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The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa

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The Best Places to Eat on the Pacific Harbour

A trip to the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island isn’t just about doing adventure activities or lazying in a hammock. A culinary journey awaits in the restaurants on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island! Many cuisines are represented on this cool little corner of Fiji, from Indo-Fijian delights to New Orleans-style bars. Of course, with fresh seafood coming straight from the Beqa Lagoon, there’s plenty of opportunities to sink your teeth into Fijian-influenced dishes. We’ll guide you through some of the culinary highlights in this guide to the best cafes and restaurants on the Pacific Harbour.

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5 Tips for Eating Out on the Pacific Harbour

  • Some of the best-value food is found within the town of the Pacific Harbour and Navua. So get outside of your resort to save a few cents on food
  • Indian food can be pretty spicy in Fiji so be careful about what you order if you are not used to it!
  • Staying on one of the outer islands, food is usually included in the room rates
  • In comparison to other tourist hubs in Fiji, the vegetarian offering is limited on most restaurant menus
  • The drinking age is 18 years old in Fiji.
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Fijian Restaurants on the Pacific Harbour & Beqa

Educate your palette and try the local cuisine of Fiji in one of these fabulous restaurants on the Pacific Harbour and Beqa Island serving Fijian food.

The Arts Village is a great place to start when seeking Fijian food on Pacific Harbour. Stop by restaurants like the Oasis Cafe for their local seafood (served un-filleted the local way) and Fijian appetisers like Kokoda – fish marinated in coconut milk.

Open to casual diners, Seduce at The Pearl Resort is a fine dining restaurant (so don’t show up in your flip-flops) serving Fijian-influenced cuisine with fresh local ingredients.

Another one to get dressed up for or to save for a special occasion is at Nanuku Auberge Resort‘s signature restaurant, Kanavata Restaurant and Lounge. The restaurant’s ever-changing menus showcase fresh seafood caught from the local Beqa Lagoon. The food is served in both local and international ways.

If you’re looking to stay at an off-shore island resort with authentic Fijian food, try the Kulu Bay Resort on Beqa Island. They keep things local on their everyday menu with Fijian and Indo-Fijian dishes such as Kokoda, cabbage lolo (coconut) soup, fish tacos with roti, curry and roti, local fish in lolo sauce and more! A real treat is their “lovo” nights where food is cooked traditionally in an underground earth oven. For more resorts offering lovo nights, see our 10 Things to Do on the Pacific Harbour for Foodies.

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Asian Restaurants on the Pacific Harbour

Asian food is kind of a big deal here in Fiji! You’ll find super flavoursome curries, delightful Chinese dumplings, comforting chopsueys and Indo-Fijian specialities right here on the Pacific Harbour. What’s more, it’s some of the most affordable meals you can get in the area.

Ah, Fiji, how we love you for your incredibly affordable curry houses! Rik’s Harbour Curry House (Queens Road near The Pearl Resort) serves up a wide range of Asian dishes, from lamb, fish and chicken curries to chopsuey, fried rice and stir-fry. It’s some of the best-value food you can find on the Pacific Harbour along with the Top Cheap Eats on the Pacific Harbour.

For more Indo-Fijian delights, head to the Kumaran Restaurant (Lot 9 Pacific Harbour along the Queens Road) serving up excellent Indian curries, roti parcels, banana fritters and more! Roti is a staple food in Fiji – find out more about it in our 10 Unique Foods in Fiji You Have to Try.

Dine by a picturesque pond or get food delivered straight to your resort with Mama’s Dumpling Cafe (Hibiscus Drive). The Chinese restaurant might have a limited menu but who can complain when most of the food is under FJ$10? Choose between beef/chicken dumplings, chicken chow mein, Chinese beef pies, stir fry chicken with rice, soup and more!

There’s a little bit of everything at The Water’s Edge Restaurant (Arts Village) with Chinese meals, Indian curries and Western burgers, pizzas and fish and chips coming with all the fixings! Sit at the restaurant’s deck overlooking a lilypad pond.

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Western Restaurants on the Pacific Harbour

It’s never too hard to find burgers and pizzas in Fiji – almost every resort will offer these crowd-pleasers on the menu. But if you’re staying or passing through the Pacific Harbour with a burger craving, here’s where to tame it.

Get your burger fix at Beach Bum Burgers (Beach Road) serving up an array of large gourmet burgers, from classics like bacon and cheeseburgers to island-style burgers with pineapple, all served with fries and a small salad.

Journey to a different country each night at The Establishment (Hibiscus Drive). The restaurant and bar has themed nights each night, such as buy-one-get-one-free pizzas every Friday, Mexican meals for “Taco Tuesday”, barbecue buffet nights on a Sunday, and the list goes on.

For lunch, stop by the Skinny Bean Cafe (Arts Village) for cabinet food, such as wraps, sandwiches, pies and large slabs of cake! Additionally, the cafe serves up scrumptious burgers, pizzas and steak sandwiches. Of course, their shakes and coffees are a must-try too!

A popular stop of the Queens Road for locals is Kevis Fish On Chips (Lot 1 Waidradra Highway)! This fish and chips restaurant serves up fresh and affordable battered fish and fries. Great for a quick dinner on the cheap under and attraction open-air bure.

Steaks, ribs, salads, chicken crispers, burgers, prawn skewers, fish and chips… You have everything you need for an American-meets-South Pacific feast at the Baka Blues Cafe (Arts Village). Enjoy the New Orleans-inspired decor on the inside and relaxing lilypond views on the outside dining area.

For more great eateries, head down the coast to the Coral Coast or to the capital city, Suva! Get more recommendations in our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on the Coral Coast and our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Suva.


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