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Travel Vaccination Advice for Fiji Let’s cut straight to the chase. Yes, you do need vaccinations for Fiji. After the COVID-19 pandemic, Fiji now requires that all tourists (except accompanied c
Is the Water Safe to Drink in Fiji? Fiji is a nation with an abundance of water sources, from surface water on the larger islands to groundwater and plenty of rainfall serving the smaller islands. How
Ways to Get Safe Drinking Water in Fiji In Fiji’s tropical climate, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. Fortunately, Fiji is a country with plenty of access to water sources for dri
First Aid Kit and Medication for Fiji Fiji presents very few health issues for travellers. The most common problems are sunburn, heatstroke and mosquito bites. As well as that, accidents can happen. T
Tips for Staying Healthy in Fiji Fiji might not have any major health threats, but exposing yourself to a new environment always presents a few risks. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of
How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Fiji Fiji is an extremely safe holiday destination for families. With no major diseases, dangerous animals or high crime rate, Fiji doesn’t present any major risks.
How to Travel More Sustainably in Fiji: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Trip Fiji is home to some of the most stunning natural underwater landscapes and islands in the world. If you’re not already envi
Are There Mosquitoes in Fiji? Just as much as we love the warm weather in Fiji, the mosquitoes love it too. But despite popular belief, the mosquitoes are not THAT bad in Fiji. You certainly won’
Health and Safety in Fiji Crime is minimal, there are no crocodiles, no malaria and not much to be concerned about a trip to Fiji. However, mosquitos can be a pain and staying in remote areas can incu
The Best Reef Safe Sunscreens It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: sunscreen is an absolute must for Fiji! With high UV levels and long sunny days, you’re going to want to protect
What Sunscreen to Use for Fiji Sunscreen is an essential travel accessory for any type of trip to Fiji. With a tropical climate and UV levels of 4-11, it’s important to protect yourself and your
The Best Environmentally Friendly Insect Repellents An essential to pack in your suitcase to Fiji is insect repellent! Although Fiji is lucky enough to be free of mosquito-spread diseases, that doesn&