The Complete Travel Guide to Nadi©
The Complete Travel Guide to Nadi

The Complete Travel Guide to Nadi 🛕 [2023]


How to Plan the Best Trip to Nadi, Fiji

Fiji’s hub for international travel is right here in the city of Nadi. Situated on the east coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, Nadi is where most holidaymakers arrive in Fiji before scattering to the many nearby paradise islands. That’s not to say that Nadi is not a spectacular destination in itself. You can have just about any Fiji experience in Nadi, whether you’re looking for a family holiday or a romantic wedding venue.

We’ll go through all the amazing ways to holiday in Nadi in this complete travel guide to Nadi.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nadi

Let’s not beat around the bush; here are the most commonly asked questions travellers have about visiting Nadi.

What is Nadi Known For?

Nadi is known as the arrival city for most international travellers coming to Fiji. It is known for its mix of Fijian and Indo-Fijian cultures and for being one of the main tourist hubs in Fiji.

Is Nadi Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Not only do most visitors have to visit Nadi at the main entry point into Fiji, but it’s worth spending at least a day or two seeing highlights, such as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, the Sabeto Mud Pools and the 15 Best Things to Do in Nadi.

Why is Nadi Pronounced “Nandi”?

There are a few consonants that are pronounced differently in Fijian than in English, including “d”, which is pronounced with an “n” in front of it, so Nadi is “Nan-di”. Find out more about how to pronounce words in Fijian in our Guide to the Fijian Language.

Where is Nadi Located?

Nadi is located on the west coast of Fiji’s main islands, Viti Levu.

What is the Weather Usually Like in Nadi?

The daily average temperature in Nadi is 25.5°C/77.9°F, while the average rainfall is 1,826mm/71.9″. Find out more in What is the Weather Like in Fiji?

How Do You Get to Nadi?

Direct international flights from the South Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Korea land in Nadi International Airport, all of which have many connecting flights. As a result, Nadi is one of the easiest places in Fiji to travel to from overseas.

What is the Best Way to Get Around Nadi?

In terms of getting around, Nadi is a widespread city with suburbs including Central Nadi, Martintar, Namaka, the Sabeto Foothills, Vuda Point, Wailoaloa Beach and Denarau Island. Bus services, taxis, airport transfers and private drivers are just some of the ways to get around. Find out more about how to get around Nadi in our Nadi Transport Guide.

Finally, learn more about the practical things you need to know about Nadi in our guide, Information, Shops & Services in Nadi.

The Complete Travel Guide to Nadi©

What to Do in Nadi

Unlike the rest of Fiji where most visitors prefer to kick back on a palm-fringed beach, Nadi presents an eclectic array of experiences. Cultural icons include the local markets and imposing Sivu Subramaniya Swamy Temple, while attractions harnessing nature can be found at the Sebato Mud Pools and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

The Top Experiences in Nadi

What are the must-dos? Here are some of the Nadi highlights:

  • Mingle with the locals at Nadi Market and Namaka Food Market
  • Have a soak in the Sabeto Mud Pools
  • Explore the Garden of the Sleeping Giant
  • Get some photos of Sivu Subramaniya Swamy Temple
  • Take a scenic flight over the islands with Pacific Island Air (more info and book tickets on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Zipline through the tropical jungle with Zip Fiji (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Visit a Fijian village with Fiji Eco Tours (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Go quad biking through the hills with Go Dirty Tours Fiji (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Take one of the many exciting day trips from Nadi

… And the list continues over in our 15 Best Things to Do in Nadi.

The Complete Travel Guide to Nadi©

Where to Stay in Nadi

Aside from our top recommendations listed beside this complete travel guide to Nadi (or at the bottom, if you’re reading this on mobile), we’ve compiled the best accommodations and resorts based on price, suitability for families or couples, as well as more premium offerings. What’s more, each article is written by real people rather than a dodgy algorithm! Yay!


Budget Holidays in Nadi

How Expensive is Nadi?

You don’t have to break the bank to have an eventful trip to Nadi. Many of Nadi’s sightseeing attractions are extremely affordable. It’s cheap to eat out in the town and there is a wide range of budget accommodation from budget hotels to backpacker resorts. Start planning your cheap trip with The Guide to Nadi on a Budget.

Things to Do in Nadi on a Budget

  • See the impressive Sri Subramaniya Swami Temple
  • Walk in the forest in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant
  • Browse souvenirs at the Nadi Handicraft Market
  • Take a day trip to Denarau Island
  • Unwind and get muddy at the Sabeto Hot Springs.

For more inspiration, check out our 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Nadi.

Where to Stay in Nadi on a Budget

Nadi provides the perfect dose of Fiji beach time resorts without the price tag to match. Wailoaloa Beach is a popular jaunt for budget travellers and backpackers. Check out our recommendations on where to stay in the 10 Best Budget Accommodations in Nadi, as well as the 7 Best Backpacker Resorts in Nadi.

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Luxury Holidays in Nadi

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nadi is also full of luxurious activities and experiences for those looking for a quick fly-and-flop holiday in paradise. Helicopter tours, island excursions, private day trips and fine dining can all be experienced in the city of Nadi and its surrounds. Find out more about luxury travel in Nadi with The Luxury Guide to Nadi.

Luxury Activities in Nadi

Like the sound of those? Get more information on luxury tours in our 10 Best Luxury Experiences in Nadi.

Where to Stay in Luxury in Nadi

If you have that YOLO attitude, then why not truly treat yourself to some special accommodation in Nadi? Whether you’re looking for privacy, sensational views and your own pool, or perhaps a resort with overwater bures, it’s all here in Nadi. Take a look at the 5 Best Luxury Accommodations in Nadi and start planning!

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Family Holidays in Nadi

For a quick family getaway, Nadi is the perfect place! There are many resorts in the Nadi area catering to families with excellent kids’ clubs, as well as having access to some fun family activities that every family member will want to get involved with. Find out more about family getaways to Nadi in The Guide to Nadi for Families.

Family Activities in Nadi

And the list goes on! Check it out in our 10 Things to Do in Nadi with Kids.

Where to Stay in Nadi with Kids

Fiji adores children, so families are spoiled for choice when it comes to family-friendly resorts and hotels in Nadi. Many accommodations have family rooms and extra services for families, so check out some of the highlights in the 10 Best Family Resorts in Nadi.

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Adults-Only Holidays in Nadi

We get it, not everyone appreciates the wild enthusiasm of screaming children. While Fiji is a very family-friendly destination, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Fiji alone or with your fellow grown-ups. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed privately or paired with like-minded travellers. Plan your adult-only getaway with The Adults-Only Guide to Nadi.

Adults-Only Activities in Nadi

For more ideas and information on each activity, check out the 9 Adults-Only Activities in Nadi.

Where to Stay in Nadi for an Adults-Only Holiday

Unfortunately, there are no adults-only resorts in Nadi outside of Denarau. However, we have selected the next best options with resorts and hotels that have either adult-only areas or attract fewer families in our 10 Best Accommodations in Nadi for Adults.


Foodie Holidays in Nadi

If you’re a foodie looking to experience Fiji through its tastes and flavours, then Nadi is the perfect place to start. The multi-cultural city is alive with international eateries, as well as foodie activities to engage with the cuisine of the islands. Get more advice in The Food Guide to Nadi: Places to Eat & Food Tours.

Things to Do in Nadi for Foodies

  • Browse the stalls of the local produce markets like the Nadi Market or the Namaka Food Market
  • Try a Fijian “lovo” at one of Denarau’s resorts
  • Take a cooking class in a Fijian village (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Try some Indo-Fijian cuisine at a Nadi curry house
  • Scout out some cheap street food.

And if that hasn’t made your mouth water enough, then check out 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Nadi, as well as our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Nadi.

Where to Eat in Nadi

  • Curry House (Hospital Road, Nadi Central)
  • Daikoku (Northern Press Road, Martintar)
  • Bulaccino (Nataly Building, Namaka)
  • Awesome Grill (Palm Road, Wailoaloa)
  • The Grace Road Kitchen (Palm Road, Wailoaloa)
  • Kanu Gastropub by Lance Seeto (333 Queens Road, Namaka)

Where to Stay in Nadi for Foodies

Nadi has a great selection of self-catering accommodation, so you can make your own creations from your produce market purchases, as well as fabulous dining options in some of the Nadi resorts. Check them out in our 10 Best Accommodations in Nadi for Foodies.

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Weddings, Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways to Nadi

Celebrate the start of the rest of your life together in Nadi, Fiji! With romantic accommodation options and trips to stunning beautiful islands, it will be hard to keep your hands off each other in this fabulous wedding and honeymoon destination. Start planning your romantic getaway with The Wedding, Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to Nadi.

Things to Do in Nadi for Couples

So make your special time away together truly special with these 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Nadi for Couples. Plus, check out the 5 Wedding Venues in Nadi.

Where to Stay in Nadi for Couples

Whether you’re seeking luxury in your own honeymoon villa or looking for the dream venue to have your Fiji wedding, there’s a resort waiting for you in Nadi. Take a look at our 10 Wedding & Honeymoon Resorts in Nadi.

More Nadi Travel Tips

That’s it for our complete travel guide to Nadi but by no means the end of our advice! Check out the following guides for more interesting tips about Fiji’s arrival town:

Finally, plan more of your travels from Nadi using The Complete Travel Guide to Fiji and 31 Tips for Travelling in Fiji.


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