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Where to Spend Christmas in Fiji

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A Merry Fiji Christmas

Planning something a little different this Christmas? The welcoming hospitality of Fiji, the grandeur celebrations and, not to mention, the Christmas feasts, are all great reasons to venture to the paradise islands of Fiji. There’s something for the romantic getaway couple wanting a quiet escape (check out our 10 Best Adult-Only Resorts in Fiji). Or, the adventurous traveller that wants to experience the Fijian traditions of Christmas will be welcomed to take part in a homestay. As for the resorts, after indulging in Christmas buffets, hearing the Fijian carol singing and experiencing the warm hospitality, it will feel like your second home by the time you leave. So take a look at how you can celebrate Christmas in Fiji.

5 Tips for Visiting Fiji at Christmas

  • Fijians celebrate Christmas over multiple days so you’ll be able to experience the festivities in Fiji on the two weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve.
  • Book your accommodation early during this peak time of the year!
  • Want to see how the locals celebrate Christmas? Consider a homestay or do a village visit with your resort.
  • Christmas falls during the wet season in Fiji, so expect short bursts of rain (but there’s likely to be still plenty of sun)
  • Hearing the Christmas carols sung at a Fijian church is an absolute must-do for the festive season.

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Christmas in a Fijian Village

Christmas is not just celebrated for one day in the villages of Fiji, but for a couple of weeks around the Christmas and New Year’s period.

Communities will gather in the community hall or the largest house in the village to all celebrate together. Celebrating might come in the form of singing and dancing traditional cultural dances known as the “meke”. Chrismas is also an opportunity for Fijians to indulge in a huge “lovo” feast where food is slow-cooked in banana tree leaves in an underground oven. The food included usually includes a mix of chicken, beef, pork, fish, cassava and dalo (taro).

In addition to the cultural celebrations are Christmas church services. Most Fijians are religious and go to church regularly. Church services are particularly captivating during the Christmas period, with locals singing carols in beautiful harmony.

How to Spend Christmas in a Village in Fiji

To experience Christmas with the locals, the best thing you can do is a homestay in a village, otherwise known as a village stay. Locals open their spare rooms or bures to visitors on platforms like Airbnb, Expedia and, where many will still offer homestays during Christmas. Take a look at 10 Authentic Village Stays in Fiji for inspiration. Plus, check out How to Have a Real Fiji Cultural Experience to learn more about staying in a village.

Alternatively, some resorts have village visits as part of their activity offering. A resort guide will take you to a village to spend a day meeting the locals and taking part in their day-to-day activities, whether it’s weaving, going to church or playing with the kids. Navini Island Resort, for example, invites guests to the Christmas church service held with the villagers on the island.

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Christmas in a Fiji Resort

Christmas is a wonderful time to stay at a resort in Fiji. Most resorts will put on special events for Christmas, which almost always involves a lovo feast or some other type of Christmas buffet. There may be special entertainment like a meke, carol singing and serenaders. When booking your resort in Fiji for Christmas, make sure to ask what Christmas activities and “Christmas specials” they have on.

One thing you may want to factor in is where you are going to stay during the wet season. Yes, Christmas falls during Fiji’s wet season, where the larger islands of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni all experience more rainfall than what is found in the smaller outer islands. With that in mind, you might want to focus on resorts in the island groups of the Yasawas or the Mamanucas where the climate is drier. Check out the Fiji Weather in December to see what to expect. Plus take a look at the 10 Best Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands and the 10 Best Resorts in the Yasawa Islands and consider one of those resorts to increase your chances of a dry and sunny Christmas.

A final note about Christmas in Fiji resorts is to book early! Christmas is a popular time for holidaymakers to head to Fiji and rooms fill up fast.


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