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The Top Cheap Eats on the Suncoast

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Where to Find Cheap Food in Lautoka, Ba, Rakiraki and the Suncoast

A road trip up the Kings Road of Fiji can also be an affordable culinary journey thanks to the array of cheap restaurants on the Suncoast. As you discover Indo-Fijian sugar cane towns, towns surrounded by Fijian villages, and towns bustling with expats, you can be sure to find a wide range of international flavours. What’s more, you can eat like a king for well under FJ$20! Check out some of our recommendations in this guide to the cheap eats on the Suncoast.

Note that all prices are approximate and in Fijian dollars. For more budget tips, see The Guide to the Suncoast on a Budget.

6 Tips for Eating Out on the Suncoast

  • While the restaurant prices at the Suncoast resorts are often cheaper than others in Fiji, you’ll still save plenty by eating at restaurants in the towns
  • Consider an early dinner, as the resort lunch menus are much cheaper than the dinner menus
  • Picking something off the vegetarian menu is a sure-fire way to save money
  • Many of the budget resorts and holiday homes have self-catering facilities. Make some of your own meals to save! Check out local supermarkets along the Suncoast here.
  • Homestays are another great way to cut the cost of food. The usual rate for nightly meals at a Suncoast homestay is around FJ$15
  • Check out the local markets in Rakiraki and Lautoka for cheap vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.

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Cheap Eats on the Suncoast – $10 and Under

You won’t need to pack too many snacks for a road trip along the Kings Road. The towns along the way are brimming with affordable restaurants, whether you’re looking for an Indian lunch or a toastie at a cafe. Note that while we usually list the street names for you to find your cheap eats quickly, however, some towns like Ba and Rakiraki have streets with no name, but you’ll be able to find the restaurants quickly by walking around the towns’ centre.

Cheap Restaurants in Ba

If you ever need a cake, Ba is the place to go to where it seems that all their restaurants specialise in cake decorating. Additionally, the town has some excellent curry houses and pizza bars, such as Indiques Restaurant (Ba Town) serving vegetarian Indian meals for FJ$5-$9, as well as Indian Thalis for around FJ$9-$15.

Mummums Eats and Treats (7km inland from Ba on the road next to the Bridgetown Service Station) also does Thali takeaway packs for around FJ$5-$6. Being away from the hustle and bustle is just an added bonus.

Cheap Restaurants in Lautoka

You’ll find similar restaurant options in Lautoka, such as Kruepa Vegetarian Restaurant (Vidilo Street) serving FJ$10 Thalis.

You’re more likely to find a few other styles of food in Lautoka, such as Western food at the Blue Ginger Cafe (Elizabeth Square), often having good value lunch deals, such as quesadillas, toasties and pasta, plus a drink for around FJ$10. There’s also the seafood Chinese restaurant Nan Yang (Naviti Street) with classic Chinese lunch dishes like chop suey for around FJ$9. Finally in Lautoka, if barbecue chicken is what you crave then there’s a restaurant just for that at BBQ Chicken Lautoka (Vitogo Parade). Their fried rice dishes and barbecue chicken dishes are mostly under the FJ$10 mark.

Cheap Restaurants in Tavua

The little town of Tavua also makes a good pitstop for cheap eats while travelling on the Kings Road. Tandoori Fried Chicken (Leka Street) is a pretty standard “chicken & chips” store serving combo meals like burger, chips and a soft drink for around FJ$7. You’ll also be able to pick up some tasty cabinet food for lunch at the modern Restaurant Bakery and Coffee Shop (Kings Road).

Cheap Restaurants in Rakiraki

In Rakiraki, you have a few cheap cafe options, as well as Sue’s Restaurant (Rakiraki) serving up extremely affordable Chinese dishes for under FJ$10. We recommend the chicken long soup!

Combine these lunch stops with our Fiji Itinerary: 14 Days on a Budget.

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Cheap Eats on the Suncoast – $11-$20

If you’re willing to pay a little more, which let’s be honest, FJ$20 is certainly affordable, then you can treat yourself at some of these cheap restaurants found along the Kings Road on the Suncoast.

Cheap Restaurants on the Suncoast

As mentioned, pizza is also on the menu of most Indian restaurants in Ba. At restaurants such as Indiques Restaurant (Ba Town) and Bombay Cakes & Pizza (Main Street) expect to pay around FJ$20 for a medium (12″) pizza.

For filling breakfasts to see you through to (or well past) lunch, eat from the breakfast menu at The Chilli Tree Cafe (Tukani Street, Lautoka). Serving coffees for around FJ$3 and hearty cooked breakfasts for around FJ$15-$20, you can hardly go wrong.

When travelling between Lautoka and Ba, stop by Mikes Fish & Chips (Kings Road, Natawarau) serving up affordable fish, chips and pizzas with stunning coastal views.

In Tavua, stop by Happy House Restaurant (Kings Road) to sample their menu of European, Chinese, Indian and Fijian cuisine with plenty for under FJ$20.

For more food-related information, check out our Foodie Guide to the Suncoast.


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