Learn About Fiji With Some Fun Facts

Every parent wants to make sure the whole family gets the most out of a trip abroad. Fiji is a fascinating country with a captivating culture, breathtaking landscapes and wildlife that kids love. Get your children excited for their family holiday to Fiji by sharing some interesting, random and even funny facts about Fiji with them! We’ve compiled as many facts as possible in this list of fun facts about Fiji for kids!

Top Things to Do in Fiji with Kids

Before we dive into the fun facts, here are a few activities in Fiji you might want to consider doing as a family!

Fun Facts About the Islands

Fun Facts About Fiji for Kids

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Learn something new, interesting and perhaps a little random in this list of fun facts about the islands of Fiji – ideal for sharing with kids!

Fun Facts About Fiji

  • Fiji has 333 islands
  • Only 110 islands have people living on them
  • The International Dateline passes through the island of Taveuni. There’s a place there where you can stand in today and tomorrow at the same time!
  • The TV show, Survivor, is filmed in Fiji
  • Most airports on the islands have grass runways – only four out of the 28 runways are paved!
  • The capital of Fiji is Suva and it’s on the island of Viti Levu

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Fun Facts About the Fijian Language

Fun Facts About Fiji for Kids

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The different languages heard when visiting a new exotic place always sticks with adults and little ones alike. Here are some interesting facts about the Fiji language.

Fun Facts About the Languages in Fiji

  • “Bula” is the most-used word in Fiji! It means “hello”, “cheers” and “life”
  • Fijians speak “Bauan Fijian” and English
  • People living on the island of Rotuma speak their own language, the Rotuman language
  • Fiji-Hindi is the language spoken by the Indo-Fijians
  • X is a letter in the alphabet not used in the Fijian language

Learn more about the Fijian language in Guide to the Fijian Language.

Fun Facts About the Fijian Culture

Fun Facts About Fiji for Kids

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Visitors to Fiji will see that the culture is vibrant, welcoming and full of interesting quirks. Here are some of the fun things to know about the Fijian culture.

Fun Facts About the Culture in Fiji

  • The most popular sport in Fiji is rugby
  • If you touch a Fijian’s head, it means that you are declaring war (or at least, it used to be)
  • On New Year’s Eve, Fijian women play veicaqemoli or “kick the orange” where the winning team must gift new clothes to the losers – it’s definitely one game you will want to lose at
  • Fijians used to be cannibals a long time ago
  • You can still buy “cannibal forks” in souvenir stores
  • There is a Fijian myth that coconuts have eyes and wait for certain people to fall on. If a coconut falls on you, you will have bad luck for several days
  • The most precious gift given to a Fijian is the tooth of a sperm whale
  • Fijian girls learn how to weave mats and baskets, make pottery and cloth made from tree bark
  • Fijian boys learn how to carve bowls for a Fijian drink called “Kava”, as well as war clubs and spears

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Fun Facts About Fiji Wildlife

Fun Facts About Fiji for Kids

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Fiji is also home to an abundance of interesting wildlife, from a small selection of land animals, a good selection of birds, and countless marine creatures! Check out some fun facts about them in the list below!

Fun Facts About the Wildlife in Fiji

  • There are six species of bat, including the “monkey-faced bat”
  • There are over 1,200 species of reef fish in Fiji’s coral reefs
  • If the Rotuma Forest Gecko loses its tail, it can regrow it
  • The Giant Fijian Longhorn Beetle is the world’s second-largest beetle
  • In Fiji, you can swim with sharks (don’t worry, they’re friendly)
  • There is one venomous snake in Fiji, the sea snake, however, they cannot break through human skin to bite you even if they were interested
  • There are five species of sea turtles in Fiji. Some lay eggs on the beaches from November to March.

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