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8 Best Travel Adapters for Fiji


Which Fiji Travel Adapter to Use?

It’s a packing necessity: the travel adapter for Fiji. With the number of pictures you’re going to be taking in Fiji (it’s too beautiful not to) and the Facebook posts you’ll be posting to make your friends jealous, you’re going to want to get a Fiji travel adapter to charge all your devices. To help you with the decision fatigue of choosing the perfect Fiji travel adapter, we’ve narrowed it down to these eight travel adapters, each suiting a different budget and need!

The electrical current in Fiji is 240v AC 50Hz, so bear that in mind if you have any electronic items that use 110v. To use those items, you’ll either have a 110v/240v switch on the item or you will need a travel adapter with a voltage converter. Some leading hotels and resorts in Fiji offer universal outlets for 240v or 110v shavers, hairdryers, straighteners, etc.

Fiji uses a Type 1 outlet, the same as New Zealand, Australia and China. For more information, see Electricity in Fiji.

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1. The No-Nonsense Fiji Travel Adapter

If you’re looking for a cheap but good travel adapter for Fiji then this travel adapter with surge protection will do the job! A great option for charging your everyday devices, such as your phone, laptop and camera, this fantastically purple Fiji travel adapter accepts the 240 volts electrical current in Fiji. However, the adapter is not a voltage converter, so check devices like hairdryers and straighteners to see if those devices accept the higher current. (Hairdryers, for example, usually use 110 volts). What’s more, this travel adapter has dual ports: one accepting US and European connectors and one accepting connectors from all other countries. It’s the ultimate universal-to-Fiji travel adapter!

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2. Compact Fiji Travel Adapter

Compact, colourful and cheap, these travel adapters not only look good but they’re super convenient too! With two connectors in one, you can charge multiple devices at the same time – ideal for those hotel rooms with limited plug sockets! If you’re only going to Fiji once and don’t want to invest in the best travel adapter, then these OREI travel adapters are an excellent alternative. Of course, they don’t have surge protection nor convert voltage. On the flip side, they are CE approved and RoHS Compliant.

Check these OREI Fiji Travel Adapters out!

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3. USB to Fiji Travel Adapter

Let’s be honest, there’s a universal power socket out there already and it’s called a USB port! Until they start rolling out USB sockets in Fiji (which might take a while), make use of this affordable USB travel adapter for Fiji. There’s even an extra 2-prong US connector on the adaptor just as a useful backup. While this Fiji travel adapter doesn’t have surge protection and a voltage converter, it’s nothing that a bit of common sense when plugging your devices can’t handle. As an added bonus, this Ceptics travel adapter has a lifetime warranty!

Check the Ceptics US & USB to Fiji Travel Adapter out!

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4. Adapter/Converter Multi-Plug

With countries like the US having a voltage supply of 110v 60Hz compared to the 240v 50Hz in Fiji, this adapter and voltage converter is essential for protecting your electronic devices. Using an electrical item that uses 110v in a country that supplies 240v like Fiji is how electrical fires start and your devices burn out. If you’re using a lot of electronic devices while in Fiji, and want that added voltage protection for all your devices, it’s worth spending a little more on a high-quality voltage converter and adapter. This BESTEK Travel Adapter has four different types of socket outputs, so it’s one you can take around the globe.

Check the BESTEK Travel Adapter out!

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5. Ceptics Tiny Travel Adapter (3-Pack)

So many travel adapters out there take up space around the plug socket making it a pain when everyone in the family wants to charge their devices. Get this 3-pack of the Ceptics US to Fiji travel adapters and you will not have that problem whatsoever! This is a cheap way to go to get your devices charged but it does the job! Again, note that this travel adapter is not a voltage converter so check what devices you use with it. See here for more Family Travel Tips for Fiji!

Check the Ceptics Tiny Travel Adapter (3-Pack) out!

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6. OREI Dual USB to Fiji Travel Adapter

This sturdy little thing is a good-looking piece of tech with two USB ports to charge your phone, camera, music device… Whatever! The USB protection cover stops the dirt from getting in, great for regular jet-setters or backpackers, while also having the added bonus of surge protection. There is a US input socket too should you need it. Although it doesn’t convert voltage, it will work exceptionally well with most devices. For more travel tips for Fiji head to 30 Tips for Travelling in Fiji.

Check the OREI Dual USB to Fiji Travel Adapter out!

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7. Universal Travel Adapter

For the traveller who wants to see it all (and only wants to buy a travel adapter once), this is the travel adapter for you! Working in over 170 countries, there’s no need to Google “Travel adapter for…” again! This travel adapter will input and output for tens of countries across the globe, as well as having three USB ports and one USB-C port. Charge four devices at the same time and you’ll be good to go for your next Fiji adventure.

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8. The World’s Smallest Universal Travel Adapter…

… We think! The Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter gives a whole new meaning to “travel size”. Not only is it the smallest travel adapter we have seen, but it’s also compatible with over 150 countries adapting to a Fiji power outlet. It’s affordable and will do the job with most devices. Just note that, again, this is not a voltage converter. It’s definitely one to add to the Fiji Packing List!

Check the Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter out!

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