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The Best Time to Visit Fiji

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When to Visit Fiji

As cliche as it might sound, there’s never really a “bad” time to visit Fiji. It all depends on how important the weather, crowds and the cost of travel is to you. Fiji is a tropical country that experiences warm temperatures year-round, only really experiences two distinct seasons: the dry season (winter) and the wet season (summer). Like the names suggest, one season experiences more rainfall than the other, which may be a good time for savvy travellers to experience fewer crowds and the lowest cost of travel. We’ll go through the things to consider and the seasons in Fiji with this guide to the best time to visit Fiji.

4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Time to Visit Fiji

1. The Weather

Let’s not beat around the bush. The weather is kind of important for a trip to Fiji. You’re not planning a tropical getaway to be cold and miserable. Luckily, Fiji is warm all year round, but there are seasons with higher rainfall and humidity that you might want to think about before you book your flight.

2. The Crowds

Fiji is a country that never really feels too “crowded”, with the exception of the largest resorts in the high season… So if you want to really escape from it all, consider choosing a less busy tourist season to visit Fiji. Alternatively, there are plenty of remote boutique island resorts which always feel quiet.

3. The Cost

The resorts, airlines and even some activity providers know when most tourists want to visit Fiji, and they are not afraid to take advantage of this with their prices. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider visiting Fiji in its low season.

4. The Activities

While most activities can be done year-round, there are times of the year that are better for certain activities than others. Plus, there are a few seasonal activities too, such as swimming with manta rays, which is only available between May and October. There are also distinct seasons for fishing and for surfing. Check out What is the Best Time of Year for Fishing in Fiji and The Best Time to Surf in Fiji for more information.

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The Wet Season (Summer)

Months: December, January, February, March, April and May
Tourist Season: Low Season ©ristmas & New Year – High Season)

Weather in the Wet Season

Temperature: 22-33°C (72-91°F)
Rainfall: 180-310mm (2.8-6″)

Find out more about the weather for each month in:

About the Wet Season in Fiji

The “Wet Season” can’t help but conjure up damp and dreary images ruining your holiday in paradise, but it sounds worse than it actually is. Sure, Fiji’s summer season is the wettest and most humid time of the year to visit Fiji, but rainfall patterns tend to be short, heavy and soon change back to sunshine. Because of this higher rainfall rate than in winter, the wet season is the quietest time to visit Fiji, resulting in fewer crowds, lower airfares and resort rates. That’s all with the exception of the December holiday season, where things get more expensive and busy around Christmas and New Year.

The Best Places to Visit in the Wet Season

If you’re looking for the driest climates in Fiji, these are the island groups and side of Viti Levu to consider travelling to.

For more great places to visit, see our Travelling Fiji: Month-by-Month Guide.

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The Dry Season (Winter)

Months: June, July, August, September, October and November
Tourist Season: High Season

Weather in the Dry Season

Temperature: 19-29°C (66-84°F)
Rainfall: 70-150mm (2.8-6″)

Find out more about the weather for each month in:

About the Dry Season in Fiji

The dry season is the most appealing time for most holidaymakers to come to Fiji, due to this season typically having the least amount of rainfall and the most comfortable temperatures coinciding with cold winters in the nearby countries of Australia and New Zealand. That’s not to say that it doesn’t rain at all, so it’s best to set expectations right to avoid disappointment. Because it is the most popular time to visit Fiji, airfares and resort rates tend to be at their highest, especially from June to August. Later on in the season is when you will start to see fares decreasing and the tourist numbers dwindling.

The Best Places to Visit in the Dry Season

There’s not really a “bad” place to visit in the dry season in Fiji. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions…

For more great places to visit, see our Travelling Fiji: Month-by-Month Guide.

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