Nadi Transport Guide: 6 Ways to Get to Nadi (& Get Around Nadi)


A Guide to Transport in Nadi

Relax, getting around Nadi is easy! You’re on “Fiji time” now, so all you have to do is get a cab, catch a bus, take a flight, hire a car or even hire your own driver to make your way around. Fiji’s international airport, Nadi International Airport, is located in the Nadi suburb of Namaka where you’ll be met with a wealth of transport options. Nadi is the transport hub of Fiji after all! Check out the ways to get to Nadi, as well as how to get around Nadi in the list below!

1. Flights to Nadi

Nadi is where the vast majority of international flights arrive in Fiji. Direct flights to Nadi are available from the South Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia and Korea and the connecting flight possibilities are plentiful. Check out Which Airlines Fly Straight to Fiji? for tips. If you are arriving in Fiji via Suva, by cruise ship for example, then domestic flights are your quickest and most convenient option to get to Nadi with a daily flight schedule and flights costing FJ$120-290 depending on date, time and when you book. Find out more in our What Are the Airports in Fiji?


2. Nadi by Taxi

Taxis are a quick and convenient way to get around in Nadi. Getting from one side of the city to the other is affordable, costing around FJ$10 to get between the airport and the city centre, for example. Taxis operating within Nadi need to use a fare meter, so make sure your taxi driver has one (and is using it) before you agree to a ride.

Get more tips from our 10 Things You Need to Know About Taxis in Fiji.


3. Nadi by Private Driver

Hiring a driver for your time in Nadi provides great peace of mind for anyone that is going to be hitting several locations during their stay. You can hire a driver for as little as a day all the way up to the full duration of your holiday – often working out to be much cheaper than renting a car (see below). Ask your chosen hotel or resort about their private driver services and negotiate a price. Expect to pay FJ$90-140 a day for a driver.


4. Nadi by Bus

Nadi has a vast network of public buses. Get all the up-to-date information you need about where to take buses and their timetables from information centres at the airport, in Nadi, and from the travel desk in your chosen accommodation. One-way trips around Nadi are usually less than FJ$2 and are paid with tickets, rather than with cash. Find out how to pay for Nadi buses in Where to Book Bus Transport in Fiji?


5. Nadi by Car Rental

If you’re an independent traveller looking to explore the great Nadi area or go on a Viti Levu (Fiji’s main island) road trip, then renting a car is a good option. Car rentals are abundant at Nadi International Airport, so make your comparisons with our guide to The Best Car Rentals in Fiji and The Best Car Rentals in Nadi.

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6. Resort Airport Transfers

Before you take a taxi or book an over-priced airport transfer service, ask if your chosen resort or hotel offers free airport transfers. Most of them do!  Just make sure to book this service with your accommodation before you arrive in Fiji, so they can greet you at the airport and take you straight to reception.



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