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Where to Get Your Essentials in Fiji

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Where to Buy Essential Goods in Fiji

Although many of you will be bringing some of the essentials to Fiji, as suggested in The Complete Packing List for Fiji, some things you might want to pick up once you arrive. Buying food, picking up a local SIM card, fuelling up your rental car or getting some light medication might be just some of the essentials you could purchase once you’re in Fiji, but is it possible? Find out and follow the links to the island groups you’re visiting in this guide to getting your essentials in Fiji.

Quick Tips for Buying Essentials in Fiji

  • The currency in Fiji is Fijian Dollars (FJD)
  • Staying on the main island? You’ll be able to buy your essentials in the towns around the island
  • Staying on one of the outer islands? Take what you need with you
  • Shops on the main island, as well as major resorts on all islands, will accept credit card. Elsewhere, have cash available
  • Bring your own reusable bags to eliminate the need for plastic bags.
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Where to Shop for Essentials in Viti Levu

Viti Levu is the most developed island in Fiji and where you’ll find the majority of towns. With that in mind, getting your essentials is pretty easy in Viti Levu, with towns having convenience stores and supermarkets as a standard. If you’re not staying in a town, then at least it’s usually a short drive or taxi ride to one.

Viti Levu’s larger towns, such as Nadi, Suva, Sigatoka, Denarau and Lautoka, also have additional essential shops and services, from pharmacies to banks/ATMs.

As there’s so much to unpack when it comes to the shops and services found around Viti Levu, we’ve split this guide into the following articles covering each of Viti Levu’s regions:

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Where to Shop for Essentials in the Outer Islands

The outer islands of Fiji are where shops and services become more varied. On one hand, you have islands with towns, such as Vanua Levu, that have essential shops and services, from supermarkets to pharmacies. On the other hand, you have hundreds of less-developed islands where there simply is nothing at all.

Some of the more upmarket resorts on Fiji’s outer islands have small delis or convenience stores for guests, while some villages have simple shops selling the bare essentials at irregular opening times. A good mantra to have for visiting Fiji’s smaller islands is to take what you need with you.

Nevertheless, if you want to delve deeper into what essentials you can buy in the island group you’re visiting, take a look at the following articles:


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