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How to Book a Cheap Flight to Fiji

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How to Find the Best Price for Flights to Fiji

For many of us, the airfare is one of the most significant costs of a getaway to Fiji. While seeing the clouds pass by and watching bad movies on the seat in front of you is nice, we’d rather be spending more of our money on extra cocktails or a scuba diving trip. In this guide, we’ll lay out some sure-fire ways on booking a cheap flight to Fiji, as well as some nifty airline hacks that are a well worth exploring further.

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10 Tips for Saving Money on a Flight to Fiji

Across the web, you’ll find tons of nifty tricks and “lifehacks” to save money on airfares. While the advice we give below is more concrete ways of saving money on a flight to Fiji, here are some other quick tips that are worth trying.

  • Use private browsing to stop airfares increasing the longer the browse
  • Consider using two different airlines if your flight involves a stopover
  • Book your flight 47 days in advance
  • If you’re a frequent flyer, use your Airpoints
  • Check the airfares from all possible departure cities
  • Book connecting flights separately
  • Be aware of extra fees while you are booking, such as seat selection and meals
  • Compare flights on comparison websites
  • Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Fly in the Fiji low season, avoiding Christmas and New Year
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The Cheapest Time of Year to Fly to Fiji

The best months for cheap Fiji airfares: January-May

When is the best time to fly to Fiji to save money on the airfare? The cheapest time of the year to fly to Fiji is during the wet season, Fiji’s summer. This is considered the tourist low season, due to a combination of it being favourable weather where most tourists are coming from (i.e. Australia and New Zealand) and the higher likelihood of rainfall in Fiji during this season.

When is the Low Season in Fiji?

The low season in Fiji is the months of December, January, February, March, April and May.

Airfares are at their cheapest during these months of the year, with the exception of the last two weeks of December and the first two weeks in January due to the influx of travellers flying to Fiji around Christmas and New Year.

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The Cheapest Day to Fly to Fiji

The best days for cheap Fiji airfares: Tuesday and Wednesday

Airfares for Fiji even fluctuate between the days of the week. The most expensive days to fly to Fiji are typically Friday, Saturday, Sunday and to some extent Monday, while the cheapest days tend to be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Look for mid-week flights to find the best deals on airfares for Fiji.

The facts behind the best days to book a flight to Fiji: According to a study of flight prices using flight metadata for a 5-year period, flights that depart on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are the cheapest. It is on average 12% cheaper to book international flights to Fiji on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday than over a weekend flight for instance. When it comes to domestic flights the difference is minimal as the capacity of domestic planes is usually extremely limited.

On a similar note, some of the major resorts in Fiji also follow this rule in their room rates. Booking a room from a mid-weekday to another mid-weekday is often cheaper than booking from weekend to weekend.

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The Cheapest Airport to Arrive in Fiji

The best airport for cheap airfares in Fiji: Nadi International Airport

Fiji is home to two international airports: Nadi International Airport and Nausori International Airport near Suva. Both of these airports are on the island of Viti Levu. It’s important to know which airport to arrive at in Fiji to get the best deal on your flight ticket.

Nadi International Airport is the main international airport of Fiji, receiving 97% of international arrivals to the islands. Nadi is where you’ll find the greatest selection of flights, and therefore, the most competitive prices. So when your airfare comparison website automatically selects “Suva – (SUV)” or “Nausori International Airport”, you know to amend your search to Nadi International Airport.

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Cheapest Place to Book Flights to Fiji

The best websites for cheap airfares in Fiji: Skyscanner and direct on the airline’s website

Now that you know what time of year to search for cheap flights to Fiji, what day of the week and to which airport, now you can start finding cheap flights on flight comparison websites.

Flight comparison websites are a good place to start when searching for cheap flights to Fiji. They give you an idea of the possible routes from your departure airport, as well as prices, so you can see which is the cheapest.

Once you have received information, such as the airlines used, we recommend going directly to the airline to see if they can beat the price of the comparison website. Most of the time, they will be happy to in order to save on commission they would have to pay to the flight comparison website.

Top Tip: Use Private Browsing

Airline websites and flight comparison websites use cookies to have your browsing information and, in turn, amp up the price of airfares the more you search to encourage a “panic purchase”. Set your browser to private browsing so you can take your time comparing airfares and see the lowest prices possible.

Which Airlines Fly to Fiji?

Because there are a limited number of airlines flying to Fiji, it’s sometimes simpler to know which airlines fly to Fiji from your departure country. That way, you can look them up, along with their airfares, directly.

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More About How to Book a Cheap Flight to Fiji

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