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The Adults-Only Vacation Guide to Nadi

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An Adult-Only Holiday in Nadi

We get it. You don’t want to spend your “Fiji time” with screaming kids around you. When first arriving in Fiji, it’s likely that you’ll spend a night or two in Nadi before exploring the rest of the islands. If you really are looking for that “adult-only” stay in Fiji, then we suggest you head to some of the adult-only resorts around the islands! Just check out our 10 adult-only resorts in Fiji for inspiration. However, if you are on limited time in Fiji or just simply have your heart set on Nadi, then there are a few adult-only activities, as well as accommodation where there are going to be fewer kids around. We’ll guide you through it with this adults-only vacation guide to Nadi.

8 Adult-Only Activities in Nadi

  • Indulge in a spa treatment
  • Hit the bars and nightclubs of Nadi city
  • Skydive over the islands of Fiji
  • Try flyboarding or motorised surfing
  • Jump on a private fishing charter
  • Join a yoga class in Denarau
  • Have a relaxed drink at a resort bar
  • Go quad biking in the Nadi countryside

For more things to do, check out our complete list of activities for adults in Nadi.


How to Get to Nadi (and How to Get Around Nadi)

When jetting off to Fiji, most travellers will arrive at the Nadi International Airport, based in the Nadi suburb of Namaka. Because Nadi’s adult-only experiences and accommodation are spread out across the city, suburbs and beaches, you’re going to need to know how to get around Nadi!

Flights to Nadi

Direct flights to Nadi International Airport are available from the South Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia and Korea, with plenty of connecting flights to choose from. Check out Which Airlines Fly Straight to Fiji? for tips. For those of you arriving in Fiji via Suva, by cruise for instance, then flights are your quickest option to get to Nadi. Find out more in our What Are the Airports in Fiji?

Taxis in Nadi

Taxis in Nadi are affordable and plentiful! Getting from one side of the city to the other costs around FJ$10, so taxis make a convenient option for short stays in Nadi. Taxis operating within Nadi need to use a fare meter, so make sure your taxi driver has one (and is using it) before you agree to a ride.

Get more tips from our 10 Things You Need to Know About Taxis in Fiji.

Hiring a Driver in Nadi

If you know that you want to check out multiple locations during your stay in Nadi, then it’s worth considering hiring a private driver. That way, you can get to where you want to quickly and not have to share your transport with any young undesirables. Ask your chosen hotel or resort about their private driver services (and don’t forget to negotiate a price). Expect to pay FJ$90-$140 a day for a driver.

Car Rental

For a truly independent holiday experience, enjoy the privacy of your own car rental. Car rentals are abundant at Nadi International Airport. Take a look at The Best Car Rentals in Fiji for a full comparison of car rental companies.

Nadi by Bus

Public buses are frequent and super cheap in Nadi. You’ll be sharing the bus with mostly locals of all ages, so if you’re trying to keeps things “adults-only” then this transport method is always a risk. Learn more about taking the bus in How to Travel Around Fiji by Bus.

Shuttle to Your Accommodation

It’s also worth mentioning that almost all Nadi hotels and resorts offer free airport transfers, so make sure you book this service prior to arriving in Fiji!

For more details on these transport methods, check out our 6 Ways to Get to Nadi article.

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Adult-Only Relaxation in Nadi

Let’s be honest, the reason you want to have an adult-only holiday is so you can relax. Spas and wellness centres are the perfect way to do that! Otherwise, take a look at our 10 Glorious Ways to Relax in Fiji.

Day Spas in Nadi

Spas want to create the most relaxing environment possible, so you know that your spa treatment is going to be a kid-free zone! There are numerous day spas available in and around Nadi, for instance, the Island Surf Beauty & Spa offer free Nadi pick-up to get to one of their two spas. Accommodation like the Marriott Fiji Resort Momi Bay and Tanoa Internation Hotel have their own spas to unwind with Fijian-style massages. Learn more about massages in Fiji with our Why Fijian Massages Are the Best Way to Relax in Fiji.

Wellness Centres in Nadi

Wellness activities like yoga can be a great way to enjoy some time away from the kids. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded adults and spend time focussing on your health and wellbeing. Your best option for wellness and yoga in Nadi is at Denarau Island, just a 10-20-minute drive from the city. Yoga classes are held three to four times a week in various locations around Denarau. Check out 10 Beautiful Places to Experience Yoga in Fiji.

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Adventure Activities for Adults

Some activities aren’t for everyone (thank God!) so if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some activities where you won’t find any kids on your tour.

Jetboarding in Nadi

Based out of Wailoaloa Beach most days, Jetboards have an epic collection of motorised water sports equipment, from motorised surfboards to flyboards and more! These are definitely toys for kids-at-heart!

Skydiving in Nadi

While there’s no age limit for skydiving, for some weird reason, parents don’t seem to want to chuck their kids out of planes. That makes all the more room for the adults to jump from 8,000-14,000ft over the stunning Fiji islands. You’ll be freefalling at 200km/h (125mph) in an extreme activity like no other. Skydive Fiji offer pick-ups from Nadi accommodations. Find out more about Skydive Fiji on Viator and Tripadvisor.

Private Fishing Charters from Nadi

What we like the most about private fishing charters is that they’re private. The fishing is good too though, especially with the huge monsters ready to be caught in Fiji’s waters. Mahimahi, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally and so much more are waiting to be hooked! Check out PJ’s Sailing Adventures on Viator or Tripadvisor, or find out more about fishing in Fiji with our 10 Best Fishing Resorts in Fiji and The Complete Guide to Fishing in Fiji.

Quad Biking in Nadi

Get off the beaten track and hit the backroads of Nadi on a quad bike tour with Go Dirty Tours! While kids are allowed on this tour if accompanied by an adult, you’ll find mostly adult-only tour groups as you need to have a  valid driver license to drive a quad bike. Tours include visits to remote villages and across some stunning countryside. Find out more about Go Dirty Tours on Viator and Tripadvisor.

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Nightlife in Nadi

Enjoy a night with the girls, a night with the boys, or a night with girls and boys at one of the many bars around Nadi! Check out our The Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Nadi for a complete guide to the bars and clubs in Nadi.

Nightlife in Nadi City

The city of Nadi is one of the most buzzing cities in Fiji for nightlife. Whether you’re looking for a place for some casual drinks, want to dance into the night or meet some sophisticated friends at a wine bar, there’s a bar in Nadi for you. Ice Bar is a great place to load up on drink deals, while Ed’s Bar is a popular joint with both travellers and locals. For a relaxing drink, try the Hemisphere Bar in Namaka or sample some shisha at the Tantra Hookah Lounge.

Best Nadi Resorts for a Drink

Almost all the hotels and resorts in Nadi have a bar, it’s Fiji! The best bars to avoid kids are usually at the backpacker resorts down at Wailoaloa Beach or you’re more likely to have a quiet night in a more romantic setting, like the Tavu Bar & Grill at the DoubleTree Hilton – Sonasali Island Resort.

More About Adult-Only Holidays in Fiji

That’s it from the adults-only vacation guide to Nadi. Discover even more tips in The Complete Adults-Only Vacation Guide to Fiji, as well as gorgeous places to stay across the Fiji islands in the 20 Best Adults-Only Resorts in Fiji.


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