Information, Shops & Services on Taveuni© Mark Snyder - Tourism Fiji
Information, Shops & Services on Taveuni

Information, Shops & Services on Taveuni

© Mark Snyder – Tourism Fiji

What Services are Available on Taveuni?

Fiji’s third-largest island might be a pick for many travellers for its remoteness and the Bouma National Park offering untouched wilderness, but you’ll still find some essential services on Taveuni. A bank, internet access, supermarkets, a police station, a hospital, a fuel station and even a bus service can be found on the island. Prepare yourself for your visit using this guide to the information, shops and services on Taveuni.

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Useful Services for Tourists

Information, Shops & Services on Taveuni© Tourism Fiji

Food and Groceries

Although accommodations can often sort you out for meals and dining, self-catering is also very doable. It’s best to stock up on groceries in Matei or Wairiki before heading to your self-catering accommodation, as many accommodations are far from food supplies.

Supermarkets on Taveuni

The main supermarkets of Taveuni can be found in Matei near the airport, as well as in Wairiki. Otherwise, you’ll find small convenience stores in the occasional village.

  • Suncity Supermarket, Matei
  • Satish Kumars Foodmart, Matei
  • Suncity Supermarket, Wairiki
  • Meridian Store, Wairiki
  • Hakim’s Shopping Centre, Qarawalu

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Markets on Taveuni

For fresh fruit and vegetables, head to the produce markets. Markets on Taveuni can be found in Matei and Naqara.

Restaurants on Taveuni

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Hospital and Police

It’s best to bring any medication you may need to Taveuni. Although there is a hospital and basic medical supplies in Taveuni’s supermarkets, there is no pharmacy. Taveuni also has a police station.

Health Care on Taveuni

Light medications (like painkillers), baby products and toiletries are often sold in supermarkets on Taveuni. For more serious medical conditions, prescriptions or doctor consultations, visit Taveuni’s only hospital, Waiyevo Hospital. Find it on the uphill inland road from Waiyevo, near the Garden Island Resort.

Police Stations on Taveuni

The Taveuni Police Station can also be found in Waiyevo on the road toward the hospital, inland from the Garden Island Resort. The fire station is also nearby.

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Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

While Taveuni doesn’t have a wide selection of fuel stations, banks, post offices, etc., you can still find each basic service in various villages across the island.

Fuel Station on Taveuni

If you need to fuel up, there’s the TotalEnergies Taveuni Service Station in Waiyevo.

Post Office on Taveuni

For postal services, money transfers, printing services or even to buy collectable stamps, there’s a post office in Waiyevo on the main island road. They are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and 8am to 12pm on Saturday. Note that they can close for lunch between 1pm and 2pm.

Phone, WiFi and Internet

Phone service is available in and near the coastal villages of Taveuni but may be patchy in some areas. Find out more in the What are the Fiji Phone Networks?

Internet access is available at Lani’s Digital Services in Naqara, offering internet access for a fee per 10 minutes, printing, laminating, computer repairs and more. They are open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm.

Alternatively, many accommodations in Taveuni offer WiFi to guests, usually in selected areas of their resort and for a fee. Accommodations with WiFi include Taveuni Island Resort & Spa, Taveuni Palms Resort and Tides Reach Resort.

Bank on Taveuni

The one bank on Taveuni is the BSP (Bank of the South Pacific) Bank, located in the Garden State Price Point Building in Somosomo. They have an ATM. Opening hours are typically Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.


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