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Which Airlines Fly Straight to Fiji?

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Which Airlines Have Direct Flights to Fiji?

Your dream trip to Fiji doesn’t feel real until that flight is booked! Nevertheless, the savvy traveller knows that comparing all your options when it comes to taking a flight is the best way to save money! With that in mind, we have put this list together of all the airlines that fly to Fiji. That way, you’ll know which airlines fly to Fiji from your desired destination.

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Quick Guide to the Airlines That Fly to Fiji

Don’t want to scroll down this article too far? We get it. Here’s a quick list of the airlines that fly to Fiji:

Between Fiji and the South Pacific Islands

  • Fiji Airways
  • Solomon Airlines
  • Nauru Airlines
  • Aircalin
  • Air Vanuatu

Between Fiji and New Zealand

  • Fiji Airways
  • Air New Zealand

Between Fiji and Australia

  • Fiji Airways
  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia
  • Jetstar

Between Fiji and Asia

  • Korean Air

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Fiji Airways

Fiji’s very own air carrier, Fiji Airways, is a good go-to for flights to Fiji. Fiji Airways offers daily flights between Auckland (New Zealand), Brisbane, Sydney (Australia) and Fiji. They also run regular services between Los Angeles (US), Hong Kong, Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Honolulu (Hawaii), Melbourne (Australia), Christchurch (New Zealand), Apia (Samoa), Port Vila (Vanuatu), Funafuti (Tuvalu), Nuku’alofa (Tonga), Tarawa (Kiribati), Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Nadi (Fiji).

Fiji Airways offers four types of fares: Bula Saver & Special, Bula Plus, Biz Saver and Biz Plus. All flights to Fiji have meals and drinks, as well as in-flight entertainment either with an in-flight movie or a seatback entertainment system on their A330 aircraft.

Fiji Airways works with partner airlines which means that when booking flights with their partner airlines to Fiji, it’s likely that you will be taking a Fiji Airways flight. Partner airlines include:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Vanuatu
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Jet Airways
  • Jetstar Asia
  • Qantas Airways
  • Singapore Airlines / Silk Air
  • Solomon Airlines

Air New Zealand

Want to fly non-stop between New Zealand and Fiji? Air New Zealand is a great option with non-stop flights between Auckland and Fiji every day, sometimes even two flights a day! There are also non-stop seasonal flights between Wellington and Fiji between June and October, as well as Christchurch and Fiji between May and October.

Flights with Air New Zealand between Auckland and Fiji take around three hours. On flights to Fiji, you have different fare types: Seat, Seat + Bag, The Works and The Works Deluxe. Premium Economy and Business Premiere may also be offered on some flights. Every seat on a flight to Fiji has a personal seatback entertainment system.


Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu runs regular flights between Port Vila in Vanuatu and Nadi in Fiji, making for an option worth exploring if you want to do some South Pacific island-hopping. Less regularly, Air Vanuatu flies between Port Vila and Suva, Nadi’s capital city. However, this is usually only twice a month. Check out Which Airport to Arrive in Fiji for more information.

Both economy class and business class passengers enjoy meals, snacks and drink services when flying with Air Vanuatu, as well as in-flight movies.

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Operating flights between Noumea in New Caledonia and Nadi, Aircalin is another South Pacific airline worth considering. Flights between the two South Pacific islands of New Caledonia and Fiji operate on Mondays and Fridays.

Passengers have the option of flying either economy class or business class, called “Hibiscus Class”. Meals are only included on long-haul flights and in-flight entertainment in the form of a seatback entertainment system is available on A320 flights.

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With a range of flights and destinations between Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, Qantas provides more flexibility in travel dates for your trip to Fiji. Fly between Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne in Australia and Fiji, taking just under four hours. Note that the majority of flights that can be booked through Qantas are on flights operated by Fiji Airways. From New Zealand, Fiji Airways operates flights between Auckland and Nadi through Qantas.

Flights to Fiji on Qantas aircraft include in-flight meals, nonalcoholic beverages and personal seatback entertainment systems. Passengers get a choice of economy or business class.

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Virgin Australia

Fly from Australia to Nadi with Virgin Australia. Direct flights go between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Fiji with Virgin Australia. Non-stop flights operate daily between Australia and Fiji, often multiple times a day for some Australian destinations. Brisbane has the most frequent flights to Fiji.

International short-haul flights to Fiji with Virgin Australia include complimentary meals and drinks, as well as in-flight entertainment. Some in-flight entertainment systems are seatback while other flights may offer wireless systems to get entertainment on your own smart device. Plus, different fare types include Getaway, Elevate, Freedom, Business Saver and Business.



Another airline option for flying between Australia and Fiji is with Jetstar. The budget airline offer flights between Sydney and Nadi four times a week on their A320 service. Flights take just over four hours with passengers having a choice of fares including Starter, FlexiBiz, Plus and Max.

In-flight meals are only included with Plus and Max fares. Entertainment is only available on 787 Dreamliners.

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Nauru Airlines

Want to fly between Nauru and Fiji? Then Nauru Airlines could be your best option. Nauru Airlines has scheduled flights to Nadi every Friday and Sunday.

Nauru Airlines flights include complimentary meals and snacks with every fare type. Fare types include Super Saver, Pacific Saver, Flexi Saver, Fully Flexible and Business.

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Korean Air

Connecting Fiji to Asia, Korean Air provides non-stop services between Seoul (Korea) and Nadi. Flights between Seoul and Nadi depart three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Flights to Fiji are around nine hours long.

There are three classes: Economy, Prestige and First Class on Korean Air flights. In-flight meals and entertainment are included in these long-haul flights to Fiji.

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Solomon Airlines

Your final South Pacific island connection from Nadi is with the Solomon Islands through Solomon Airlines. Solomon Airlines operates flights between Honiara and Nadi once a day several times a week. Flights to Fiji are usually on Mondays and Saturdays while flights from Fiji to the Solomon Islands are usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Fare types include Saver, Smart, Flexi and Business, all of which include in-flight meals and drinks.


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