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The Guide to Plane Tours in Fiji

The Guide to Plane Tours in Fiji

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Fiji Plane and Seaplane Tours

Ever dreamt of soaring over vibrant waters decorated with islands and coral reefs? In Fiji, a number of plane and seaplane tours are available to do just that. While using a charter plane is a popular way to get to the hard-to-reach islands of Fiji – see Where to Hire a Plane or Seaplane in Fiji, taking a plane tour allows travellers to see some of the most scenic spots from a birds-eye perspective. Check out some of the different types of plane tours available, from adventure to romantic to relaxing, in this guide to taking a plane tour in Fiji.

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5 Things to Know About Plane Tours in Fiji

  • Plane tours require a minimum of at least two passengers to run, so you might be put on standby if you’re travelling solo until the flight has more passengers or have to play a solo passenger fee
  • Plane day trips are often fit within the flight schedule of the flight operator’s other pick-ups across the islands, so there is likely to be some “waiting around” (i.e. snorkelling and relaxing) before you can take the flight back to the mainland
  • Seaplanes are not suitable for people with mobility problems
  • Plane tours are subject to weather conditions, flights can be cancelled if the weather is unsuitable
  • There are more aerial tours in Fiji by helicopter compared to planes – see 5 Breathtaking Scenic Flights by Helicopter in Fiji for more options.
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Scenic Flight Tours in Fiji

For travellers who want to experience what it’s like to fly by plane or seaplane over Fiji’s remarkable islands, scenic flight tours by plane or seaplane provide a great option. These flights tend to be much shorter than day trips (see below), making them more affordable and give more time to fit other activities into your day.

Mystery Seaplane Flights

If you’re feeling spontaneous and open-minded, try the Mystery Seaplane Flight with Pacific Island Air. You won’t know the itinerary until the day when you board onto the seaplane to drop other passengers off at the island resorts across the Mamanuca Islands and the Yasawa Islands. All guests are guaranteed a window seat to make the most of the views, while there will be at least one landing at an island where you may get to enjoy the island for a bit or be whisked away again – who knows?! Flights can last as little as 20 minutes to about 1h30mins. Find out more on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Scenic Seaplane Flights

Fiji’s second seaplane operator, Turtle Airways, offers two types of scenic flight tours. Turtle Airways offers the “Keep Exploring, Keep Discovering” tour which is a bespoke tour taking passengers on the best route according to what they want to see. The pilot will have a five-minute conversation with you before the flight before determining the best route to take to maximise the experience: it could be over the idyllic islands, the tropical jungles or over vibrant coral reefs. Flights last for either 20, 40 or 55 minutes.

Turtle Airways also does the “Taste of the Volcanic Islands of Yasawa”, which takes passengers along for a ride when dropping other passengers off at resorts across the Yasawa Islands. The flight lasts approximately 1h10min and is only available if there is space on the plane.

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Adventure Plane Tours

For adventure-seekers, plane tours in Fiji can be combined with exploring amazing caves or even freefalling from 14,000ft! These experiences allow travellers to get amazing views over the islands while experiencing something a little more… crazy!

Skydiving in Fiji

Fly over both the islands of Viti Levu and the Mamanuca Islands as you ascend to a dizzying height of either 10,000ft, 12,000ft or 14,000ft! Skydive Fiji, based on Denarau Island, offers a number of tandem skydiving options with your choice of video or photo packages. After a freefall reaching speeds of up to 200km/h (124mph), your parachute will be released and you’ll get the time to take in the magnificent views of the archipelago before peacefully descending back to earth. Skydive packages are available in the following:

Skydive Fiji skydives are also available on Tripadvisor. Plus, learn more about skydiving in The Best Places to Do Skydiving in Fiji.

Plane Tours to Sawa-i-Lau Caves

A majestic limestone cave in the Yasawa Islands awaits those brave enough to swim into its caverns. Join Turtle Airways for the Sawa-i-Lau Caves Tours. The six-hour day trip to far-flung attractions takes you on a stress-free trip back and forth to your hotel or resort on the mainland. The day tour also includes the chance to snorkel, visit a Fijian village and indulge in a Fijian lunch. Learn more about Turtle Airways on Viator and Tripadvisor.

A similar trip to the Sawa-i-Lau Caves is also offered by Pacific Island Air on their Yasawa Island Day Trip. Their offering is an eight-hour day trip, including a stop at Nanuya Island Resort where you’ll take a boat to the Sawa-i-Lau Caves. After spending ample time exploring the caves, you’ll be treated to a two-course lunch at the resort. Find out more about Pacific Island Air on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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Relaxation and Wellness Plane Tours

If there’s only one thing that Fiji knows how to do with absolute precision, it’s relaxation. They didn’t coin the phrase “Fiji time” for no good reason, so see what it’s all about by jumping on a seaplane tour to the Yasawa Islands, combining the experience with a wellness retreat.

Relaxation Plane Tours in Fiji

Join Pacific Island Air and Rosie Holidays for their Yasawa Islands Nama Harvest Tour, taking those seeking a bit of pampering to Nama, a Fijian village on Naviti Island. Along the way, you’ll enjoy panoramic views before landing on the island to learn more about Nama sea grapes, how they are harvested and used for their skin-rejuvenating properties. You’ll enjoy a local lunch prepared in the village followed by a traditional Nama massage treatment. Learn more about the experience on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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Romantic Plane Tours

Finally, those on a honeymoon, anniversary or perhaps looking for a special place to pop the question can’t miss the opportunity to take a romantic scenic flight to a private island for the day. Not only is the flight itself a wonderful and intimate experience, but the places you go are bound to be a highlight of the relationship for years to come.

Romantic Flight Tours in Fiji

Jump on a seaplane with Turtle Airways for their Private Beach Excursion to the Yasawa Islands and back. After a glorious flight across the sandy beaches of the Mamanucas and a string of volcanic islands in the Yasawas, you’ll land at your very own private beach for the day. On the beach is a thatched beachfront hut with a hammock, an ice-chest full of refreshments and snorkel and kayak gear to enjoy together. Find out more about Turtle Airways and this experience on Viator and Tripadvisor.

See more romantic experiences in the Yasawas in the 10 Romantic Activities in the Yasawa Islands for Couples.


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