The Top Cheap Eats in Nadi


Where to Get Cheap Food in Nadi

As soon as you step out of your resort or hotel, you will be met with an array of options when it comes to cheap food in Nadi. Fiji is one of those countries where you can feast like a king for under FJ$20! There’s something for even the fussiest eaters or snobbish foodies with cuisine from all over the world. If all else fails, there’s even a Burger King and McDonald’s. But it won’t come to that if you check out this list of cheap eats in Nadi!

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5 Tips to Save Money on Food in Nadi

  • Eating out in the town is always much cheaper than eating in your resort restaurant, so get out there!
  • Pick up some cheap groceries from the Namaka and Nadi Produce Markets to spruce up some delights for yourself back in your apartment.
  • If you have a particular restaurant you’d like to try, check out their Facebook page where many of the Nadi eateries post coupons and special deals.
  • Check out the cheap restaurant recommendations below!
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Cheap Eats in Nadi – $10 and Under

If you’re looking for any cheap eats in Nadi for under FJ$10 then your go-to are the curry houses. Indian food in Fiji is notoriously cheap, so you can definitely eat like a king in Nadi on the cheap. Otherwise, you can rely on a few cheap bakeries and cafes for something a little less spicy.

Super Cheap Indian Restaurants in Nadi

Tata’s (Nadi Back Road, Nadi Central) is marginally more expensive than other curry houses in Nadi but has been a popular curry joint for the locals for years. Their small curries are mainly prices around FJ$10 or under.

For a more “restaurant” feel, rather than street food, check out Mumbai Dhaba (Sukuna Road, Nadi Central) with some irresistibly cheap combo meals of curries and drinks for around FJ$9.90. They also do vegetarian Chinese meals for FJ$10-11.

If you’re in the Namaka area, check out Zaika The Captain’s Table (Namaka Lane, Namaka) for a selection of FJ$8 curries served with dahl, relish and rice – more than enough to fill you! This one’s a goody that we also recommend in our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Nadi.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough curry options for you, you could always try The Punjabi Kitchen (Queens Road, Martintar) with FJ$7 vegetarian and chicken curries.

Super Cheap Bakeries and Cafes in Nadi

For a quick and cheap snack on the go, head to one of the infamous Hot Bread Kitchens (Main Street & Colonial Plaza), with meat pies for FJ$5, desserts for under FJ$2 and sandwiches for around FJ$5.20.

Hit the Maikana Cafe (Queens Road, Nadi Central) up for lunch with a super cheap offering including FJ$6.60 fish & chips, FJ$7.90 chicken curry, FJ$6.90 chicken Pad Thai, FJ$8.90 small pizzas, and so much more!


Cheap Eats in Nadi – $11-$20

Finding food in Nadi for under FJ$20 is really not that much of a challenge. As long as you’re not ordering seafood, which is where the prices usually go up, you’ll be sweet. Vegetarian options are always the cheapest. Plus, there are plenty of burger and pizza joints to keep little ones happy.

Cheap Fijian Restaurants in Nadi

For a taste of Fiji, try Taste Fiji (Cawa Road, Martintar) with an amazing range of delectable dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with an extensive part of the menu being under FJ$20.

Alternatively, Tu’s Place (37 Queens Road, Martintar) offers traditional Fijian dishes for around FJ$15-$20 on their Brunch and Snacks menus. They offer plenty of dishes that we recommend in 10 Unique Foods in Fiji You Have to Try.

For lunch, stop by the cleverly named Bulaccino Cafe (Nataly Building, Namaka) for their Viti Bowls filled with tropical goodness for FJ$20 and under. Their FJ$5.50 wraps are also worth trying.

Cheap International Restaurants in Nadi

When a craving for Chinese calls, head to LC’s Restaurant (Concave Road, Namaka) with Cantonese mains for around FJ$17.50-$19.

For something familiar, head to one of the Mama’s Pizza restaurants throughout Nadi (Sagayam Road & Main Street). Their small pizzas (8″) are all under the FJ$20 mark.

Yes, Nadi has a Burger King (Corner of Queens Highway & Northern Press Road, Martintar) with plenty of great value deals for under FJ$15. Search Burger King Fiji on Facebook to get their latest coupons.

For more “loaded” burgers, check out Real Burgers (Mobil Aerotown, Nadi Airport) with beasty burgers for under FJ$13. Just what you need after a long flight, right?

Cheap Cafes in Nadi

For lunch, Zigzag Cafe (Prouds Building, Main Street) offers FJ$9-$17.50 sandwiches, mains for under FJ$13 and a delectable offering of pastries for under FJ$10.

The Corner Cafe (Sagayam Road, Central Nadi) is a real crowd-pleaser, so is a great place to stop if you’re tribe can’t decide where to go. They do soups and salads for under FJ$16, Burgers for under FJ$16, sandwiches for under FJ$16.50, curries for under FJ$19 and much more! Try them for breakfast too.

The Maikana Cafe has some yummy breakfasts for FJ$6.60-$20.


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