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10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji

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Unusual Activities in Fiji

Forget sunbathing by the pool and sipping on cocktails all day. The 333 islands of Fiji provide more than just your beach getaway. Here, you can venture to cannibal caves, skydive to your island resort, dive with bull sharks (without a cage) and much more! If you’re looking for some unique or unusual ways to enjoy the islands of Fiji, then take a look at the experiences in our list of unique things to do in Fiji!

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1. Lather Yourself in Mud at the Sabeto Hot Pools

One of Fiji’s most unusual attractions is conveniently located in the arrival city of the island, Nadi. At the Sabeto Hot Pools, lather yourself in thick mud and let it dry on your skin. Meanwhile, you’ll get to chat with the locals at the souvenir stalls, perhaps pick up some local food, and get photos taken by the local villagers. Once dry, you’ll hop from hot pool to hot pool, which are fed by a geothermal hot spring, washing the mud and your cares away.

Tours to the Sabeto Hot Pools: Uniquely Fiji Hotel & Transfers (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor), Iconic Tours Fiji (Viator/Tripadvisor), Excite Tours & Travel (Viator/Tripadvisor) and Valentine Tours (Viator/Tripadvisor).

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2. Sailing on a Drua

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then set sail on I Vola Sigavou, the only ship of its kind! Rosie Living offers sailing trips on a replica of Fiji’s traditional battleship, the drua. You’ll join experienced sailors and navigators of the South Pacific who have a wealth of stories to share.

Drua Tours: Rosie Living (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Rosie Living

3. Dive with Sharks Without a Cage

You might have heard of cage diving with sharks, but forget about that in Fiji. Not only can you snorkel with friendly reef sharks, but there are a few scuba diving tours in Fiji getting you close to bull sharks, tiger sharks, tawny nurse sharks, sicklefin lemon sharks and more! Diving with sharks is nothing short of a pure adrenaline experience! Learn more in 5 Best Places to See Sharks in Fiji.

Shark Snorkel & Dive Tours: Aqua Trek (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor), South Sea Cruises (Viator/Tripadvisor), Barefoot Kuata Resort and Beqa Adventures Divers.

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4. Visit a Cannibal Cave

Those staying on Fiji’s Coral Coast have the opportunity to delve into the Naihehe Caves of the Sigatoka Valley with selected tour providers. Once you have permission from the protector of the cave, you can enter to see beautiful limestone formations which were, incidentally, used to perform cannibal practices. See a cannibal oven and learn the stories of the cannibal tribe that once lived here.

Naihehe Cave Tours: Off Road Cave Safari (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) and Excite Tours & Travel (Viator/Tripadvisor).

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Off Road Cave Safari

5. Tube Down the Navua River

Forget white water rafting, boating (although there is a little bit involved in this tour), and traditional means of getting down a river. River Tubing Fiji offers a unique way of experiencing the grand landscapes of the Navua River, by tube! Ride on an inflated inner tube over gentle rapids. The tour also includes a Fijian village visit, transport by longboat, and a riverside lunch. See more tours like this in The Best Places to Do White Water Rafting in Fiji.

Tubing Tours: River Tubing Fiji (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© River Tubing Fiji

6. Swim with Manta Rays

Ok, so there only very few places in the world where you can swim with giant manta rays, but one of them is in Fiji and is often the only chance for many visitors to swim with these majestic creatures. Spanning a length of 5.5-7m, manta rays can be seen gliding through Fijian waters between May and October each year. Some of the best places for manta ray snorkelling are in the Yasawa Islands and Kadavu.

Mataray Tours: Mantaray Island Resort, Barefoot Manta Resort, Navutu Stars ResortOneta Resort and Kokomo Private Island.

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Pxhere.com

7. Experience a Nama Harvest

Each Fijian village has its own unique customs, which you can experience on just about any village tour. One of the most fascinating is in the village of Nama in the Yasawa Islands. Join Pacific Island Air for their “Nama Harvest” experience, where you’ll fly to the island for the day and learn how the local harvest seagrapes for their skin-rejuvenating properties. You’ll get to pick the Nama yourself before seeing its effects in a local Nama massage.

Nama Harvest Tours: Pacific Island Air (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Pacific Island Air

8. Get a Banana Leaf Massage

As one of the top destinations for R&R, Fiji certainly knows how to do spa treatments. Not only can you experience international favourites, from Swedish massages to hot rocks treatments, but most spas in Fiji have unique Pacific Island treatments on the menu. Get wrapped up like a human sushi in a banana leaf wrap treatment, enjoy massages deep in tropical rainforests, coconut scrubs, hot shell treatments and the “Fijian Bobo“.

Banana Leaf Spas: Qamea Resort & Spa, Vomo Island Resort, Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa, Yasawa Island Resort & SpaOutrigger Fiji Beach Resort and more.

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Mark Snyder Tourism Fiji

9. Skydive to Your Island Resort

You might have heard about taking a boat to an island resort, maybe even a helicopter or seaplane, but did you know that you can make your island resort a skydiving dropzone! Land at your resort in style with Skydive Fiji! Not only does the skydiving company offer tandem skydives from various heights, but they also offer a unique “island dropzone” experience. Find out more about this extreme sport in The Best Places to Do Skydiving in Fiji.

Skydive Tours: Skydive Fiji (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor) and Free Fall Fiji

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Skydive Fiji

10. See Fijian Iguanas and Birds

Only in Fiji can you see the wildlife native to Fiji! Think the Fiji banded iguana, Fiji crested iguana, Fiji musk parrot, Fiji woodswallow, Fiji goshawk and much more! While Fijian birds can be seen throughout the islands, one of the best places to see wildlife is at Kula WILD Adventure Park on the Coral Coast, which has birds and reptiles in captivity for conservation work.

Wildlife Tours: Kula WILD Adventure Park (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)

10 Unique Things to Do in Fiji© Pixabay

More Unique Things to Do in Fiji

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