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10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji

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Where are the Best Beaches in Fiji?

If you only know one thing about the islands of Fiji, it’s probably that it has some stunning beaches. Out of the 333 islands the nation consists of, Fiji certainly has a lot of idyllic beaches that will take your breath away. While this list is by far a complete list of the best beaches in Fiji, we’ve tried to handpick some of our favourites that are accessible through nearby resorts. So start dreaming of your island getaway with these stunning Fiji beaches!

1. Sunset Beach

Often ranking again and again as one of the best beaches in Fiji, it only seems right to start off this list with Sunset Beach. Found on Mana Island in the Mamanuca Islands, Sunset Beach gets its name from the glorious sunsets it captures. But even during the middle of the day, it’s a pleasant long-stretching white-sand beach to stroll on. The beach can be accessed by walkways from Ratu Kini Dive Resort and Mana Island Resort.

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2. Yasawa Island Resort Beach

The islands of the Yasawa Group are arguably the best island group for glorious beaches in Fiji. One of the best is the beach lining the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. The beach fronting the luxury resort is silky smooth making long walks in your bare feet a must! The bright white sand contrasting with the azure waters makes it impossible to take a bad photo. Plus, this beach is not the only one to enjoy from the resort with guests having access to 11 private beaches! See more recommended beaches in the 7 Best Beaches in the Yasawa Islands.

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Yasawa Island Resort & Spa


3. Horseshoe Bay

A secluded bay found on Matangi Island in the Taveuni island group, Horseshoe Bay is one of the best beaches you’ll set foot on in Fiji if you’re lucky enough to get there. The beach formed by the sinking crater of an extinct volcano is only accessible by boat, so you’ll either need to take a boat tour from the island’s only resort, Matangi Private Island Resort or have your own yacht!

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Matangi Private Island Resort


4. Honeymoon Beach

There’s literally a beach for each of the couples that can stay at a time on the Turtle Island in the Yasawa Group. One of the 14 beaches on this private island is the famously scenic Honeymoon Beach. Although it’s likely that you’ll be on the beach all by yourself, the rocky headlands on either side and backed by lush palms will make you feel all the more secluded!

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5. Natadola Beach

Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, might not have beaches that are idyllic as on the outer islands, but Natadola Beach on the Coral Coast is the exception. This long-sweeping beach is one of Fiji’s most accessible beaches, boasting white sands and several good swimming spots. It’s possible to do horse riding on the beach with Mick’s Fiji Tours & Transfers (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor), as well as enjoy lunch at Yatule Resort & Spa or InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa.

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6. Qalito Island

More commonly known as Castaway Island, due to the small island mostly being occupied by the Castaway Island Resort, Qalito Island is blessed with some gorgeous white-sand beaches. Found in the Mamanuca Islands, Qalito Island has two beaches on either side of the island, easily accessed by walking through the resort or scaling the perimeter of the island at low tide. Prepare for amazing photo opportunities as the waters surrounding the island are many shades of turquoise!

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Castaway Island Resort


7. Long Beach

Fiji’s longest beach is aptly named Long Beach and can be found on the off-the-beaten-track Fiji island of Kadavu. You can walk for kilometres and kilometres taking in the views and feeling the sand between your toes. Access to the beach is available from the two nearby Kadavu resorts, the Papageno Resort and Matana Beach Resort.

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8. Liku Beach

Another stunning beach in the Mamanuca Islands, Liku Beach graces the shores of Tokoriki Island. “Liku” means “sunset” in Fijian, named after the amazing sunsets the beach experiences. The beach is backed by an almost vertical backdrop of lush tropical forest, as well as a staircase to the exclusively adults-only Tokoriki Island Resort.

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Tokoriki Island Resort


9. Qamea Island

Another fabulous off-shore island of Taveuni, Qamea Island is blessed with a wealth of gorgeous beaches. One of the best is fronting the Qamea Resort & Spa, where many of its beach bures look out onto the natural wonder. The beach is yet another in Fiji that captures sensational sunsets. What’s more, it’s backed by verdant coconut palms and rainforest, completing the magical Fiji island’s picture.

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Pixabay


10. Volivoli Beach

Finally, another fantastic beach on Viti Levu, Volivoli Beach can be found along the northern coast of the island, also known as the Suncoast. Volivoli Beach is loved for its soft white sand, deep lagoon for swimming, and spectacular views inland to Fiji’s highest mountains. At the end of the beach is the Volivoli Beach Resort, offering a great place to grab a bite or take part in the many activities they have on offer. Find out more in 10 Best Resorts on the Suncoast.

10 Most Stunning Beaches in Fiji© Volivoli Beach Resort

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