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© Mark Snyder - Tourism Fiji

The Guide to Easter in Fiji

© Mark Snyder – Tourism Fiji

What is Easter Like in Fiji?

Easter is a Christian holiday that is celebrated with enthusiasm in the islands of Fiji. Around 65% of the population identify themselves as Christian, so it’s no wonder that Fiji observes the days revolving around Easter Sunday as national public holidays. But what does that mean for visiting Fiji during Easter? Find out with this guide to Easter in Fiji.

When is Easter?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Christian holiday, Easter is in either March or April each year. Part of the Holy Week in Fiji, Easter Sunday is the main event of Easter, but it is not considered a public holiday arguably because Sundays are not typically working days. The three days that are observed as a public holiday are Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday), Easter Saturday (the Saturday before Easter Sunday) and Easter Monday (the Monday after Easter Sunday).

The date of Easter is determined by being the first Sunday after the paschal full moon. In other words, it happens after the vernal equinox. If the full moon falls on a Sunday, Easter will be celebrated on the following Sunday. Easter can occur on any date between March 22 and April 25 but the date is recognised well in advance each year – so just do an online search for “Easter date [year]” and you should find your answer.

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How Does Fiji Celebrate Easter?

As Easter is a Christian holiday and around 65% of Fiji’s population is Christian, Fijians celebrate Easter for religious reasons.

Church Celebrations

Part of the Easter celebrations is a Mass at church on Easter Sunday. The locals will wear their best clothing to attend the event, which is then usually followed by a community feast. There may also be singing after church (definitely during Mass), as well as dancing.

The Fijian Crosswalk

On the lead-up to Easter, there is the traditional Fijian Crosswalk. The Crosswalk is where Catholic and Methodist Fijians gather to walk across the island of Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island. They travel 200km (124 miles) along Queens Road, starting in Suva and ending seven days later in Nadi. A large cross is carried among the group. Needless to say, the event draws in the crowds to offer support.

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What Easter Mean for Tourists

If you’re coming from a country that also observes Easter as a public holiday, it might mean you get the time off to visit Fiji. But is it worth it if Fiji is going to be “closed” too?

Between Good Friday and Easter Monday, many shops and services are closed in Fiji’s towns and villages. However, the public holiday doesn’t disturb tourism-related operations, especially in resorts. During this time, visitors can relax, do activities and dine at their resorts.

If you’re staying outside of a resort, perhaps at some budget accommodation, you can join in on the Easter celebrations at church to experience the beautiful harmonious singing and perhaps you’ll even be invited to the events after Mass. Alternatively, you can enjoy some of the attractions of Fiji independently, such as the beaches, snorkelling, sightseeing, etc.

What’s Happening at the Resorts?

Fiji’s largest and most prestigious resorts often put on Easter activities for the kids. Resorts like the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort, Castaway Island, Radisson Blu Resort and much more put on special Easter programs in their kids’ clubs, which might include Easter egg hunts, Easter-related arts and crafts, and more.

Is Fiji Busy at Easter?

In short, yes. Easter is one of the peak times to visit Fiji, mainly due to Fiji’s top visitor demographic, Australians and New Zealanders, also observing Easter as public holidays in their countries, which in turn, gives many the time off work for a holiday to Fiji.

Resorts will be busy during this time, but if you’re looking for something more peaceful, take a look at the 10 Best Adult-Only Resorts in Fiji and Escape the Crowd: Guide to the Lesser Travelled Islands of Fiji.

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Other Holidays in Fiji

Easter is just one of many religious and national holidays that Fiji observes. Other public holidays in Fiji include:

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • March/April – Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday
  • Last Friday in June – National Sports Day
  • September 7 – Constitution Day
  • October 10 – Fiji Day
  • October/November – Diwali
  • November 11 – Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – Boxing Day

Learn more about these dates in the Public Holidays in Fiji (& Other Important Dates).


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