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The Travel Guide to the Pacific Harbour & Beqa for Families

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Family Guide to the Pacific Harbour, Navua and Beqa

On the southern coast of Viti Levu, wedged between Suva and the Coral Coast, is Fiji’s glorious Pacific Harbour. The polished lawns and cul-de-sac streets look far from anything else you will see in Fiji, but still invokes its own charms, which include family-friendly Fiji vacations and adventure activities! For sure, the Pacific Harbour is the ideal location for the more active family. The Pacific Harbour, including the neighbouring town of Navua and the off-shore island of Beqa, is famous for its adventure offerings, including zipline courses and all sorts of heart-pounding excursions up the Navua River. The Beqa Lagoon, just a short boat ride from the Pacific Harbour, is packed with amazing coral reefs which are sure to astound all members of the family. For families that enjoy their downtime, some Pacific Harbour resorts have swimming pools and kids’ clubs for some all-around R&R in between adventures. So take a look at this Guide to the Pacific Harbour & Beqa for Families to start planning the ultimate family vacation to Fiji!

10 Things to Do on the Pacific Harbour with Kids

  • Snorkel on the Beqa Lagoon
  • Go river tubing on the Navua River
  • Zipline through the jungle and river valley
  • Watch a cultural show at your resort
  • Visit a real Fijian village
  • Check out the Arts Village for cultural theme park
  • Safe swimming is available at Debua Beach and at beach resorts
  • Go kayaking from your resort
  • Let the kids join a resort kids’ club
  • Try white water rafting on the Navua River (eight years+)

For more things to do on the Pacific Harbour, take a look at 12 Sensational Things to Do in the Pacific Harbour & Beqa.


How to Get to the Pacific Harbour and Beqa

The Pacific Harbour is located on the southern coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. The only way to get to the Pacific Harbour is via road, so you have several different road transport options to get to the Pacific Harbour. Beqa Island is about a 45-minute boat journey from the Pacific Harbour.

Travelling to the Pacific Harbour by Bus

One of the cheapest ways to get to the Pacific Harbour is via an express bus, which is around one hour from Suva and three-four hours from Nadi. Bus services go through the Pacific Harbour. Let your driver know which resort you are staying at (if staying along the Queens Road) and you may be able to be dropped off outside of your resort. Check out How to Travel Around Fiji by Bus for more information on taking the bus in Fiji. Note that baby seats will not be available on the bus.

Resort Shuttles to the Pacific Harbour

Many of the resorts and hotels on the Pacific Harbour offer their own shuttle service between Nadi International Airport or Suva Airport for a fee. This is often one of the most convenient ways to get to the Pacific Harbour for families. These need to be pre-booked with your chosen resort. Make sure you book your resort transfer with your resort before you arrive in Fiji, so your driver will be waiting for you at the airport. Expect transfer to be around FJ$200 return for four people. Baby and child seats are usually provided on request at no extra cost.

Travelling to the Pacific Harbour by Taxi

Taxis are a great way to get from A to B quickly, even when travelling a long distance in Fiji. Taxis in Fiji will even go as far as the Pacific Harbour for arrivals at the Nadi International Airport. They are a good option if you have not booked any airport transfers before arriving in Fiji. Make sure you decide on a price before taking a taxi and make sure the taxi is registered (with number plates starting with LT). Generally, you will not get the best price for a Nadi airport transfer with taxis, with trips usually being FJ$150-$200 one way. A taxi from Suva to the Pacific Harbour costs around FJ$40-$60 one way. Note that most taxi drivers will not have baby seats available.

Private Transfers to the Pacific Harbour

Another option to get to your Pacific Harbour accommodation quickly is with a private transfer from Nadi International Airport. Transfer services offer private transfer services where they will be waiting for you are the airport with a sign and take you straight to the door of your Pacific Harbour accommodation. They also give you the opportunity to stop at shops and services along the way. While this transport method might provide the most comfortable way to get to the Pacific Harbour, with modern vehicles with air conditioning, it is not the most economical way for budgeting families. Baby and child seats are usually provided on request at no extra cost. Compare transfer options in Pacific Harbour Transport Guide and 10 Best Airport Transfers in Fiji.

Car Rental

Renting a car is another option to get to the Pacific Harbour. With most activities offering hotel pick-up, we don’t recommend getting a car if you just want to base yourself in the Pacific Harbour for your entire holiday. If you want to travel around the island of Viti Levu, then renting a car from Nadi International Airport would be your best option. Find out more in our The Best Car Rentals in Fiji.

Boat Transfers to Beqa Island

If you are staying on one of the Beqa Island resorts, then you have a couple of options to get to the island from the Pacific Harbour. The most convenient way to get to Beqa Island is through a resort boat transfer. They will meet you at a scheduled time on the Pacific Harbour and take you to your resort in around 45 minutes. Prices for a 4-person family is usually around FJ$200 one way. Alternatively, there is a local boat running from Navua between 12pm-2.30pm Monday-Saturday costing around FJ$40 per person one way.

Find out more about each way to get to and around the Pacific Harbour in our Pacific Harbour Transport Guide.

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Snorkelling For Families

Fiji is renowned for its colourful underwater world of soft coral. The Pacific Harbour has its very own top snorkelling and diving spot known as the Beqa Lagoon.

Snorkelling in the Beqa Lagoon

Snorkelling is the most accessible way for families to see the amazing array of fish at the Beqa Lagoon. Resorts on Beqa Island and the Pacific Harbour can organise guided snorkelling trips, which is the best way to enjoy the warm and clear waters of Fiji in a safe way.

For those families who want to organise their own snorkelling trip, Sea Fiji Reefs operates 2-hour tours with all the snorkelling gear included. They also include refreshments, a guide and boat transport out to the reefs. They have adult and child rates. Find out more about Sea Fiji Reefs on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Scuba Diving in the Beqa Lagoon

For older children, teenagers, mum and dad who want a bit more adventure on their Pacific Harbour holiday, don’t miss scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon. Children are usually required to be eight years old and over to join a guided two-tank dive in the Beqa Lagoon. There is a range of soft coral dives to even shark dives with Aqua Trek (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor). Note that scuba diving can be a little scary for young children who have not done it before, so we recommend snorkelling for newbies!

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Adventure Activities for Families

They don’t call the Pacific Harbour the “Adventure Capital” of Fiji for nothing! What’s more, there are even some adventure activities on the Pacific Harbour that are suitable for the whole family.

Trips on the Navua River

A fun adventure for all the family are excursions up the Navua River. Operators like Discover Fiji Tours can pick up families straight from their accommodation and take them on a stunning journey into the heartland of Viti Levu. Tours include a longboat ride up the Navua River, stopping by a Fijian village for a cultural experience, and swimming at a secluded waterfall spot. A traditional “lovo” lunch is also included. This tour has children’s rates. Find out more about the tour on Viator and Tripadvisor.

White water rafting with Rivers Fiji is also available on the middle and upper Navua River, which is suitable for children aged eight years and above.

Finally, hit the waters of the Navua River via river tube! This is essentially an inflatable rubber ring taking you down the gentle yet fun rapids. You’ll be transported up the Navua River by River Tubing Fiji to some stunning areas of the river gorge before being released down the river on the tube. You and your family will encounter waterfalls, spectacular scenery and a Fijian village. A riverside lunch is also included. Learn more about River Tubing Fiji on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Ziplining in the Pacific Harbour

Another fantastic option for adventure-seeking families is to zipline with Zip Fiji (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor). You’ll soar through the jungle canopy of the Wainadoi River Valley. The ziplines cover 2km / 1.2 miles through a private eco-reserve. It’s fun for all ages, even for as young as five or six years old! Check out the 5 Best Zipline Tours in Fiji for more zipline locations.

Other Adventure Activities From Your Resort

Many of the resorts on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa offer their own adventure activities, some of which may be complimentary. These usually include:

  • Sea kayaking
  • Beach volleyball
  • Snorkelling
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Coral planting.
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Cultural Activities on the Pacific Harbour

The culture of Fiji is a fascinating thing for kids to discover. Captivating shows, Fijian warriors, hands-on Fijian crafting and more is a great way for your kids to learn about the different cultures of the world while having fun. Here are a few ways to experience the culture of the Pacific Harbour with children.

Cultural Activities in Your Resort

Cultural shows known as “Meke” is a popular item on the agenda of many resorts on the Pacific Harbour. At the Nanuku Auberge Resort, kids have the opportunity to join warrior drumming lessons, weaving, experience a kava ceremony and much more in the Lailai Children’s Club. The Uprising Beach Resort has regular meke nights to learn more about the Fijian culture in an entertaining way. Local village tours, firewalking performances, local school visits, coconut husking and much more is available for families to engage with the Fijian culture at the Beqa Lagoon Resort.

Arts Village

Your one-stop-shop for the Fijian culture is at the Arts Village. Although less authentic than a village visit and other cultural experiences in Fiji, the Arts Village presents the Fijian culture in a theme park-style venue. While parents might find it a little cheesy, the kids are sure to find the Arts Village a whole lot of fun!

For more ways to experience the Fijian culture, take a look at the 10 Best Ways to Experience the Fijian Culture.

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