Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu© Unsplash
Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu

Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu

© Unsplash

What Services are Available in Savusavu and Labasa?

Fiji’s second-largest island might feel like a world away from the conveniences of Viti Levu, but Vanua Levu offers plenty of shops and services of its own. The two main towns on the island are Labasa and Savusavu, where you’ll incidentally find most of the information, shops and services on Vanua Levu. Check out the guide below for information on supermarkets, post offices, internet access, medical centres and more.

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Useful Services for Tourists

Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu© Unsplash

Food and Groceries

Self-catering is relatively easy to do in Vanua Levu as long as you are staying in or near the towns of Savusavu and Labasa. Some villages in the more remote parts of the island have small general stores where you can get the basics.

Supermarkets in Savusavu, Labasa and Vanua Levu

From large supermarkets in Savusavu and Labasa to small grocery stores in villages, it’s not too hard to find groceries on Vanua Levu. Some of your options include:

  • MH Supermarket, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • Max Val-u Supermarket, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • New World, Hugh Street, Savusavu
  • Eagle Mart, Hibiscus Highway, Savusavu
  • Ram Jattan Supermarket, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • MH Supermarket, Rosawa Street, Labasa
  • RB Patel Supermarket, Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • Shop N Save, Jaduram Street, Labasa
  • Countdown, Jaduram Street, Labasa
  • Nacula Supermarket, Nakoroutari Road, Labasa
  • Subhan Khan & Sons, Cross Island Road, Tabia
  • Wainiura Supermarket, Dogotuki Road, Wainiura
  • Ram Jattan Supermarket, Cross Island Road, Seaqaqa
  • Ping Store, Nabouwalu Road, Lekutu.

Learn more about grocery shopping in the Guide to Food Shopping in Fiji.

Markets in Savusavu and Labasa

For fresh fruit and vegetables and an authentic Fijian and Indo-Fijian experience, head to the local markets. Both the Sausavu Market and Labasa Market are located near their main bus stations. Note that markets are closed on Sundays.

Restaurants on Vanua Levu

While resorts offer dining options to guests, the best restaurants and cafes for casual diners are listed in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on Vanua Levu and The Top Cheap Eats in Vanua Levu.

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Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

While light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries are often sold in supermarkets on Vanua Levu, other medications and speciality health products must be purchased from pharmacies or prescribed from a medical centre or hospital.

Pharmacies in Savusavu and Labasa

Vanua Levu’s two main towns have pharmacies, including the following:

  • Savusavu Pharmacy, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • Northern Drug Store, Nasekula Road, Labasa.

Medical Centres in Savusavu and Labasa

For a doctor’s consultation, medical centres are available in Savusavu and Labasa. There are nursing stations and small community health centres in Vanua Levu’s smaller villages providing limited services. If you need medical advice, it’s best to choose one of the following:

  • Savusavu Medical Centre, Nakama, Savusavu
  • Prakash Medical & Wellness Clinic, Sangam Avenue, Labasa.

Hospitals in Savusavu and Labasa

For more serious medical conditions, hospitals can be found in Labasa and Savusavu. The main hospital on the island is Labasa Hospital, located on Labasa Hospital Road, and is certainly the best equipped. Savusavu Hospital is a small hospital along the Cross Island Road in the northern outskirts of Savusavu. They have very limited resources and doctors.

Information, Shops & Services on Vanua Levu©

Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

Vanua’s main towns are well-equipped with services concerning communication, banks and fuel. Get anything you might need in Labasa and Savusavu before heading to more remote areas of Vanua Levu.

Fuel Stations in Savusavu, Labasa and Seaqaqa

Fuel up in Savusavu or Labasa before hitting the Cross Island Road or Hibiscus Highway. There’s a small gas station also in Seaqaqa.

  • Pacific Energy, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • Mobil Service Station, Hibiscus Highway, Savusavu
  • TotalEnergies Savusavu Service Station, Cross Island Road, Savusavu
  • Pacific Energy, Gibson Street, Labasa
  • Mobil Service Station, Corner of Nasekula Road and  Nakoroutari Road, Labasa
  • TotalEnergies Nasekula Service Station, Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • Mobil On the Go, Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • Natua Gas Station, Cross Island Road, Seaqaqa.

Post Offices in Vanua Levu

For postal services, money transfers, printing services or even to buy collectable stamps, head to one of the post offices in Vanua Levu’s main towns or villages:

  • Savusavu Post Office, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • Labasa Post Office, 8 Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • Seaqaqa Post Office, Cross Island Road, Seaqaqa
  • Namalata Post Office, Namalata
  • Daria Post Office, Daria, Wainunu
  • Nabouwalu Post Office, Nabouwalu Road, Nabouwalu.

Phone, WiFi and Internet

Phone service is available in many areas of Vanua Levu. Find out more in the What are the Fiji Phone Networks? There is a Digicel and Vodafone store in Labasa town centre on Nasekula Road.

For accessing the internet, seek out internet cafes, such as:

  • Skynet, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu (behind Hot Bread Kitchen)
  • Cybercity Internet Cafe & Computer Services, 3. RB Patel Building, Labasa.

Alternatively, many accommodations in Vanua Levu offer WiFi access to guests, usually for a fee. Such accommodations include Hidden Paradise Guest House, The Remote Resort and Daku Resort.

Banks in Savusavu and Labasa

It’s easy to get cash out and use bank services in Savusavu and Labasa, including at the following banks:

  • BSP Bank, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • Westpac, Lesiaceva Road, Savusavu
  • ANZ Bank, Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • HFC Bank, Nasekula Road, Labasa
  • BSP Bank, Nasekula Road, Labasa.


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