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© Chris McLennan - Tourism Fiji

Is it Worth Buying a Resort Meal Plan in Fiji?

© Chris McLennan – Tourism Fiji

Should You Purchase a Meal Plan in Fiji?

Resorts all over the world offer meal plans to guests, many making you feel tied into eating exclusively at the resort only to realise there are other options when it’s too late… But is it the same in Fiji? Well, in some resorts where meal plans are offered, that’s your only option for food as some resorts being very remote. However, there are some resorts that offer meal plans, as well as a la carte menus and/or have proximity to other dining options which might be more suitable than committing yourself and your budget to a meal plan. We go into further detail in this guide to resort meal plans in Fiji.

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What is a Resort Meal Plan?

A resort meal plan is pre-paying for your meals. Resorts that offer meal plans will usually have either half-board or full-board meal plans or only offer the latter. Full-board meal plans usually include breakfast, lunch and dinner, while half-board meal plans are usually just breakfast and dinner. Alcohol and soft drinks are not typically included in meal plans in Fiji. Some resorts have compulsory meal plans.

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When to Choose a Meal Plan in Fiji

Meal plans in Fiji are a good idea to purchase in any one of the following scenarios:

  • The meal plan is compulsory to purchase
  • You would rather prepay for meals
  • You’re a big eater.

Resorts with Compulsory Meal Plans

Some of Fiji’s remote island resorts have meal plans that are compulsory to purchase but are not included in the nightly rate. These resorts typically have a limited a la carte menu and/or buffets which occur at set times of the day. Some of the resorts with compulsory meal plans include:

These resorts usually have snack menus should you want to eat in between meals. Snacks are an additional fee that will typically be charged to your room.

The Price of Meal Plans in Fiji

Each resort has its own prices for meal plans, but a ballpark figure for an optional half-board meal plan is FJ$99-$125 per adult and around FJ$30 per child per day. For full-board, expect to pay FJ$120-$185 per adult and FJ$40-$70 per child per day.

Compulsory meal plans tend to be a little cheaper than optional meal plans, range from FJ$90 to $130 per day, which includes three meals a day.

Full-board or Half-board?

The best choice between full-board and half-board depends on how much of an eater you are. Half-board typically includes a buffet breakfast and a three-course dinner. Some of us can fill up with a big enough breakfast from the breakfast buffet to see us through until dinner. Otherwise, snacks are available to purchase as a back-up.

Full-board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The larger resorts with several dining options will usually split each meal of the dinner plan into something similar to the following:

  • Breakfast: buffet breakfast or one dish from the a la carte menu
  • Lunch: one/two dishes from an a la carte menu
  • Dinner: buffet dinner or two/three dishes from an a la carte menu.

If you think an optional meal plan is a good idea for your Fiji holiday, take a look a the 10 Best Fiji Resorts with Meal Plans.

Kids Eat for Free Specials

Some of Fiji’s family resorts offer specials where kids eat for free. This typically means children aged two to 12 years old who are dining with a paying adult. It also usually means the child has to eat off a selected menu, like the kid’s menu or the designated children’s buffet. Breakfast will also be included, typically from a breakfast buffet.

For some examples of resorts offering “kids eat free” specials, see the 10 Resorts in Fiji Where Kids Eat for Free.

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When Not to Choose a Meal Plan in Fiji

If a meal plan is not compulsory or if you are staying on an island where you have other dining options available to you, you might want to reconsider buying a resort meal plan in order to save your budget (and your stomach).

A La Carte Resort Restaurants Vs. a Meal Plan

For resorts that offer both a la carte dining and meal plans, we recommend paying for meals as you go with these resorts, for three main reasons:

  • You’ll have the flexibility to experience different dining options, as you won’t feel obligated to eat at the resort for every meal
  • It’s often cheaper to pay-as-you-go if you keep an eye on menu prices and mix it up with dining at some cheaper restaurants/self-catering too
  • It’s also cheaper for those of us who don’t eat huge amounts – usually the already included buffet breakfast, as well as dinner and perhaps a midday snack, is usually enough.
Is it Worth Buying a Resort Meal Plan in Fiji?© Chris McLennan - Tourism Fiji

Other Dining Options in Fiji

When you’re not hooked into the meal plan of your chosen resort, where else can you eat?

In many of Fiji’s towns, you have a range of restaurants to choose from. Eating outside of resorts is notoriously cheaper than eating at your resort. Check out some of the areas of Fiji with the most dining options in the following guides:

Alternatively, if you’re staying in one of the very few resorts with self-catering facilities, you can pick up groceries from supermarkets and markets in Fiji’s towns. Check out Where to Buy Food in Fiji for advice.

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