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10 Things to Do on the Coral Coast for Foodies

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Food Activities on the Coral Coast

If you love to travel through the flavours of a country, then this is the list of you! The Coral Coast of Fiji is a top tourist destination with stunning sandy white beaches, swaying palms and vibrant waters. Mixed with that is a rich island culture of the local Fijians and Indo-Fijians living on this south coastal area of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Check out how you can experience the culture through the food-orientated activities with this list of things to do on the Coral Coast for foodies.

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1. Learn to Cook Fijian Food in a Fijian Cooking Class

Learn how to create tasty Fijian dishes in a Fijian cooking class on the Coral Coast! Use traditional cooking methods, such as coconut fires and wrapping food in leaves, as well as cooking with tropical ingredients found around the Fiji islands. Cooking classes are available at resorts like the Mango Bay Resort and Fiji Hideaway Resort.



2. Experience a Lovo Feast

“Lovo” is a traditional method of cooking in Fiji where meat and vegetables are slow-cooked in an underground oven. The result is a delectable meal of melt-in-your-mouth textures and smokey flavours! While traditionally, lovo are saved for special occasions, resorts put on “lovo nights” at least once a week for guests to try. Find lovo nights at Outrigger, Fiji Hideaway, Likuri Island, Mango Bay Resort and many more!

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3. Have Lunch in a Fijian Village

Ok, so jet boat tours are not the obvious foodie go-to. However, the Sigatoka River Safari combines a scenic thrill ride down the Sigatoka River with traditional Fijian food (thankfully, not at the same time). The jet boat tour departing from Sigatoka takes you through the fertile lands of the Sigatoka valley to a Fijian village where you’ll sit down with the chief for a kava ceremony (see below) and enjoy a Fijian lunch. Find out more about Sigatoka River Safari on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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4. Take Part in the Kava Ceremony

A must-do on the Coral Coast, and in the whole of Fiji for that matter, is experiencing a kava ceremony. Kava is a narcotic drink made from ground Yaqona root mixed with water in a special kava bowl known as a tanoa. This drink is typically shared in Fijian tradition when someone new visits a village, but the experience is replicated for resort guests on certain nights of the week! You’ll get to try the drink for yourself and learn more about the rituals of the kava ceremony.

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5. Go to the Sigatoka Market

Sigatoka, the hub of the Coral Coast, is a foodie’s paradise. Wander the produce markets to see a wonderful array of Fijian fruit and vegetables for sale. Talk to the stallholders who are often eager to share recipe ideas. And while you’re in town, stick around for lunch or dinner with an amazing array of authentic cuisine. Take a look at our Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants on the Coral Coast.

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6. Do a Tropical Garden Tour

Fijian gardens are always a pleasure to explore with an array of banana and coconut palms! Coconut husking demonstrations are a staple of any Coral Coast resort where resort staff are more than happy to demonstrate how to open a coconut with one swipe of a blade! For something a little more in-depth, resorts like the Wellesley Resort offer complimentary guided garden tours of the resort’s gardens to show you the wonderful tropical fruit and vegetable grown in Fiji.

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7. Enjoy a Cultural Dinner Show

Ok, so the “food” aspect of a cultural dinner show is perhaps not the main focus, but it’s still a spectacular activity worth putting on the list! Resorts like Likuri Island Resort and Gecko’s Resort put on cultural shows on certain nights of the week, suitable for day-trippers as well as resort guests. Watch fire dancers, traditional South Pacific dancing, fire walking and much more!

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8. Try Fijian Dishes like Kokoda and Ika Vakaklolo

Adventurous foodies should educate their palette with one of the amazing Fijian dishes. The Ocean Terrace Restaurant at the Bedarra Beach Inn, for instance, serves up a killer ika vakalolo of local fish marinated in coconut milk and vegetables. Koko’s Bar serves up amazing kokoda and ika vakalolo to go along with their Fijian-themed bar. Both of these restaurants are located on the Sunset Strip in Korotogo. For more restaurants serving Fijian food, take a look at our Restaurant Guide to the Coral Coast.

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9. Experience Fine Dining at Ivi, Navo and More

If you’re looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or “just because” then the fine dining restaurants on the Coral Coast are well worth considering. Outrigger Resort‘s Ivi Restaurant offers formal dining with a menu of Pacific Continental cuisine. The Navo Restaurant at the five-star InterContinental Resort is another spectacular fine dining option with views of Navo Island and a tranquil lagoon, as well as a window into the kitchen to watch the chefs in action. More options can be found at The Warwick Fiji at their Wicked Walu Seafood Restaurant and the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort‘s Goldie Cowrie Coastal Italian Restaurant. Find out more in our list of 5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants on the Coral Coast.

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10. Try Indo-Fijian Curries at a Curry House

Whether you’re on a budget or not, it’s always worth getting outside the confines of your resort to discover the “real” flavours of Fiji. We’re thinking about the Indo-Fijian curry houses like Raj’s Curry House in Sigatoka or the Indiana Curry House in Namatakula for flavoursome curries! What’s more, Indian food in Fiji’s towns and cities are always well-priced. Take a look at our Top Cheap Eats on the Coral Coast for more recommendations.

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