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How to Pick the Best Villa in Fiji for You

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The Guide to Choosing a Villa in Fiji

Get more space, more privacy and more independence by staying in one of the villas in Fiji. Fiji is home to an array of spectacular villas that make a beautiful base for an island getaway. Villa hosts can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like, with many providing resort-like services or you can just keep your holiday simple by cooking for your loved ones and spending days by your own private pool. We’ll go over what the villas are like, how to choose a location, and what facilities to expect in this guide to choosing a villa in Fiji.

Tips for Staying in a Villa in Fiji

  • Villas in Fiji book up quickly, especially in the high season which runs from June to August, as well as Easter and Christmas
  • Villas come in the form of standalone villas (or holiday homes) and villa complexes
  • Villas are one of the limited tourist accommodations in Fiji with kitchens. Get tips on self-catering in Fiji in the Guide to Food Shopping in Fiji
  • It’s usually recommended to hire a car if you’re staying in a villa
  • For examples of Fiji’s villas, take a look at the 10 Fabulous Villas in Fiji for Your Next Island Getaway.
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What are the Villas Like in Fiji?

There are two main types of villas you can stay in Fiji. There are private villa residences or villas that are part of a complex, which are similar to a resort.

Private Villas

There are a few options for private villas in Fiji. These are essentially upscale holiday homes that are not part of a tourist accommodation complex. They tend to have all of the essential amenities of a home, such as a full kitchen, laundry machines, bathrooms, etc. as well as luxurious holiday extras, from a private pool to a deck with sunloungers.

Holiday Villa Complexes

Fiji also has several holiday villa complexes. These are similar to a resort in that they might have shared areas with other guests, such as a swimming pool, a restaurant or a deck with sunloungers. How they usually differ from resorts is that each villa or unit has self-catering facilities. However, this is not always the case, so if a kitchen is needed for your stay, be sure to double-check that’s an option.

Check out some examples of both styles of villas in the 10 Fabulous Villas in Fiji for Your Next Island Getaway.

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Location, What is Nearby and How to Get There?

Villas can be found across many regions and island groups in Fiji, but more so on Fiji’s largest islands. Villas are especially easy to find on Viti Levu, which is the main island of Fiji and your arrival island into Fiji. The island is split into various holiday regions which are easy to access via car, bus or transfer service. The benefits of staying on Viti Levu is that it tends to be less time-consuming and cheaper to travel to, allowing you to get into holiday mode soon after arrival. Check out the following guides of each region in Viti Levu to see which appeals most to you:

Alternatively, those wishing to have a real “island” experience, see the true Fiji, and get off the beaten track might want to consider staying on one of the outer islands. Getting there requires either ferry, domestic flight or charter flight travel. Learn more in The Guide to Travelling in Fiji by Ferry and The Complete Guide to Flights in Fiji. Compare the outer island destinations in Fiji (with villas) using the following guides to the island groups:

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Price and What is Included in Your Stay?

Choosing a villa in Fiji also means picking the right villa with the best value for you, both in terms of price and facilities.

The cost of a villa in a tourist accommodation complex ranges from FJ$125 to $700 per villa per night. Private villas cost between FJ$180 and $8,850 per night.

As for inclusions, some of the facilities and services to compare include:

  • Free breakfast
  • Kitchen facilities
  • In-house chef
  • Restaurant food delivery
  • On-site restaurant
  • Housekeeping
  • Free WiFi
  • Airport transfers
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Gardens
  • Beach
  • Private pool
  • In-house activities and tours
  • Tours organised with nearby resorts
  • Watersports gear rental
  • Car parking
  • Vehicle hire
  • TV
  • Tea/coffee-making facilities
  • Coffee machine
  • Balcony/patio/deck
  • Sun loungers/day beds
  • Hammocks.


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