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10 Glorious Ways to Relax in Fiji

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Get the Ultimate Rest and Relaxation Experience in Fiji

Why is “Rest & Relaxation” the number one reason people come to Fiji? Well, if the stunning tropical islands, soft sandy beaches and rolling waves were not a relaxing enough environment, Fijians just know how to completely unwind. It’s a way of life here, where “Fiji time” is proudly said over and over to visitors to remind them to just relax. There are many ways to help you forget about any stresses that you might have left back home. This is your time, so enjoy it with these 10 ways to relax in Fiji.

1. Indulge in a Spa Day

On the islands where relaxing is everyone’s main priority, spas are, of course, super easy to find. While spa treatments are a token activity in almost every resort in Fiji, some resorts boast internationally acclaimed spas that you simply can’t miss. So if you have a “go big or go home” mantra when it comes to relaxing, be sure to pick a specialised spa resort in Fiji. Qamea Resort & Spa on the Taveuni Islands has won numerous awards for its spa experiences. Vomo Island Resort in the Mamanuca Islands literally has something for everyone down to the “Prince & Princess” spa menu for kids. Finally, the on-beach spa at the Yasawa Island Resort is definitely worth considering. Check out more places to take a spa day in our list of 10 Best Spas in Fiji.

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2. Soak in Mud Pools and Natural Hot Springs

Thanks to the volcanic nature of some of Fiji’s 333 islands, there are a few areas where you can find natural hot springs to bathe in their natural mineral waters. One of the most popular options is the Sabeto Mud Pools, just a short drive from Nadi. Lather yourself in thick wet mud and let the mud dry on your skin. Next, dip into a naturally heated hot pool to wash away the mud and let the healing properties of the mud and waters nourish your skin. After that, you have three more hot pools to unwind in while enjoying the views of the Sabeto mountains. Find out more in our Where to Find Hot Springs in Fiji.



3. Sit by the Beach or the Pool

This one is a no-brainer. If you are staying in a resort or hotel in Fiji, chances are you are going to have access to a swimming pool and/or the beachfront. Relaxing in the sun while sipping cocktails makes it all the more refreshing to dip into the pool (or the ocean) to cool off. There’s a reason why so many people come to Fiji simply to relax by the pool, so come and find out why. Try resorts on Malolo Island in the Mamanucas or Natadola Bay on the Coral Coast for some serious beach time.

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4. Get Some Disturbance-Free “Fiji Time” at an Adult-Only Resort

If you’re on a romantic getaway, a break with friends or some solo R&R time, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by screaming kids. The best way to avoid that is by staying at one of Fiji’s many adult resorts! Adult-only resorts have a much more relaxing atmosphere to them, usually complete with spas, yoga retreats and more activities to help you chill. Check out adult resorts, such as Navutu Stars Resort, Musket Cove Island Resort, Royal Davui Island Resort, Yasawa Island Resort and much more in our complete list of the 10 Best Adult Resorts in Fiji.

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5. Make Your Own Essential Oil

Most of Fiji’s spa products are made from Fiji plant, nut and flower extracts that’s not only kind to the skin but helps rejuvenate the skin. Not to mention, the aromas are simply heavenly. While natural Fijian spa products are readily available to buy in Fiji, one unique thing to do is make your own essential oil. Resorts like Laucala, on Laucala Island of the Taveuni Islands, have their very own Spa Garden where guests can pick their own herbs, spices, flowers and fruits, and take them to the Spa Kitchen to make essential oil.

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6. Take Part in Some Yoga

Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises out there, so naturally, Fiji is a fine place to unroll your yoga mat. Resorts, such as the Matanivusi Surf Resort, have yoga classes in the most beautiful place, looking deep into the rainforest as you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The Koro Sun Resort gives you the opportunity to try something new with stand-up paddleboard yoga, yin yoga, acro yoga and meditation classes. Or try the Daku Resort for their regular yoga retreats. Interested? Check out 10 Beautiful Places to Experience Yoga in Fiji.

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7. Join a Retreat or Wellness Program

When you need to pay closer attention to your wellbeing, nothing can give you greater peace of mind than a retreat or wellness program on the beautiful Fiji islands. Enjoy some active relaxation with a wellness or detox program at the Naveria Heights Lodge on Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu. Their mantra for the Fijian wellness program is “slow down, eat and live well”. Alternatively, the regular 5-night women’s retreat held at the Warwick Fiji on the Coral Coast combines active adventures with guided meditations and visualisation sessions.

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8. Go Kayaking

We all have different ways we like to relax, so if you prefer to do something more active, then kayaking is a great way to go. Kayaking gets you closer to the elements, where the only noise you’ll hear is the lapping of the waves and your paddle sweeping the water. Kayaks are often available to hire for free from Fiji’s island resorts. Otherwise, there are guided kayaking adventures that are sure to get you somewhere special. Take a look at 6 Best Kayak Tours in Fiji for inspiration.



9. Read a Good Book

It’s a classic and works anywhere in the world, but somehow reading a book on the beach in the warm Fiji breeze seems like the best place to do it. But, when in Fiji, why not read a book from Fiji? We recommend wising up about Fiji’s colourful history with books like Fiji’s Times, a History of Fiji by Kim Gravelle or Speight of Violence by Tupeni Baba – both by Fijian authors.

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10. If All Else Fails, Just Stay in a Resort

Seriously, after you sit down to some delicious Fijian food, lie down on a cosy sun lounger or put a golf ball on a stunning golf course, you’ll realise that no matter where you stay in Fiji you’re bound to have a soothing and relaxing time. Trust us. “Fiji time“, a way of life that everyone here lives by, is extremely contagious. There’s a resort for everyone, whether you’re a couple wanting to sample the freshest ingredients from the Likiliku Lagoon Resort or a family enjoy a mix of kids’ time at the kids club and ocean-view dining at the Radisson Blu Resort.




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