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5 Best Off-Road Tours in Fiji

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4WD, ATV and Quad Bike Tours in Fiji

Resorts and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean tend to take all of the limelight in Fiji, but if you have an adventurous streak about you, then you need to break the mould and jump on an off-road tour! From self-drive dune buggies to unique bike-carriage railway contraptions, there are many exciting ways to explore the interior of Fiji. Getting off-road means discovering remote and authentic villages, seeing some of Fiji’s stunning rivers and travelling over mountaintops to reveal commanding views. Whether you prefer a self-drive quad bike or dune buggy adventure, to be driven in an ATV truck by a local guide, or try something as original as an electric bike railway excursion, there’s an off-roading tour to pique most travellers’ interest in Fiji. Check out our top picks in this list of off-road tours in Fiji.

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1. Go Dirty Tours

Whatever the weather, the guys at Go Dirty Tours will show you an epic time on the back roads of Nadi. Offering tours conveniently from the tourist hubs of Nadi and Denarau, Go Dirty Tours mixes self-drive quad biking (ATV) with different styles of adventure. Choose the Mud Soothe tour that gets you extra dirty at the Sebato Mud Pools or combine the experience with visiting Fijian villages on the Cultural Discovery tour. If you have that go-big-or-go-home mantra, then blast over the remote back hills of Nadi, tour a village and school then drive onto your helicopter pick-up point in  The Endgame tour. Check out more things to do in Nadi here.

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2. Off Road Cave Safari

Off-roading in Fiji is about getting to those hard-to-reach places, especially with a 4WD excursion to Naihehe Caves with Off Road Cave Safari. Your local guide will take you in a specially designed 4WD truck from the Coral Coast town of Sigatoka deep into the interior of Viti Levu. Pass villages, cross rivers and admire some stunning inland scenery along the way. Upon reaching the village that protects the cave, a local village priest with offer a traditional sevusevu to the cave which is shrouded in legends of cannibalism, then your exploration of this majestic limestone cave. Check out more things to do on the Coral Coast here.

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3. Coral Coast Adventures

Join Coral Coast Adventures for a three-hour adventure in a self-drive dune buggy tour. Jump in one of the two-seater buggies and hit the dirt tracks of Viti Levu’s interior, winding on the ridges of mountains, through forest and passing villagers living their everyday lives. Take your swimsuit because you’ll also have the chance to swim in one of the most remote swimming holes on Fiji’s main island, complete with a picturesque cascading waterfall.

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4. EcoTrax

An off-roading tour with a difference, EcoTrax takes you on the old sugarcane railway in self-drive custom-made electric bicycle carriages! The easy-going tour that’s ideal for the whole family takes you through varying scenery over rivers, through the mangroves, through rock cuttings, along the open coastline, villages and the “Tunnel of Love”. They’ll be plenty of opportunities to stop for photos on this one-hour tour on the Coral Coast, which ends at the remote and unspoiled Vunabua Beach.

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5. Terratrek

In the adventure capital of Fiji, Terratrek provides one of many exciting ways to experience the Pacific Harbour. The Waterfall Aventure is their most popular tour, a 4-5-hour excursion into the forest-filled interior of Viti Levu to a huge dramatic waterfall with a refreshing swimming hole at the base. You get as much time as you want to relax by the pools and enjoy the included picnic lunch. Alternatively, there’s the Scenic Adventure which is a shorter tour to some epic photo spots. Check out more adventures on the Pacific Harbour here.

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More About Off-Road Tours in Fiji

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