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new year's eve in Fiji

Where to Spend New Year’s Eve in Fiji

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Where to Celebrate the New Year in Fiji

Can you imagine a better place to bring in the New Year? Whether you’re looking for epic places to party or a family-friendly event, Fiji can serve! Bring in the New Year with a party on a beach resort while sipping delicious cocktails or join in on village celebrations for an authentic cultural experience. How about the famous Suva New Year Street Party – one of the largest New Year’s celebrations in the South Pacific?! Whatever your mood, taste and style, whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with kids, seeing the New Year in Fiji will be a night to remember. With that in mind, we put this quick guide together on where to spend New Year’s Eve in Fiji.

What makes celebrating the New Year in Fiji so special. Not only is Fiji one of the first countries to celebrate the New Year, thanks to its position on the International Date Line, but New Year is also celebrated over a week or even longer in some areas! While you’re here, why not take a look at How to Spend Christmas in Fiji. Plus, check out other popular events in our 10 Biggest Events in Fiji.

5 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Fiji

  • Join in on the resort celebrations which can include anything from buffets to kava drinking to fireworks
  • See how Fijians celebrate the New Year with a village visit or homestay during the holidays
  • Head to Fiji’s capital, Suva, for their famous New Year’s Street Party
  • Or celebrate at the New Year’s Street Party in Nadi
  • Hit the nightclubs and bars in Suva, Nadi or even beach-hop to island resort bars with selected resorts.
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New Year’s Eve in a Resort

No matter what time of the year it is, Fiji resorts know how to entertain their guests. As you can imagine, New Year’s Eve is no exception! Many resorts will put on special buffet dinners for their guests and host themed parties. Expect nights with lots of dancing!

While you can pretty much guarantee that all resorts will have some form of New Year’s entertainment for their guests, here are a few resorts known for throwing the best New Year’s events!

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New Year’s Eve in a Village

In Fijian culture, the New Year is not just celebrated for one day, but an entire week (and longer in some villages). Many different clans within a village will usually come together to have a huge feast, with each clan or family in charge of preparing one aspect of the feast. There may also be native dances called “meke”, which have been performed for hundreds of years but are used today to celebrate more contemporary events. In some villages, there may be the beating of drums and spraying each other with water.

To see how Fijians celebrate the New Year’s period in villages, your best option is to do a village stay or homestay. These can be organised through selected resorts or even found on websites like Airbnb, Expedia and Most homestays can be found in the Yasawa Islands and the Coral Coast on Viti Levu. Remember to respect the village etiquette, for instance, wear a sulu (sarong) and bring some kava root to present as a gift. For more information, see our Guide to Fiji Village Etiquette.

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New Year’s Eve in the City

The final big New Year’s Eve celebrations you’ll find in Fiji are in the cities of Suva, Fiji’s capital city, and Nadi.

Annual street parties are held every New Year’s Eve, with a variety of entertainment throughout the night to suit the diverse ranges of cultures found in these cities.

Entertainment usually involves live bands, dancers, water splashing, a countdown to the New Year and fireworks. The events are alcohol-free making them family-friendly and a great event for all ages.

For the last few years, the New Year street parties have been held in Albert Park in Suva and Koroivolu Park in Nadi, running from 7pm to 1am.

To continue the party into the early hours, there are a number of nightclubs and bars in both Nadi and Suva. You’ll find most bars in Suva down Victoria Parade, while you’ll find the likes of Ed’s Bar, The Bounty Bar and more on Queen’s Road. Find out more in our Guide to the Fiji Nightlife.

Plus, check out more things to do in Nadi and more things to do in Suva.


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