Packing Essentials for Fiji

What are the things you can’t forget for an island holiday in Fiji? We’ve listed some of the top things to pack in this list of essentials to pack for Fiji. While some things might seem pretty obvious, we’ve also included some handy items you might have not thought about! For a complete list of everything you need to pack, see The Complete Packing List for Fiji.

1. Sarong

Locally known as a “sulu”, a sarong is part of the everyday attire for both men and women in Fiji. Not only are they light and airy for the warm temperatures, but they cover the legs as a more modest style of clothing that is preferred especially in Fijian villages. For travellers, a sarong is essential to pack for a trip to Fiji for village visits. What’s more, they’re light-weight and compact to fit in your day pack, making a quick cover-up for trips to villages or even towns. If you don’t have a sarong or can’t buy one at home, there are readily available in just about every souvenir shop in Fiji. For more clothes to pack, see our full packing list in What Clothes to Pack for Fiji.

Learn more about village customs in Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village.


2. Sunscreen

It’s kind of a no-brainer but sunscreen is absolutely needed in Fiji! With UV levels of 4-11, high-factor sunscreen of SPF30+ needs to be applied every three hours to reduce the risks of sunburn. Due to the fragile coral reefs in Fiji, it’s also important to use reef-safe sunscreen. Check out our recommendations in 10 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreens and 5 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreen for Kids and Babies.

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3. Lifestraw Waterbottle

For travellers staying in the same resort in an urban area for their entire trip, this item is not needed. However, if you plan on travelling to the outer islands, staying in villages or remote resorts, then we recommend taking some precautions when it comes to drinking water. A Lifestraw Bottle has a filtration system that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, as well as 99.9% of waterborne protozoan. Find out more about what other gadgets to take to Fiji in 18 Must-Have Gadgets to Pack for Fiji.

Oh, and when you are back at the resort, sipping on a cocktail, what about using your own reusable metal straws or silicone travel straws so you know that the cocktail you are enjoying is not going to lead to a plastic straw hurting local marine species for decade to come. Making all your Fijian cocktails “guilt-free” is well worth a few dollars if you ask us!

For more tips on drinking water, see Can You Drink the Water in Fiji?

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4. Day Pack/Beach Bag

With so many little things to carry around with you on day trips in Fiji: camera, sunscreen, money, water, etc, a day pack is very much needed. Beach bags are a good idea for trips to the beach or short trips to town, whereas small backpacks will be more comfortable for full days out and about. So depending on what you plan to do in Fiji, choose a style of day pack accordingly. For more advice, see What is the Best Type of Luggage for Fiji?

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5. Seasickness Pills

With 333 islands in Fiji, chances are you will be on the water at some point during your trip. For this reason, seasickness pills are always a good idea, especially when going on small boats or if you have a weak stomach. See more medication to take to Fiji in What to Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji.

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6. Snorkel Gear

Snorkelling is a must-do in Fiji, especially at the archipelago is known as the “Soft Coral Capital”. Although many resorts offer snorkelling gear hire for free, you never know what state it’s going to be in. To enhance your snorkelling experience, we recommend having your own snorkelling gear. We’re really digging the full-face snorkel masks, like this SeeReef Snorkel Mask, but make sure to do your research as there are some cheap full-face snorkels which can be unsafe. See more like this in 18 Must-Have Gadgets to Pack for Fiji.


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7. Valid Passport

Duh! Of course, you need your passport! But make sure that your passport is valid for entering Fiji, as passports must be valid for at least up to six months after your intended departure date from Fiji. On a similar note, you will also need to have a travel ticket out of Fiji already booked before arrival. Some travellers may also need a Pre-Arranged Visitor Visa to enter Fiji. See Do You Need a Visa to Visit Fiji? for more details.

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8. Swimwear

Yep, you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in the water in Fiji, so swimwear is an absolute essential. In Fiji, men wear boardshorts-style swim shorts. For women, a bikini is a popular choice for staying in a resort, but a one-piece swimsuit may be more “stable” for watersports or more modest for staying in a village. See What Clothes to Pack for Fiji for more clothing to pack.

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9. Travel Towel

A beach towel has always been essential for a beach holiday, but their bulkiness and slow-drying is a drawback. To save space in your luggage, as well as having a dry towel each day, we recommend packing a microfibre travel towel. Check out an example with this Relefree’s Microfibre Towel.

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10. Fiji First Aid Kit

Finally, make sure you pack a little first aid kit for the illnesses or injuries you may encounter in Fiji. Medication to remedy heat stroke, mosquito bites and gastro bugs make up the essentials, while band-aids and antiseptic wipes/cream are your standards for injuries. See our full list of every item to put in your Fiji first aid kit in What to Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji.


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10 Essentials to Pack for Fiji