medication kit ready. When buying medication, check the dosage for children and ask a pharmacist if you are unsure of what you can give to your kids. Your medication kit should include a pain and fever reducer, such as ibuprofen and/or acetaminophen, steroid cream for itching, antihistamine for allergic reactions, cough and cold medicine for older children, and a regular first aid kit with plasters/band-aids, antiseptic cream, etc. Check out our recommendations in What to Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji. Remember, if you are bringing any prescription medication, make sure to declare it when you arrive at the airport in Fiji.

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13. Let Them Pack Their Own Day Pack

… But make sure to check. This is another great way to teach responsibility and get your child feeling more involved in the holiday!

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14. Eat Healthy Snacks

Dealing with sugar rush or stomach aches is enough of a worry at home, let alone on holiday! Dried fruit and snack bars are a great way to go for when the little ones are feeling snacky.

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15. Pack Some Games

There’s going to be a few times when keeping the kids entertained becomes more of a challenge: at the airport or on an evening before going out for dinner, for instance. A classic boredom buster is games! There are many great games to play with kids while being super compact to fit in your hand luggage. Some of our favourites are Uno and Connect 4 Grab & Go!

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16. Educate Your Kids About Fiji

While your kids are bound to learn a lot about Fiji from the amazing kids’ clubs, get them excited for their trip away by educating them on Fiji before you go! Use a map and show them where you’re all going to go and tell them some fun facts from our Fun Facts About Fiji for Kids!

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17. Remember Their Insurance Too!

When buying your travel insurance, look for insurance that covers children too! Most travel insurance companies have policies to cover kids for free if travelling with an adult so always inquire.

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18. Get a Travel Pram/Stroller

A must-have for parents travelling with babies is a handy travel-size stroller. There’s no need to pay for extra luggage if you take a stroller, like these travel strollers from Mutsy, which fold up to an incredibly small size and only weighing 9.5kg / 20.9lbs.

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19. Take a Portable Steriliser

Keeping baby bottles clean while travelling is super challenging. Having a small steriliser in your baby bag gives you peace of mind and can be used to sterilise toothbrushes, small toys and cutlery too!

Check out this Portable Steriliser on Amazon.

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20. Request a Bassinet for Your Flight

For those travelling with a baby, make sure you book a bassinet seat! These seats usually have extra space for a provided aeroplane bassinet (otherwise known as a cot, basket or skycot) but they are limited and need to be booked in advance. Once your baby’s had a peaceful sleep on the flight, you’ll be glad you asked!

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21. Stay Hydrated

From the dry airline cabin air to the hot weather in Fiji, staying hydrated is essential to keeping everyone healthy in Fiji. It’s likely that everyone in the family will need to drink a lot more water than what they usually do at home so keep that in mind. The water quality is good in main cities and resorts around Fiji, but always ask if you are unsure. If you are exploring some of the more remote islands, make sure you take bottled water, boil the water before drinking or use a Lifestraw Filter Bottle.

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22. Pick a Meeting Point Everywhere You Go

Every time you go to a new place, agree on a meeting point with the whole family! It’s the classic: “If you get lost come back here, wait for me and I will come to get you!”

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23. Ask for the Kids’ Menu in Restaurants

Almost every time you go out for dinner, your kids will be given a kids menu that is cheaper, has smaller portions and more “Western” food than what’s on the main menu. Where it’s not clear whether there is a kids’ menu, always ask to avoid higher prices and wasted food.

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24. It’s Ok to Breastfeed in Public in Fiji

Breastfeeding in public is acceptable in public, as long as you are reasonably discreet.

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25. Baby Food is Easy to Find in Supermarkets

Don’t worry about stocking up too much on baby food, as international baby food brands can be found in most convenience stores and supermarkets in Fiji. However, you will need to stock up if you are spending time on one of the outer islands.


26. Locals are Super Friendly With Children

Children are adored in the Fijian culture, so don’t be alarmed if the locals touch or pick up your baby without asking first. It’s a common and accepted thing to do here. Some people may even take pictures, but it’s all in good spirit.

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27. Kids Go First!

When boarding a boat, car or bus, let the kid’s go first.

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28. Always Keep Your Options Open

Some kids can get moody when travelling saying “no” much more often. So when offering an activity, have a couple of extra options ready so they run out of “nos” before you run out of options. Better yet, use open-ended questions like: “There is so much to do here, sea, pool, kids club, slide, waterfall, what would you like to do today?”

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29. Get a Local Toy Before Leaving

A fun way to end the trip is by treating your little ones to a local toy to remember the holiday by! Fiji-made toys are easy to find in souvenir stores and stalls and help have a positive impact on the local economy.



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