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How to Get Internet in Fiji

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How to Connect to the Internet in Fiji

If you’re visiting Fiji on a relaxing getaway, then we’d invite you to check out all of the amazing places you can go to in Fiji, rather than worrying about connecting to the internet. Fiji, if anything, is a place to disconnect from the world and unwind in paradise. However, if you’re travelling to Fiji for work (lucky you!) or simply need the Internet to survive, then this guide will show you how to get internet in Fiji.

8 Tips for Using the Internet in Fiji

  • Check if your hotel or resort offers free WiFi. Most of the time it’s available in the lobby, restaurant or pool area
  • Don’t expect a connection in budget resorts or guesthouses though…
  • Internet cafes and libraries might be pretty old school but they offer reliable Internet access for an affordable price
  • Buy a local MiFi (portable modem) to access the internet wherever you can get a phone signal
  • Pick up a local SIM card and check out their data bundle deals – see What is the Best SIM Card for Fiji
  • Free WiFi in cafes isn’t super common, but not unheard of. Check out the list in the section below for the cafes with WiFi that we know about
  • Nadi International Airport is about the only airport in Fiji offering public WiFi access
  • And the final and most important tip: don’t worry about connecting to the Internet! Just relax, you’re on “Fiji time” now.
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Where to Find Free WiFi in Fiji

WiFi isn’t exactly an essential commodity in Fiji, so don’t expect free WiFi around every corner. Free WiFi hotspots are limited to Fiji’s most populated areas, and even then, only a select few places.

Free WiFi in Hotels and Resorts

Some of Fiji’s mid-range to upmarket resorts offer free WiFi, usually limited to communal areas like the resort’s restaurant or pool area. Some hotels and resorts that offer free WiFi are:

Free WiFi in Cafes

Buy a coffee or a treat from one of these places and you’ll get access to free WiFi. Note that all of the cafes mentioned below offer free WiFi but it might be limited.

  • Corner Cafe, Nadi
  • Bulaccino Cafe, Nadi
  • Bulaccino Cafe, Denarau Island
  • Daikoku, Nadi
  • Bounty Restaurant & Bar, Nadi
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Denarau Island
  • Blue Ginger Cafe, Lautoka
  • Chilli Tree Cafe, Lautoka
  • Skinny Bean Cafe, Pacific Harbour

Free WiFi at Nadi International Airport

Free WiFi is available at Nadi International Airport throughout the whole terminal for the first 30 minutes.

Free WiFi with a Digicel Fiji Travellers SIM Card

That’s right, you can get 1.5Gb free data with a Digicel Fiji Tourist SIM card for the first 48 hours of your SIM card being activated.

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Where to Find Paid WiFi in Fiji

Internet access is a little easier to come by if you are willing to pay for it. That way, you’ll get the luxury of using more data and being able to browse for longer.

Paid WiFi in Hotels and Resorts

If hotels and resorts don’t offer free WiFi, chances are that they will offer WiFi for a fee. In-room WiFi almost always needs to be paid for, usually working out to be around FJ$10 an hour.

Paid WiFi in Internet Cafes

Yes, internet cafes are still a thing in Fiji! They are found in major cities, such as Nadi, Lautoka and Suva, offering computers, as well as access to WiFi. All you need to do is pay to use the internet per hour. Prices range from FJ$3 to FJ$8/hour.

Paid WiFi in Libraries

Fiji’s libraries work in a similar way to Internet cafes where you’ll need to pay for use of a computer or WiFi access per 30 minutes or an hour. Typical library WiFi access prices are FJ$2-FJ$4 per hour.

Paid WiFi at Nadi International Airport

As mentioned in the section above, the first 30 minutes of WiFi is free at Nadi International Airport, while you will have to pay around FJ$5 for every extra 30 minutes or 200MB, whichever comes first. Day passes to the WiFi are also available for around FJ$20-$30.

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Using Local Modems and Phone Networks

One of the more reliable and convenient solutions to having access to the Internet in Fiji is having a local modem or being connected to one of the local phone networks. Therefore, wherever you get coverage in Fiji, you will be able to access the internet. The local networks in Fiji include Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji.

Local Modems

Local modems, in the form of free-standing models and small portable “MiFis”, are available to purchase from Unwired Fiji (available at Digicel stores), Connect (with Telecom Fiji) and Vodafone Fiji. They connect to the Digicel and Vodafone networks to up to 4G speeds. Typical data plans range from 150GB/30 days at around FJ$30-$50 to 320GB/30 days for around FJ$100.

Local Phone Networks

Easily access the Internet through your phone using mobile data and connect devices to your smartphone using its WiFi tethering hotspot feature. Vodafone and Digicel both offer free tourist SIM cards where you can purchase data bundles. Compare data bundles and flat rates between Fiji phone networks in What are the Fiji Phone Networks?


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