fiji weather in december© Georg Nietsch on Unsplash
fiji weather in december

Fiji Weather in December

© Georg Nietsch on Unsplash

What is the Weather Like in Fiji in December?

Looking to spoil yourself and your loved ones this Christmas? Then a December holiday in one of the most relaxing group of islands in the world would definitely be one way to go about it. Sure, December in Fiji is warm and humid but there are plenty of reasons to cool yourself off in the pool or the crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fish. A trip to Fiji in December not only means soaking in the sun (and a few showers, as it’s the wet season), but it means seeing how the family-orientated locals celebrate this festive time of the year. Expect creative decorations made with natural materials found around the islands, as well as regular choruses of singing coming from churches all across Fiji. As for the Fiji weather in December, continue reading to get an idea of the typical temperatures, rainfall and more.

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5 Tips for Travelling Fiji in December

  • Book early! Christmas is a popular time of year for both locals and internationals to explore Fiji.
  • Wear high-factor sunscreen to protect yourself from the high UV levels experienced in Fiji during December.
  • Because it’s the wet season, there might be a few more mosquitoes about. Make sure you pack insect repellent and follow our tips in 12 Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Fiji.
  • Want to avoid the rain as much as possible during the wet season? Consider heading to the Yasawa Islands where the climate is drier.
  • December is usually hot and humid, but remember that most resort accommodation has air conditioning.
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Typical Temperatures in December

December is typically described as being in Fiji’s “summer”, so some of the warmest temperatures are experienced during this month. The maximum average temperature in December in Fiji is 29°C / 84°, while the minimum average temperature is 22°C / 72°F.

Temperatures in Nadi and Suva

  • Nadi: average max temperature – 31.4°C / 88.5°F, average minimum temperature 22.1°C / 72°F
  • Suva: average max temperature – 29.8°C / 85.6°F, average minimum temperature 23.2°C / 72.5°F

Sea Temperature in December

Sea temperatures in Fiji are warm year-round, but the sea temperatures are at some of their highest during December. Expect sea temperatures to be around 28°C / 82°F during December.

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Hours of Sun in December

Let’s be honest, everyone visiting Fiji wants to experience that famous Fijian sun! You’ll certainly experience long sunny days in December with an average of 6 hours of bright sunshine each day. In terms of daylight hours, December experiences an average of 13 daylight hours each day.

UV Levels During December

While it’s advised to wear sunscreen all year round in Fiji, wearing sunscreen is particularly important during December when the UV levels are at some of their highest. UV levels can reach up to 11 UV index during midday.

Sunrise and Sunset During December

The typical length of daylight hours during December in Fiji is 13 hours each day.

  • Sunrise: 6:21am at the beginning of December and 6:33am at the end of December
  • Sunset: 7:29pm at the beginning of December and 7:45pm at the end of December
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Rainfall in December

As you’ve already discovered, December falls during Fiji’s wet season. This means the amount of rainfall in Fiji is higher than most other months of the year. The rainfall pattern during the wet season is often described as “liquid sunshine” meaning that there are short periods of intense rain followed by sunny spells. Fiji’s larger islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu receive the highest quantities of rainfall, while the smaller and more isolated island groups like the Yasawa Islands receive the least amount of rainfall.

Fiji receives an average of 195mm / 7.7″ of rainfall with around 13 days out of December experiencing rain.

Rainfall in Nadi and Suva

  • Nadi: average rainfall in December – 159mm / 6.3″ and average rain days – 13
  • Suva: average rainfall in December – 263mm / 10.4″ and average rain days – 21.
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Tropical Storms in December

With the South Pacific cyclone season starting in November and ending in April, December is one of the months with the highest risk of being affected by tropical storms. On average, about 2% of December is affected by tropical storms.

In the 2017-18 South Pacific cyclone season, there were six tropical cyclones, three of which were classed as severe. Only the Lau Islands were affected significantly in that year, while other cyclones produced gale-force winds and rainfall in some parts of Fiji.

If you want to decrease the chance of experiencing the effects of a tropical storm in Fiji, then consider travelling in the dry season.

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Best Places to Visit in December

December is a wonderful time of the year to visit Fiji thanks to the cheer of the holiday season. Resorts are packed with families looking to escape the Christmas chill, and local customs are easy to observe everywhere from the bustling cities to the remote island villages. Here are some places in Fiji worth discovering in December:

Denarau – The island attached to the mainland is a world of its own, packed with 5-star resorts. All of the Denarau resorts put on something spectacular for their guests over the Christmas period including mouthwatering buffets. Find out more about Denarau in our Complete Guide to Denarau.

Rotuma – An island that not many tourists think about visiting, Rotuma is definitely worth considering for a December holiday. The locals celebrate the month with Fara, an annual event where Fijian singers and dancers visit houses around the island to entertain their hosts.

Yasawa Islands – With most shops and services closed around Christmas time, you might as well escape to the islands for a few days. The Yasawas makes a great choice in December for a few reasons. First, it’s the driest part of Fiji during the rainy season. Second, the Yasawas are packed with villages and churches where beautiful singing occurs a lot more often during the Christmas period. Third, the Yasawa Islands are damn stunning. Check out our Complete Guide to the Yasawa Islands for more inspiration.

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December Packing List for Fiji

When travelling to Fiji in December, there are a few essential items to add to the packing list:

  • High-factor sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Rain jacket
  • Light cotton layers
  • Light long-sleeved tops (to cover from sun and mosquitoes)
  • Light pants/trousers
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
  • Flip-flops or sandals
  • Sarong (especially when leaving a resort)
  • A gift like stationary or small toys if visiting an orphanage or school

For more inspiration on what to pack, check out our Packing List for Fiji.

More About Fiji Weather in December

That’s it for the guide to the Fiji weather in December. If weather affects your decision on when to come to Fiji, you might also like to check out The Best Time to Visit Fiji.


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