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6 Ways to Make Sure the Water is Safe to Drink in Fiji

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Ways to Get Safe Drinking Water in Fiji

In Fiji’s tropical climate, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. Fortunately, Fiji is a country with plenty of access to water sources for drinking. However, there are many areas where the water is untreated. Although the water doesn’t necessarily cause harm to the locals (their bodies are just used to it), the water can contain waterborne bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and cholera, which can definitely have a negative impact on visitors. To avoid a holiday spent on the toilet, make sure that you drink safe water or make the water as safe as possible before drinking. We’ll show you how in this list of ways to make sure the water is safe to drink in Fiji!

Although there are many more ways to purify water for drinking than what we mention on this list, we only mention the options that are the easiest for visitors to do in Fiji. These ways of purifying water or making sure that you are only drinking treated water, are perfect for travellers in Fiji.

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1. Boil the Water First

The most effective way to make sure water is safe to drink is to boil the water first. Giving the water a hard boil for one to five minutes will kill any bacteria, parasites or viruses. Needless to say, let it cool first before drinking!

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2. Use Water Purification Tablets

Although not as effective as boiling water, water purification tablets can be a good backup if you can’t boil the water first. Water purification tablets that contain iodine eliminate waterborne bacteria like E. coli, cholera and salmonella. What’s more, it’s an inexpensive way of making sure untreated water is much safer. Note, this method should only be used with questionable tap water or drinking water that has been stored in a tank, for instance.

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3. Use a Water Purification Filter

Water purification filters provide another great alternative for drinking untreated water in Fiji. Lifestraw does water purification filters in bottles and straws, which removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan. Personally, we feel the Lifestraw Bottle is the most convenient way to make sure that untreated drinking water is safer to drink in Fiji. What’s more, it means that you don’t have to rely on buying bottled water which is always better for the planet.

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4. Stay in Fiji’s Main Towns and Cities

The Water Authority of Fiji has around 44 water treatment facilities serving the main towns and cities around Fiji. This means that the tap water in cities like Nadi, Suva and Denarau – where more tourists visit in Fiji – is safe to drink. If you are seriously concerned about drinking the water in Fiji and don’t like the alternative solutions on this list, then staying in the main centres is a safer option.

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5. Stay in Major Resorts

Fiji’s resorts of the mid-high price range do their utmost to make sure their guests have good access to drinking water. This will either be by being located where the water is treated or providing their guests with complimentary bottled water in their rooms. Wherever you stay in Fiji, it’s always best to ask if the water is safe to drink.

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6. Buy Bottled Water

Although bottled water is extremely bad for the environment in terms of energy use for production (2,000x more than distributing tap water), not to mention the plastic polluting the world’s waterways and oceans, it is another safe option for drinking water in Fiji. Bottled water is readily available to purchase in convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and even remote resorts.

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