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The Cheapest Airport Transfers in Fiji

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Cheap Fiji Airport Transfers

Every little saving on travelling to Fiji is an extra cocktail, so we’ve put together this quick guide to the cheapest airport transfers in Fiji!

The main arrival airport in Fiji is Nadi International Airport, where resorts and hotels are as close as five minutes away to three hours when staying on Viti Levu (Fiji’s main island). We’ve listed some of your cheapest options for getting between popular destinations and the airport, as well as the approximate pricing.

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How to Get a Free Airport Transfer

Before you delve into researching how to save money on airport transfers, know that some resorts offer airport transfers for free!

Many resorts and hotels, specifically in Nadi, Wailoaloa Beach and Vuda, offer complimentary transfers to and from the airport. This service is not always well advertised, so before you book your airport transfer, be sure to ask your chosen resort or hotel whether they offer complimentary airport transfers.

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Buses from Nadi Airport

By far your cheapest option to get just about anywhere in Fiji is taking the bus. There are two types of buses in Fiji, air-conditioned express buses which run between Nadi and Suva, and public open-windowed buses which do shorter trips around the local area. Buses pick up passengers outside of the International Terminal entrance.

Express Buses

Price: FJ$2-$26

Express buses run on a schedule from Nadi International Airport to Suva via the Queens Road. This route includes stops at resorts along the Coral Coast and the Pacific Harbour. Express bus companies offering the Queens Road service include Sunbeam, Coralsun and Pacific Transport. Sunbeam also runs a service between Nadi and Suva via the Kings Road, stopping by Suncoast resorts along the way. Prices range from FJ$2 to $26 per adult, with transfers to Nadi being the cheapest and transfers to Suva being the most expensive.

Public Buses

Price: FJ$2-$5

Frequent public buses run between Nadi and Nadi International Airport. They are extremely affordable, costing barely over FJ$2 for a short trip. From Nadi town, there are further buses to Denarau (the yellow Westbus), Vuda, Lautoka and beyond. Note that you need to pay for these buses with tickets. Find out how to pay in Where to Book Bus Transport in Fiji?

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Taxis from Nadi Airport

Taxis provide a quick and convenient way to get between Nadi International Airport and Fiji’s resorts across Viti Levu. There is a taxi rank right outside of the International Terminal. Yellow taxis are the only taxis permitted to pick up at Nadi International Airport. If you are going to Denarau, you can only take a “Denarau Taxi” as they are the only taxis licensed to go on the island.

Taxi Prices from Nadi International Airport

Taxis only use a metre within Nadi. The flagfall is around FJ$5, and FJ$1 per km/FJ$1.60 per mile. For trips outside of Nadi, it’s best to agree on a price first. Here is a list of the typical prices between Nadi Airport and top destinations around Viti Levu:

  • Nadi city: FJ$10-$20
  • Wailoaloa Beach: FJ$10-$15
  • Denarau: FJ$30-$50
  • Vuda: FJ$25-$35
  • Lautoka: FJ$45-$55
  • Sigatoka: FJ$80-$130
  • Pacific Harbour: FJ$170-$200
  • Suva: FJ$200-$230

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Airport Transfer Services

There is an abundance of airport transfer operators in Nadi, ranging from shared transfers to more luxurious private transfers. The budget airport transfer operators tend to offer a cheaper rate than taxis, especially for greater distances, and also have the added advantage of having a fixed rate when booking. Airport transfers work to your schedule, so you will have a driver waiting for you on arrival at Nadi International Airport, as well as pick you up at your selected time to transfer you to the airport.

Cheapest Airport Transfer Services

Price: FJ$10-$160

While there is a wide range of transfer services in Nadi, among some of the cheapest rates can be found with Xplore Fiji Tours & Transfers (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor), Valentine Tours (on Viator and Tripadvisor) and Airport Shuttle Fiji.

Prices to Nadi hotels start from FJ$10, costing up to FJ$160 to go as far as the Pacific Harbour.


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