The Top Cheap Eats in Denarau


Where to Find Cheap Food in Denarau

As one of the tourist hubs of Fiji, finding cheap restaurants in Denarau isn’t easy. But we get it! If you’re day-tripping to Denarau on a budget or even staying on one of the island’s five-star resorts, then there are some occasions where you will want to go easy on your wallet.

If your budget is FJ$30-$50 per person per meal, then you won’t have much trouble finding places to eat at the Port Denarau Marina. For cheaper budgets, take a look at where you can get some of the cheapest food in Denarau in the listings below.

Note that all the prices below are for the Fijian Dollar – the local currency. Make sure to compare this to your local currency from back home. You might be pleasantly surprised.

5 Tips to Save Money on Food in Denarau

  • Head down to the Port Denarau Marina for a wider selection of more affordable eateries than what is likely to be found in your resort.
  • If you’re taking a day trip to Nadi, make sure to eat there before returning, as the city has a lot more cheap eats than Denarau. Check out our Top Cheap Eats in Nadi.
  • In Fiji, when they feed you, they feed you well. So sharing giant mains between two or ordering a couple of entrees throughout the day is enough to make you feel full and save money.
  • Staying in a self-contained apartment or family room in Denarau? Then make use of your own kitchen facilities and make your own meals to save a ton of money! Supermarkets are available at Port Denarau, as well as in Nadi.
  • Grab some of the cheap meals listed below!

For more holiday money-saving tips, take a look at 17 Ways to Save Money When Travelling in Fiji.

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Cheap Eats in Denarau – $10 and Under

Compared to elsewhere in Fiji, and the other Cheap Eats guides we have on Fiji Pocket Guide, there isn’t much choice for meals for FJ$10 and under besides a few pieces of toast for breakfast. However, you will be able to pick a few things up from the eateries below.

Super Cheap Food in Denarau

For a cheap snack on the go, head to one of the infamous Hot Bread Kitchen (Port Denarau Marina), with meat pies for FJ$5, desserts for under FJ$2 and sandwiches for around FJ$6.

You also won’t break the bank if you order an FJ$8 salad from The Creperie Cafe (outside of the Sheraton Fiji Resort).


Cheap Eats in Denarau – $11-$20

Lunch and breakfast are fairly easy to do in Denarau on a budget, with large enough portions to keep hunger locked away well into the evening. Definitely, head to the Port Denarau Marina complex to find your best lunch deals.

Cheap Cafes in Denarau

With plenty on the lunch menu for under FJ$20, the Bulaccino Cafe (outside of the Sheraton Fiji Resort) is a great option to find some cheap eats in Denarau. Try their wraps for FJ$15.50 and add fries for FJ$5. There are a couple of killer gourmet sandwiches for around FJ$18.50. Or spoil yourself with a burger for FJ$20.50.

Another fantastic lunch option is The Creperie Cafe (outside of the Sheraton Fiji Resort), serving FJ$13.20 sweet crepes and FJ$15.95 savoury crepes. We also like their FJ$12 sushi boards.

Speaking of sushi, try a small assortment of 12 sushi rolls for FJ$20 at the Umami Sushi Bar, part of the Lulu Bar & Cafe (Port Denarau Marina).

For breakfast, try Cafe O (The Palms) for their FJ$18 scrambled egg, or scrummy FJ$17.50 hotcakes. Plus, keep your wallet and the kiddies happy with their FJ$15 kids menu.

Finally, for a sweet treat, head down to the Snowy House Dessert Cafe (Port Denarau Marina) with delicious waffles for FJ$15 and under, as well as a selection of cakes for around FJ$12.

Cheap Restaurants in Denarau

The steakhouse bar on the Port Denarau Marina waterfront, Cardo’s, has a few cheaper options worth exploring. Check out their breakfast menu ranging from FJ$7-$21. For lunch, there’s a FJ$10 pork belly roll, FJ$14 fish & chips, FJ$19 chicken bites and a selection of FJ$19 small pizzas.

For something fishy, try some of the small bites at the Bonefish Seafood Restaurant (Port Denarau Marina), such as the Fijian Kokoda for FJ$18 or some of the salads for around FJ$22. The Fisherman’s Basket at Bonefish is FJ$30 but big enough to share between two for lunch.

Get a small 8″ pizza from Mama’s Pizza (Main Street, Port Denarau) for FJ$14-$20, or get good value for money by ordering a large 18″ for around FJ$40 which will feed a whole family!

Try some of the vegetarian curries on the Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant (Port Denarau Marina) and you’ll be eating for around FJ$19-$26 each.

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Cheap Eats in Denarau – $21-$30

Most of the restaurants and eateries mentioned above also have meals for around FJ$21-$30. However, just to add a few additional cheap eats in Denarau to the list, here are some more restaurants with meals for FJ$21-$30.

Cheap Restaurants in Denarau

A restaurant at the Sheraton Fiji Resort, The Wet Edge, offers a few cheaper dishes, such as fish & chips, salads, kokoda (Fijian dish) and others.

Main meals range from FJ$19-$29 at the Heineken House Restaurant & Bar (Westin Resort) including fish & chips, BBQ ribs, chicken parma and all sorts of pub grub.

Probably the most expensive Indian you’ll have in Fiji, but perhaps more affordable than other eateries in Denarau, the Indigo Indian & Asian Restaurant (Port Denarau Marina) has a selection of chicken and lamb curries for around FJ$30.

Another option is to head to the Denarau Golf & Racquet Club Clubhouse (opposite the Sheraton Fiji Resort) for lunch or dinner, with pub grub-style meals for FJ$20-$30. Check out their regular deals listed on their Facebook page.


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