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What Do You Need to Do to Get Married in Fiji? Eloping in a tropical paradise is the dream of many couples, but if you’re brave enough to take the leap together, then you’ll find that it’
Suitcase Vs. Backpack for Fiji It’s the ultimate showdown in travel: suitcase vs. backpack. Everyone has a preference, but which one is best for Fiji? The short answer is that it depends on what
Everything you Need to Know About the Fiji Time Zone If you’re in Fiji and you don’t know what time it is, and you’ve somehow missed the first result in Google that gives you the tim
When is the Best Time to Get Married in Fiji? A savvy wedding planner knows that timing is everything. For a wedding in Fiji, couples need to consider what is the best time of year for their desired w
What is the Electricity in Fiji? Travelling to any new destination brings up the same questions. Some included in the list are: Will my electrical devices work? Can I charge my phone in Fiji? Can I co
Which Phone Operator to Choose in Fiji? Replace expensive roaming bills with a local SIM Card in Fiji! Let’s be honest, we need to spend some time on our phones, even when we’re on “Fiji
Which Fiji Phone Network to Choose Heading to Fiji for a trip of a lifetime or a business venture? You can save a whole lot of money by swapping your home phone network’s roaming plan for a Fiji
How to Connect to the Internet in Fiji If you’re visiting Fiji on a relaxing getaway, then we’d invite you to check out all of the amazing places you can go to in Fiji, rather than worrying ab
Which Fiji Travel Adapter to Use? It’s a packing necessity: the travel adapter for Fiji. With the number of pictures you’re going to be taking in Fiji (it’s too beautiful not to) and
Handy Travel Gadgets for Fiji Travelling to Fiji, or any of the South Pacific Islands, just got a lot easier (and a lot more fun) thanks to these handy gadgets to pack for Fiji! Sure, most gadgets you
What are the Best Islands in Fiji? We get it: after discovering there are around 330 islands in Fiji, you probably had a panic about which one to choose. 330 islands is a whole lot of islands! How are
Should You Stay on the Main Island or Explore the Outer Islands of Fiji? That’s the big question, isn’t it? Is it worth travelling to the outer islands of Fiji or should you just stay on t
What Clothing to Pack for a Holiday to Fiji Ah, packing… Whether you hate it or enjoy it, packing right for a holiday to Fiji is essential. You don’t want to forget anything crucial or end up
Stay Connected in Fiji Will you be able to do your work in Fiji or, most importantly, will you be able to brag about your Fiji getaway on Facebook?! Staying connected in Fiji really depends on where y