9 TV Shows Shot in Fiji


TV Shows That Came to Fiji

Those swaying coconut palms, glistening turquoise waters and idyllic sandy beaches make Fiji the perfect backdrop for any TV shows wanting to depict a tropical island. In fact, it seems like Fiji is the perfect place to get “stranded”, as getting marooned on an island the most common theme for TV shows filmed in Fiji! So if you’re wondering if you just saw Fiji on your TV screens, then check out this list of all the TV shows shot in Fiji.

1. Survivor US

The first season of the long-running show filmed in Fiji, Survivor, was season 14 which took place in Macuata and Vanua Levu. It wasn’t until seasons 33 that the show returned to Fiji, in the Mamanuca Islands. The location quickly became a fan and production-favourite. The show has been filming there since then with season 39 and 40th wrapping production in Fiji in 2019. Fiji is the most-used location in the show’s history.

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2. Koh-Lanta

Following the footsteps of the American Survivor, the French version of the show has filmed multiple seasons in Fiji including its seasons 5 and 18 that were filmed in the Yasawa Islands. It then returned to Fiji for its 19th and 20th season that was shot in Kadavu. Rumour has it that the production of the show is looking into coming back to Fiji in the near future so keep an eye out for those stunning Fijian golden-sand beaches again!

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3. Australian Survivor

Yep, it’s a trend. Fiji seems to be attracting every iteration of the Survivor show. The Australian version saw its season 5 filmed in Savusavu on Vanua Levu. This location is rarely featured in Survivor editions so don’t miss that show for some amazing shots of this jewel of the Pacific.

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4. Wrecked

The TBS comedy saw its second season filmed in Sigatoka and Nadi on Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. The scripted show kind of mirrors Survivor and Lost as we follow the adventure of a group of Americans stranded on an island after their plane crashes.

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tv-shows-fiji© TBS

5. The Bachelorette

The dramatic season 7 finale of the US show, The Bachelorette, was filmed in Savusavu showcasing some of the most luxurious options of Vanua Levu. The awe-inspiring locations were the perfect backdrop for the epic end of this dating reality show.

fiji tv shows filmed© ABS Network

6. The Bachelorette Australia

As per usual, Australia is never far behind the US and saw some parts of its “Bachelorette” filmed in the Namale Resort and Spa on Vanua Levu. The Down Under version of the show showcases Fiji much more extensively than its American counterpart. So if you are looking for honeymoon inspiration, this is the one you’ve got to watch despite the distracting Aussie accent.

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7. Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji

The famous Australian children’s show starring John Noble as the dreaded pirate Blackheart was filmed in multiple locations around Fiji. Pretty obvious from the name right? If you are not Australian, you may have caught a glimpse of the show in the UK on CITV and in the US, Spain, Portugal, Canada and even Vietnam on Disney Channel affiliate networks.

fiji-tv-shows-filmed© ZDF Enterprises

8. Love Island Australia

The British dating show was adapted in Australia and this version was filmed in Fiji where 12 couples “stranded” on Armstrong Island in Fiji and “testing” their relationship there. (If you noticed quite a lot of quotation marks in that sentence, it is because our writers regrettably sat down to watch a few episodes for this article…). The islands and palm trees look great though!

television-shows-filmed-in-fiji© ITV Studios Global Entertainment

9. Love Island USA

The first season of the US version of the popular dating show was shot in a sumptuous villa in Fiji. The show kept the same silly tone and premises as its UK counterpart but showcases all the sides of Fiji, including its wild weather side. It’s worth noting that wearing your bikinis at the airport would be frowned upon in Fiji unlike what the show premiere might suggest…

Tv Shows Flimed In Fiji Credit CBS USA© CBS USA


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