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The Travel Guide to the Suncoast for Families

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Family Guide to the Suncoast, Fiji

Adventure together away from the main tourist trails on the side of Fiji that receives the most sun, the Suncoast. This stretch of coast and majestic highland country along the north of Viti Levu might not be the first choice of destination for most families coming to Fiji, but that’s likely because they’ve never heard of it… Those in the know will discover secluded four-star resorts packed with activities to excite young and old. Encounters with dolphins and fish-filled reefs are common, as are encounters with the locals with some of Fiji’s most authentic and picturesque villages. Let us guide you through the activities, accommodation and transport of this hidden gem of Fiji with this guide to the Suncoast for families.

10 Things to Do on the Suncoast with Kids

  • Play on a waterfall slide at the Narara Village
  • Snorkel among vibrant fish on a snorkel trip
  • Experience the excitement of a dolphin cruise
  • Teach the youngsters to kayak
  • Have a cultural experience at the Navala Village
  • Enjoy a handline fishing trip
  • Walk to picturesque waterfalls in the Koroyanitu National Park
  • Get the imaginations running at the Tomb of Udre Udre
  • Get some pool time in
  • Play tennis, volleyball, board games or crab racing.

For more information on each activity, see our 10 Things to Do on the Suncoast with Kids.


How to Get to the Suncoast

The Suncoast is the stretch of the northern coast and highlands on the island of Viti Levu between the towns of Lautoka in the west and Korovou in the east. The Suncoast is well connected to the main airport of Viti Levu, Nadi International Airport, by road, making road transport like buses, transfer services and rental cars the best way to get to the Suncoast. Some resorts are also accessible by seaplane or helicopter.

Suncoast via Public Bus

One of the most affordable ways for families to get to their chosen Suncoast accommodation is via an express bus. Express buses run between Lautoka and Suva via the Kings Road. Buses between Nadi and Lautoka are numerous, where more information can be found in our Suncoast Transport Guide.

Suncoast via Airport Transfer Service

If you just want to head straight to your chosen resort and start your “Fiji time” right away, then consider travelling via a transfer service. Companies have cars and minibuses for families big and small to transfer you from Nadi Airport all the way to your chosen Suncoast accommodation. Prices range from FJ$220-$300 for private vehicle transfers. Again, more details are available in the Suncoast Transport Guide: 5 Ways to Get to the Suncoast.

Suncoast via Car Rental

For families who want to experience ultimate freedom for exploring Fiji, renting a car and driving along the Kings Road to the Suncoast is a good option. Car rentals are available at Nadi International Airport, where we list some of our top recommendations in The Best Car Rentals in Fiji.

Suncoast via Private Flight

To get to the Suncoast with ease and in quick time, consider a private flight via helicopter or seaplane. Flights depart from Nadi Airport, taking you direct to resorts such as Wananavu and Volivoli Beach Resorts.

For more information, head to 5 Ways to Get to the Suncoast.

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Family Water Activities

With warm water temperatures, crystal clear so you can see its rich marine life even from a boat, the waters of the shores of the Suncoast are where most of the action happens. Open your kids’ eyes to the wonders of the underwater world with various wildlife encounters and watersports.

Dolphin and Snorkelling Cruise

Join Wananavu Beach Resort for a 2h30min boat trip watching playful dolphins and snorkelling at the outer reefs. They’ll take you to a special location where it’s common to see pods of up to 40 dolphins. After watching the dolphins, who often interact and jump around the boat, you’ll enjoy a 30-minute snorkelling session among the colourful fish and coral of the outer reefs.

Snorkel the Outer Reefs

Fiji is dubbed the “soft coral capital” for a reason, so see that reason for yourself and amaze the little ones with a snorkelling trip on the Suncoast. At accommodation such as the Bularangi Villa, Dolphin Island and Betham’s Beach Cottages all have snorkelling masks available for complimentary hire. To maximise your snorkelling experience, boat trips to coral gardens of the outer reefs are available with Volivoli Beach Resort, Dreamview Villas and Wananavu Beach Resort.

Teach the Youngsters to Kayak

Watersports equipment such as kayaks are free to hire at the Suncoast’s beach resorts, so there’s no excuse to not glide across the water and explore the bays. Teach the youngsters how to kayak or jump in a double kayak with them and take them on an adventure. The waters around the Volivoli Beach Resort are crystal clear to see fish, or you might enjoy an adventurous paddle through the mangrove forests.

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Family Land Activities

The Suncoast’s rugged inland interior hides a mix of welcoming Fijian villagers who adore children and natural playgrounds with waterslides and interesting bush walks. With that in mind, be sure to take your kids on an inland adventure at least once during your stay on the Suncoast.

Visit a Fijian Village

The Fijian culture is extremely accessible on the Suncoast, whether you’re enjoying some independent travel in a rental car driving from village to village along the coast or staying at a resort. Some of the most intriguing villages, however, are in the highlands with the most famous being the Navala Village. This village is one of the few remaining villages in Fiji with traditionally thatched bures. You can visit the village yourself in a 4×4 vehicle on the inland road from Ba. There, you will be welcomed by the village elder on presentation of your sevusevu (gift) – as explained in Fiji Village Etiquette: What to Do When Visiting a Fijian Village. It’s a small fee to enter the village and hire a guide there, costing around FJ$30 each. Alternatively, the Suncoast resorts offer guided tours to their nearest villages which also provides an enriching cultural experience.

Play on a Waterfall Slide

Tours depart from Wananavu Beach Resort and Dolphin Island to Narara Village hiding an exciting natural feature. After being welcomed to the village with a kava ceremony, you and your family will be guided by foot or horseback for 15 minutes to a cascading waterfall slide plunging into a freshwater pool. Once you have managed to part the kids from the natural waterslide, you’ll have the opportunity to shop local crafts in the village before returning to the resort.

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Resort Activities for Kids

The Suncoast is a Fiji destination for the family that would rather adventure together. There are no kids’ clubs or abundance of nanny services: just beautiful locations to enjoy all together as a family.

Resort Facilities for Children

Apart from all the tours and family experiences already discussed in this guide, the Suncoast resorts also have a few complimentary activities to keep the little ones entertained. The Wananauvu Beach Resort is particularly good at keeping things exciting for children as you sit back and relax by the pool, including fish feeding and coconut tree climbing demonstrations, beach games and crab racing. Those staying on the luxurious Dolphin Island can treat their kids to snorkelling instruction, tapa-making (Fijian crafting), or a children’s cooking class. Nanny services are also available on Dolphin Island should you want some alone time.

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