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How to Take the Ferry to Taveuni

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The Guide to the Ferries to Taveuni

Planning to explore one of Fiji’s most beautiful islands? Good on you! Taveuni is well worth getting off the beaten track for with its gorgeous tropical rainforest, volcanic landscapes and the nearby Rainbow Reef. If you want to get to Taveuni for the cheapest price, then taking the ferry to Taveuni is the right way. Learn more about how to take the ferry to Taveuni in the guide below.

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Quick Tips for Taking a Ferry to Taveuni

  • Ferries to Taveuni also include bus travel to get between major towns and the wharves where you’ll embark the ferry
  • Sailing schedules with Goundar Shipping can change with short notice, so double-check sailing times with the Goundar Shipping offices on the day of sailing
  • Ferry crossings to Taveuni can be pretty rough, so the trips are not for the faint-hearted
  • Ferry journeys between Suva and Taveuni are long where you’ll need to put a whole day aside for the trip – consider one of the other 8 Ways to Get to Taveuni (& Get Around Taveuni) if you need to get there faster.

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The Taveuni Ferries

The two regular ferry services for passengers going to and from Taveuni is Goundar Shipping and Amazing Grace.

Goundar Shipping (Lomaiviti Princess)

Goundar Shipping and their cargo, vehicle and passenger ferries, the Lomaiviti Princess series, operate regular ferries between Suva and Taveuni and between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. Some ships are more upgraded than others but depending on what ship you’re on, passengers are usually sprawled between the cushioned seating areas, the canteen with tables and chairs and the floor.

Note that Goundar Shipping has been known to change ferry schedules with short notice, so it’s a good idea to call the ticket office and/or check their Facebook Page for any changes to the schedule and to see if sailings are confirmed.

Amazing Grace (Taveuni Princess)

Amazing Grace, also known as the “Grace Ferry” or more commonly known as the “Taveuni Princess”, is a small passenger ferry with a 50-person capacity that runs across the Somosomo Strait between Vanua Levu and Taveuni. The service includes a bus to and from Savusavu.

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The Taveuni Ferry Routes and Durations

Both ferry companies servicing Taveuni include bus and boat travel to get between the main towns, such as Suva and Savusavu. Note that Goundar Shipping’s ferries go to Wairiki Wharf and the Taveuni Princess ferry goes to Korean Wharf near Naqara, where there are no onward buses so you will need to organise a taxi or resort transfers from there.

Goundar Shipping Routes and Durations

Goundar Shipping runs two routes which include Taveuni:

  • Suva – Savusavu – Taveuni – Suva (Tuesdays and Fridays)
  • Natuvu (Vanua Levu) – Taveuni (Daily)

If you can’t make the Tuesday or Friday sailing to Taveuni from Suva, then Goundar Shipping also operates twice-daily ferries between Suva and Vanua Levu. See How to Take the Ferry to the Vanua Levu for more information.

The crossing to Taveuni, stopping at Savusavu along the way, take approximately 14 to 16 hours.

Taveuni Princess Route and Duration

The Taveuni Princess has one route:

  • Korean Wharf (Naqara) – Natuvu (Buca Bay) – Savusavu – Natuvu – Korean Wharf

The ferry usually operates daily, but not always so be sure to inquire.

The crossing to Taveuni from Buca Bay takes approximately 1h30mins to 2 hours. Add an extra hour for the bus travel coming from Savusavu.

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The Cost of the Ferries to Taveuni and Where to Purchase Tickets

The ferries to Taveuni are by far the cheapest way to get to the island. Although you can sometimes purchase tickets while boarding, it’s best to buy tickets in advance in order to get the latest boarding times.

Note that the below prices are approximate, for one-way travel only and can change.

Goundar Shipping Price and Ticket Offices

Goundar Shipping ticket offices in Suva are at the following locations:

  • Pier Street, Suva (opposite Jacks)
  • 22 Freeston Road, Walu Bay.

Price from Suva: Adult FJ$70 / Child FJ$45
Price from Savusavu: Adult FJ$30 / Child FJ$10

There are higher fares for a sleeper cabin and first-class, which are worth considering for the long journey between Suva and Taveuni.

Taveuni Princess Price and Ticket Office

Bookings for the Taveuni Princess can be made at the Savusavu bus terminal in Vanua Levu. The cost of a ticket is approximately FJ$25 per person.

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