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Information, Shops & Services in the Yasawa Islands

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What Services are Available in the Yasawa Islands?

Around 20 volcanic islands northwest of Viti Levu (Fiji’s main island) make up the Yasawa Islands. These far-flung islands are home to a mix of budget resorts to luxury retreats, as well as remote Fijian villages. Other than that, well, there’s not much other development in the Yasawa Islands, so information, shops and services are somewhat lacking. So that you can correctly prepare yourself and set your expectations right, we’ve put together a quick guide of the essential services found in the Yasawa Islands.

Useful Services for Tourists

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Food and Groceries

There are no general stores or supermarkets in the Yasawa Islands. The only way to get food as a visitor is through your accommodation, whether it’s a resort restaurant or a meal with a village homestay. It’s recommended that you bring any snack or essential food items you may need from the mainland. Check out our Information, Shops & Services in Nadi and Guide to Food Shopping in Fiji for advice.

Some of the Yasawa Island’s resorts have a few basic essential items for sale in their reception area, but this is typically only cold drinks, ice creams and a few snacks. Learn about resort meals plans, which many resorts in the Yasawa Islands employ, in Is it Worth Buying a Resort Meal Plan in Fiji?

Some of the Yasawa Island’s villages have small huts selling essential food items, but a bit of local knowledge is needed on who owns the hut, as they don’t have scheduled opening times. You’re more likely to encounter this if doing a village homestay, but it’s not recommended as something to rely on for food.

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Medication, Toiletries and Pharmaceuticals

Just like grocery stores, anywhere to buy medication, toiletries and pharmaceuticals are limited in the Yasawa Islands. Some resorts in the Yasawa Islands may have a few light medications (pain killers) and sunscreen for sale in their reception areas, but this is not something to rely on – it’s best to bring your own.

Resorts in the Yasawa Islands do not have medical clinics. The most some have are first aid kits.

It’s best to come to the Yasawa Islands prepared with the items we recommend in What Medication to Pack in Your First Aid Kit for Fiji.

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Fuel Stations, Banks and Communication

Forget fuel stations, banks and ATMs. The Yasawa Islands keeps things simple. The high-end resorts in the Yasawa Islands accept credit cards but bring cash for the budget to mid-range resorts and homestays. Phone signal with Vodafone and Digicel is generally good in the Yasawa Islands. Find out more in Is There Mobile Phone Reception in the Yasawas Islands?


One thing you won’t miss out on in the Yasawas is WiFi. Resorts in the Yasawas with WiFi include:


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