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10 Epic Adventure Activities in Fiji

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Experience Adventure in Fiji

Fiji is not a destination for just staying at your resort. Get out and explore the islands, their waters and even up to 14,000ft in the sky in one of the exciting adventure activities in Fiji. Fiji is an island of a unique Polynesian culture, dramatic inland landscapes and otherworldly underwater seascapes, many of these you can only discover by doing something crazy, potentially getting out of your comfort zone, but feeling all the more epic for it. Here are just a few ways to experience adventure in Fiji…

1. Scuba Diving Some of the South Pacific’s Most Stunning Reefs

The only way to start this list of epic adventure activities in Fiji is with scuba diving. Fiji is a top South Pacific destination for its incredible dive sites combined with vividly clear waters which hang around the 30m (100ft) mark for much of the time. Two of the world’s largest barrier reefs can be found here, the Great Astrolabe Reef and Beqa Lagoon, while other reefs are on the top of the list for divers in the know include Rainbow Reef and the Namena Marine Reserve. As there’s so much to unpack when it comes to scuba in Fiji, check out the complete guide in The Guide to Scuba Diving in Fiji.

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2. Ziplining Through Tropical Forest

Although the ocean seems to take most of the limelight in Fiji, some inland adventures are not to be missed! One of the most adventurous and fun ways to see Fiji’s verdant rainforests and island lookouts is while zipping through the trees on a ziplining tour. Zipline courses can be found in Nadi and the Pacific Harbour, where some can be combined with abseiling or visiting picturesque swimming holes. Check out the 5 Best Zipline Tours in Fiji for tours to check out.

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3. Off-Roading into the Interior of the Islands

Authentic Fijian villages, remote waterfalls, historic cannibal caves and commanding island views from hilltops: this is what typically features in an off-roading tour in Fiji. Whether you want to do a self-drive quad bike or dune buggy excursion, let your expert guide do the driving, or try something unique like an electric bicycle railway ride, there’s an off-road tour to suit most travellers. Check out the 5 Best Off-Road Tours in Fiji for suggestions.

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4. White Water Rafting on the Navua River

White water rafting trips in Fiji are here to show you that Fiji is not just about the sand, sea and cocktails. There’s a whole other side to Fiji which can be discovered on the Navua River on the Pacific Harbour. Two operators are offering white water rafting trips on the Navua River, with grade 1-2 rafting on the lower river or grade 2-3 on the upper river. Each provides an insight into the remote inland villages of Fiji, as well as the dramatic river gorge landscapes of this less-visited side of the island. Learn more in The Guide to White Water Rafting in Fiji and the 10 Best Adventure Activities on the Pacific Harbour.

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5. Jet Skiing on an Island-Hopping Safari

If you were ever looking for a place to try out blasting along turquoise tropical waters, then Fiji would be the place to do it. There are several jet ski safaris available from the main island, as well as the Mamanuca Islands. After some instruction from your guide, you’ll head out on a self-drive excursion to one of the outer islands, sometimes stopping for snorkelling along the way. Learn more about this adventure watersport in the 5 Best Jet Ski Tours in Fiji.

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6. Jet Boating Fiji’s Rivers and Harbours

A popular adventure activity from New Zealand, jet boating has made its way to Fiji to provide another way to explore Fiji’s rugged rivers or even go for a spin in the Denarau Harbour. There are jet boat tours on the Sigatoka River (Coral Coast) and the Navua River (Pacific Harbour) taking you to traditional villages for a cultural experience, stopping by waterfalls for a swim, and enjoying a Fijian lunch along the way. Alternatively, there are jet boat tours blasting between Denarau and the Mananucas, whether it’s for a quick ride complete with 360-spins or to one of the resorts for lunch. Check out The Guide to Jet Boat Tours in Fiji for more information.

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7. Surfing Advanced Reef Breaks

Looking for your next surf challenge? Intermediate to advanced surfers will find some epic surf breaks in Fiji, with many established breaks found across the archipelago. The most popular surfing destination is the Mamanuca Islands, where you’ll find dedicated surf resorts to take you straight to the best waves. Those looking to get more off the beaten track can head to the Pacific Harbour, Taveuni and Kadavu which offer uncrowded breaks all year round. Learn more in The Complete Guide to Surfing in Fiji.

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8. Skydiving from 14,000ft

For a real adrenaline rush, join one of the two Nadi/Denarau skydiving operators for a jump to remember. Freefall for up to 70 seconds on jumps from 10,000 to 14,000ft. Reaching speeds of 200km/h, skydiving is an unreal experience, which combined with views of an island archipelago sprawling beneath you makes for an epic addition to your Fiji getaway. Learn more about trying this extreme sport for yourself in The Guide to Skydiving in Fiji.

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9. Diving with Sharks

Amp up the scuba experience by skydiving with some of the ocean’s most majestic predators. Diving with bull sharks, tiger sharks and the other occasional species is available at the Shark Reef Reserve off the Pacific Harbour, as well as from Kuata Island in the Yasawa Islands. If you’re not ready to go deep with the big sharks, then snorkelling with reef sharks is also a heart-pumping yet amazing experience. Learn more in 5 Best Places to See Sharks in Fiji.

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10. Tubing on the Navua River

Finally, we couldn’t let you leave without sharing this one last crazy way to experience Fiji’s rivers. River tubing is essentially rafting in an inflatable ring to ride the gentle river rapids. It’s a unique way to experience Fiji’s freshwater, especially if you’re travelling with kids. There’s only one tour like this in Fiji, which is with River Tubing Fiji. The tour takes you by boat up the Navua River, passing breathtaking scenery before stopping at a Fijian village. You’ll stop by a waterfall for a refreshing swim before returning down the river on your inflatable tube. Find out more about River Tubing Fiji on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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More About Adventure Activities in Fiji

That’s it for the best adventure activities in Fiji. Discover more amazing experiences in the 101 Things to Do in Fiji. Plus, get even more tips from The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji.


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