Public Holidays in Fiji (& Other Important Dates)


Fiji Public Holidays

When are the public holidays in Fiji? If you’re planning a holiday to Fiji or thinking about working on the islands, you’re going to want to know when the public holidays in Fiji are. For holidaymakers, it might mean some shops and services are closed during these days, while workers will either get the day off or public holiday pay.

There are 11 official public holidays in Fiji, many of which celebrate various religious days to represent Fiji’s diverse population. Find out which days are Fiji public holidays here, plus, check out a few other important dates to know for staying in Fiji.

5 Things You Need to Know About Public Holidays in Fiji

  • This guide to the Public Holidays in Fiji gives general dates of when public holidays occur annually in Fiji. For specific dates, take a look at The Fijian Government website.
  • Where a public holiday falls on a Sunday (and sometimes a Saturday), the office holiday will be observed on the following Monday.
  • People who work during a national public holiday are entitled to public holiday pay (double pay).
  • Public holidays are chosen to reflect the cultures of Fiji and religious holidays, focusing on Hindu, Muslim and Christian holidays.
  • Expect many shops and services to be closed on a public holiday. However, most services within resorts will still be available.

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Public Holidays in Fiji

January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 1 is an official public holiday in Fiji every year. However, the festivities of New Year lasts one to two weeks in Fiji, rather than just over a couple of days as in other countries. Check out Where to Spend New Year’s Eve in Fiji.

April (Friday Before Easter) – Good Friday

This public holiday is a time where most Fijians will spend time with their families.

Mid-April – Easter Saturday

Many Fijians spend this time going to church or relaxing with family.

April (Monday After Easter Saturday) – Easter Monday

The Easter celebrations continue, with some resorts, such as Castaway Island Resort, putting on competitions or events.

Last Friday in June – National Sports Day

This public holiday is to encourage Fijians to take part in sports events.

September 7 – Constitution Day

Constitution Day in Fiji is seen as a controversial day due to the changes of the constitution over the years. Constitution Day used to be celebrated on July 27 for the third constitution, but after the 2006 coup, the day is now celebrated on this new date for the fourth constitution.

October 10 – Fiji Day

While Fiji Day is a public holiday, the week leading up to Fiji Day is celebrated as Fiji Week. The holiday marks the day that Fiji became independent of British colonial rule.

October/November – Diwali

Depending on the cycle of the moon, Diwali is celebrated either in October or November. Families and businesses decorate with candles and exchange gifts and sweets.

November 11 – Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

The most important holiday of the Muslim faith is also observed in Fiji as a public holiday.

December 25 – Christmas Day

Christmas is a day spent with family. Trees are decorated with ribbon, many Fijians go to church, and most communities will prepare a lovo feast. Learn more at Where to Spend Christmas in Fiji.

December 26 – Boxing Day

The day after Christmas is also a public holiday, much like many other countries that celebrate Christmas.

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Other Important Dates in Fiji

Apart from the official public holidays in Fiji, there are a few other dates in the year that you might be interested in.

School Holidays in Fiji

  • 2 weeks at the end of April/beginning of May
  • 2 weeks during mid-August
  • 7 weeks at the end of November until mid-January

Daylight Saving Time Change

  • January 13 – Daylight saving time ends and the clocks go back one hour
  • November 3 – Daylight saving time begins and the clocks go forward an hour.

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Festivals and Celebrations in Fiji

  • Holi – February or March
  • Holy Week – Week leading up to Easter
  • Hibiscus Festival – August
  • Bula Festival – July
  • South Indian Fire Walking Festival – July or August
  • Friendly North Festival – August
  • Fiji Regatta Week – September

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